Chapter 1 : Into the World
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

The chapter image I'm personally most pleased with so far. Doing the entire comic in this way would be fun, but it'd probably reduce the frequency to a few each month.

krazzy says:

i think the characters are well done and 3d along with the trees but the sunset looks flat like a painting on a wall... sort of like in the movies...

Feldar says:

"Infinity itself looks lat and uninteresting. Looking up into the night sky is looking into infinity--distance is incomprehensible and therefore meaningless" -- Douglass Adams

the krud says:


Mr.L33T says:

woot preties ^^
I just took notice of the comment box so I'll make comments from here on out ^^...
I wish I had seen it sooner...
my only comment on this one is that I would have pegged this dragonet as red not blue... but blue he is and shall remain... just need to imagine him that color..

noir says:

Oh its beautiful! Nice lettering! Awesome job on the shadows on the tail and the two elves' shadows!

Babycakes says:

I agree! i imagined Myrhad Red not Blue! it's an outrage! Which one is Leaf? lol
Cool Douglas adams rox!

Lee says:

You can tell which one's leaf because he's got more feminine hair. :-P

Jennifyr says:

And he's the one in a skirt

Narissona says:

WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! COLOR!!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!!

CryptoGirl says:

did you do the lettering by hand or by computer?

bookbook says:

this reminds me of a poem I wrote
Out of the shadows and out of the night
We wish for a chance to come into the light
Out of the shadows and out of the dark
The light's bright call we must now hark

I for my math and she for her books
Into us that good light's sunk its hooks
We must break the chains that hold us fast
Go to the future, leave behind the past

Out of the darkness and out of the night
We wish for a chance to come into the light

(and in the darkness, a light flicks on.)

bookbook says:

please comment on my comment (my poem) !

CryptoGirl says:

cool poem. i like it.

Squirt says:

Do you have a copyright on your poem?

the raven says:

GRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT poem!u rank up there with Edgar Allen Poe!

the raven says:

considering i'm one of his characters in the raven.

hawkstar says:


*Skittles* says:

l♥ve the colors

swiftwing says:

hey how did u get that heart icon?

the lone power says:

ooooooh pweeeety!!!!

Lone Star says:


Leah rawr! says:

i read this before, but not the comments, its weird having people not know that myriads blue not red!

? says:

Leaf's the guy with blonde hair, if that helps.

Lairmaid says:

This is really lovely... dramatic shadows and all. ^_^

Goldenear777 says:

@ bookbook, cool poem, really cool.

????? says:

good shadow effect. coming from one who thrives in darkness! muahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

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