The blue of the sunset
Chasing the Sunset
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tilyene says:

that last frame is awesome!

and i love the stealing the blue comment. *sigh* silly pixie.

Valistar says:

Oooh, the dragon likes belly rubs! Just like a dog.

Kaelic says:

Abu de abu die

spinclad says:

wooo! it comes, it comes as comes the whirlie-wind, in sooth all shall now be changed!

Twinge says:

Last year I went to the zoo to see the penguins. I like the penguins because they always look like they are wearing tuxedos and are going to the prom. A penguin prom would be pretty sad, though, because they only have like five square feet to waddle around in, in the zoo. I bet if you tried to dress them up in real tuxedos, they would get all angry and bite you.

spinclad says:

what, like ayne has like four feet round for to get whirled about in? and she's gotten dressed up in blue... yeah, i can see it.

GG Crono says:

And we STILL don't know if she turns blue or not. ^_^

Reinder says:

In the zoo nearest to me, the penguins recently got a compound all to themselves. They could and do have a ball in there.

CloudySky says:

I especially like the second panel. Very nice job on the lighting too.

Ivellios says:

you nticed the blue lighting on leafs face few i thought my moniter was on the fritz again i havent been on my good comp all day but origanaly what was leaf planing on doing with the blanket i wonder caus he ran out of the place wiht it and it never showed what he was planing to do and sorry about doing such a large post

Hex says:

3rd Panel
Myrhad: Im Blue too.
Feith: o0(Not anymore, im painting you yellow)
*Look at Myrhad's Tail
^_^ I love this silly pixie.

LadyPhoenix says:

I don't know how I missed the previous strip (I check every day!), but I'm so thankful for the new "you've missed x comics" link! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! And, ooooooooh, I just hug and hold Leaf! He's so cute! *drool*

Adae says:

Very blue... and Mystical and cool!!! ^_^ Congratulations Alien and Mithrandir! (hmmm.. If I shortened your name to Mith in my posts you would be gray)I really like the last frame and the ideas and culture of the amazons. I think it is fascinating the way Mith (he he Gray) writes the different cultures into it and the reapearing theme of sunset is cool as well. Alien, you are an extremely talented artist. I love the way Leaf's hair flows in the 5th panel. whoa this is my longest comment so far!

Lae says:


Spider says:

Seconding Adae's compliment about panel five. I love Leaf's hair! Couldn't Feiht, like, steal his hair ties or something?

flamesofgrowth says:

Oo like, me like lots......

Eraikei W. O. says:

Okay, that was interesting... I didn't notice Feiht coloring Myhrad's tail until Hex said something... o.o; Very cool comic, Mith and Alien! ^_^

Lae says:

Apparently im a troll... im a bit offended...

eekee says:

also loved the last panel, & the one before! ^_^ Blue lighting on Leafs face also a nice touch.

Silverwolf says:

Double's overgrown DNA!!!

Coyote says:

When Polypeptides Attack ... film at 11

sousinne says:

Sorry to do this...
When nucleic acids attack, more like it. =)

Chevette Girl says:

Ack, who let the biology students in here...
I do like the "you've missed X strips" link, great idea!

And the lighting is done very well on this strip :)

Kanto says:

But where did the scratches on her arms go?

Winter_Raven says:

Lae, don't be offended for being a troll, I mean c'mon, I'm the Goblin Queen. I actually quite like trolls, they're good mercenaries...Did I say that out loud?

fuzzly cat says:

the last frame is soooo cool. i wish i could draw like that. I AM IN AWE!!!!!!!

Icy says:


Bubbles says:

And to think it all started so innocently (They're Blue, Dabadee",history as a bloodsport,etc.) and now they're performing violent rituals!

Lone Star says:


hailstorm says:

awwwwwwwwwwwwww myrds soooooooooooooo daym cute *snuggles myrd*

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