Instant Tradition
Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Good tradition. I wonder what the gem is. I wonder how long it will take for feiht to lose interest in the silver arrow... hmmm...

LoneGamer says:

Woot. First post!

Good comic as usual Mith and Alien, gotta keep poking at Feiht :)

Make her chase after a lead shiny!

i_like_shiny_things says:

Well, that was a rather dry bit of humor. Effective, though. I admire this lady. *snickers behind her hands*

Ivellios says:

ooh pretty gem what is it magic, symoblic of something or both? but how long till they meet another pixie who steals it caus feiht wont look for it caus she thinks she has stolen all the shinees leaf and ayne have

tilyene says:

niiiiiiiiiiiice! thats awesome! i love it. you gusy made me laugh today. thank you

FragFrog says:

Hmm.. average pixie attention span is 7 minutes max if I remember correctly, so she should be away long enough to let Ayne hide it savely..

Then again, it IS very shiny.. And since Pixie's arent effected by Murphy's law and always seem to teleport directly next to shiny's...

I give her 5 minutes ;)

ForceUser says:

ROFLMAOHAH!!! This is one of the funnyest things ever, I nearly wet myself! I love how good frame 2 looks, and 4 and 5 is also amazing!! Super comic!


K\'layana Yaova Calayhadras says:

luffs it!!!! i dun blame you guys for late

K\'layana Yaova Calayhadras says:

oops..didn't guys work really hard on the most awesome webcomic I've read...and the onnkly one I actually anticipate the next guys rock!!!

Kitten says:

Oooh! I wonder what Ayne's gift is... it looks beautiful. Like a big pearl.

Congratulations with a drawing table, Alien!!! ^_^ *hug*

Azi says:

Ooh, that's shiney.
*ahem* Anyways... I never noticed how much shorter than Ayne Leaf is.
Good comic. I'm still amazed by the glow of the fire on the torches.

CloudySky says:

Very short Leaf.
I just wanted to state, that I really, really, really love the color. I love blue. Especially the blue of the sky.

Riverting says:

lol. I shall have to keep that tradition in mind if the pixies ever come around my house. And I love what Leaf did with the blanket ^_^ (Kinda makes him look even more girly. lol jk)

Is it just me, or does our little dragon friend seem to have a hump in the forth panel? O_o;

Adae says:

It's not just you. He he new traditions^_^ I like this comic. The pearl/gem/thing is very interesting. I am looking forward to finding out what it is!

eekee says:

"Pretty recent tradition eh?"

eekee says:

bother, the html-cutting code trimmed my little arrow above. what I also said was: I love this line ^_^

I also love the last panel ^_^

Eikan says:

mayhap the hump-thing on Myhrad's back is its shoulder blades, like if you look at a cat and you see....*trails off, staring at shinee ball thing in the Queen's hand* oooooooh, shineee....

King of Shadows says:

It looks as though Ayne got taller from the ritual, in the beginning of the chapter she is only slightly taller than Leaf. Love the artwork, keep it up!

Ivellios says:

ayne did get taller i think lets ask a specialist on chasing the sunset
Alien did ayne get taller?

... says:

Hmm. I had to read this twice. My first impression was that Ayne was blindfolded and shooting AT Feith. Oh well.

Alien says:

Er, well, she's been growing steadily, like the rest (except Feiht)
She does look a bit too tall in this strip, my mistake. I'll shrink her again :P

Moonclaw says:

Oooh. Pretty... Love the strip *gives Alien and Mith two thumbs up* Keep up the good work.

Ryaka says:

Please don't shrink her Alien, I kinda love the way ayane looks at this moment (more mature) and I'm sure you guys can make a nice side plot out of it :p

Lae says:

I thought she'd grown because of the magic
I really like it Alien, dont change her!
Btw - great job! Love frame 2!

Eriakei W.O. says:

Defenitely a cool strip... Not like it isn't all the time... Though it does take much for my friend to get distracted... *Cough*Notreally*Cough* Yeah, I have to agree with Ryaka... Don't shrink her, she looks more like Leaf's guardian... I'm kinda at a loss for words... x.x; Bye!

Rosey says:

I always forget that Leaf is older because Ayne looks and acts so much more mature.

Mimir says:

Still, it feels a bit like Leaf is being pushed out of importance... one day I can just envision fans saying 'Leaf who?'


Ivellios says:

i like her taller as well so you can leave her this hight

Trelweny says:

On the subject of Feiht's desire for shinies that didn't originally belong to her... when is the amazon queen going to notice the loss of HER shiny? The one Feiht stole from her high, stiff collar of queenly-ness thing way back when we met her, remember that? I'm sure that as soon as someone knows it's missing they'll all know who did it (in other words, Ayne & Leaf won't be blamed) but it's strange that it's not been mentioned.
On the other hand, maybe it doesn't mean much to them -- being made amazons by a fey and all.

poo... now I've got to go back & read the first comics cuz I've forgotten who's really older than who: Ayne or Leaf. :P Like you really twisted my foot there. ;) yeah... cuz I need excuses to reread such a great comic like I need a hole in my head. It's just now I'm curious cuz I thought Ayne was older than Leaf myself, but rather than debate it now that doubt has been instilled in my mind I'll double check.

Keep up the good work, Mith & Alien. I for one don't care how late you are or how often. Well... within reason. :D After a week I'd probably start worrying that something terrible had happened to you guys! So keep smiling!

Trelweny says:

okies... I checked. Strip #11 Ayne says "I'm not that much younger than you" to Leaf while talking about why she can or can't go with him. *sighs* So much for my memory.

I guess elf girls mature faster than elf boys in many matters. Although Leaf DOES tend to think first -seeminly- more often than Ayne does.

Kaasya says:

Mimir, worry not. Leaf won't be forgotten. After all, even during those parts of the the Lord of the Rings story where things are happening to other still worry about Frodo and if he will be able to complete his mission. So soon, the elves will depart the amazons and Leaf once again will be off on his quest. :)

Mimir says:

Okay, my fears are somewhat allayed now. By the way...

Leaf: 143 years old.
Ayne: 131 years old.
Myhrad: 150 years old. (about)
Feiht: Old as time itself... but she keeps forgetting because shineys are so distracting.

This is near the end of the chapter "Choices and how to run away from them"

Ivellios says:

this has nothing to do with the comic but when are you gonna update the 7 1/2 minute war mith i want to know how big an explosion there is made by the pixies

Icy says:


igorbasic says:

nice! this site is very good!

fuzzly cat says:

ooohhh! what ever the queen is going to give her. it is going to be pretty! YEAH!!!

Bubbles says:

I like the Moonlight universe chronicles in the creator's corner!

fieryonionofDOOOM says:

The tradition is like that one other joke:
"Here's a song that my grandmother learned when she was a little girl. I wrote it myself this morning."

hailstorm says:

oooooooooooooo shiny MINE MINE *steals shiny*

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