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Chasing the Sunset
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LoneWoulf says:

wewt first comment :)

Ice says:

AWESOME! k im done. - ice

Ivellios says:

aynes hair has changed colour to a or is it just the lighting were they are

i_like_shiny_things says:

Awwww! Leaf looks so kewwwt in the last panel!
Heh, guess Ayne still has a while to radically change her appearance, eh? Though I hope she puts on some sleeves, cuz those scars have big attention-drawing potential. (Yes, I know, the birthmarks do, too...but they're prettier. So nyah.)

Nao says:

I'm curious as to whether or not you've decided she'll turn blue?

And now she'll be even farther in the lead for longest and most difficult name in the cast list (unless you could "the drageling" as part of myhrad's name).

GG Crono says:

At least I can KINDA pronouce her new name, as opposed to not at all. ;)

Lae says:

I love how Ayne looks with her hair down!
AND how Leaf is being so protective of her...

Lae says:

Frame 3 is awesome

BlueLion says:

Hallo Mithandir and Alien,
since I've been following "Chasing the Sunset" for a few weeks, I take the liberty to add my two cents concerning your clarification note.
I appreciate your work very much. You and the authors of many, many other online comics put a lot of work, time and love into art, script and humour of your little comic world - not to mention the funds for server etc. - just for one purpose - to entertain us geeks here on the web! And I for my want to say I'm thankful to you doing thus - you and your freelancing kind are the ones that give me a (often needed) laugh when I'm browsing through the web.
And I'm sure, that the vast majority of your readers feel similar.
I'm really annoyed to learn that there are some sorry sods who keep yelling bloody murder if a sequel is delayed for some time. People, the authors are doing great work here, you get it for free, so accept that the authors have a life and obligations too, not to mention the right to get too busy, ill or just cranky! So shut up, critics and shame on you!
I want to add to the authors: As mentioned before, I really appreciate your effort and look forward to the next sequels - keep on the good work!
Yours sincerely
Helmut (Germany)

tilyene says:

yaay! *dance* so awesome :) the last frame is just totally sweet

Moonclaw says:

Go BlueLion! yes the last frame is cute. ^_^

Ginny Lyn says:

I really like that last part.

BritishViking says:

Whahey! Ayne has a proper bow now! :)

Mimir says:

Hahahahaha!!! I love it! "I'm not blue?" Wonderful. You know, up until this point I'd been worried, but now I find that I'm not worried at all. It really no longer feels like the old trade where Ayne would give up HER SOUL for the bow. My jitters are over. Hoorah!

Silverwolf says:

Yeah, but I'd bet that Leaf is still the better archer, not that Ayne would even admit it. Still, nice upgrade to the bow. Recurve. And if Ayne doesn't turn blue...Feiht can help with that.

Riverting says:

The amazons are so wise and at the same time silly and playful . . .like Fieht. -- Only not destructive. ^-^;

Fia says:

Yay, Ayne isn't blue! I can pronounce her name, it sounds kinda more towards Dwarf to me =D not as bad as "Gl?in", though. I mean, come on, being called "Glowing"... just misspelt...
Anyway, though, I really liked the Queen's answers. Kudos to the scriptwriting.

Elys says:

Yay! love it-ness! loving panels three and six.

sousinne says:

You rock, Mithandir and Alien!
Keep the story moving, and don't even think about thinking about giving up the comic. That's scary... =(

As I've said before: Be the people you are, do what you do, and be proud. You are doing the best you can, and it's pretty darn amazing. *big hugs*

The B says:

Frame 6 is probably the cutest thing I've seen in my life! Nice new name for Ayne, too. (the old one was just a little on the unpromouncable side)

Keep up the good work.

BlueMeadows says:

Who cares when it gets up dated? I dont :-) have fun and just forget the annoying people!!

Skreyola says:

On behalf of your loyal readers, I would like to apologize for the meanness of a few and encourage you to ignore them and follow your own schedule. We're happy to have comics whenever they appear. We appreciate the fact that you wouldn't leave us without telling us, but we hope you will not stop doing Chasing the Sunset. I wanted to let you know that your loyal readers are out here, and that we don't get angry with you when life (or Warcraft; everyone needs some gaming now and then) delays the comic.

Tealya says:

Go Blue Lion. I compleatly agree. As a web comic artist myself, I know what goes into putting up a comic. It is a lot of work, especially with the real world always interfering. I love CTS and look forward to every page, especially the late ones. You have a wonderful comic that is well worth waiting for. :D

Adae says:

*agrees with Skreyola* he he not blue.... *agrees with blue lion*

Sesshi says:

I'm another who agrees with Blue Lion! I've done a couple of webcomics myself and i know the woes of not being able to update on time @_@ of course, i didn't have nearly enough readers/fans to care, so yesh...

Love the comic. Leaf looks like Ayne's little sibling in the last panel, they are so cute together. Quite an amazing pair! I like the scarrish-marks on Ayne's arms, and I like her hair like this as well. This has been a great story arc, can't wait for the next! =D

eekee says:

I also agree with Blue Lion, I wanted to say something similar myself but could never find the words, as ever. :-J

It's a lovely comic, I read a whole load of webcomics & I've never found one that could take CTS's place, but I can quite understand any delays or anything, you guys do what's best for you.

Aerinelf says:

YES! She didn't turn blue! Yet... Oh well, YES!

Bubbles says:

Gr8 art

*Skittles* says:

Why is she Ayne Teryanil now?

Ramani says:

She's an Amazon. She gets an Amazonian (sp?) name.

TheNextTaggerung says:

"I'm not blue?"
"Doesn't look like any blue I've heard of at least."

TheNextTaggerung says:

agrees with Blue Lion.
Panel 6 Leaf so cute!

hailstorm says:

their faces are kinda distorted in the last panle

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