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Chasing the Sunset
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Beacon says:

Sneaky dragon.

Beacon says:

Hey, I'm first!

Lae says:

how many legs does Myhrad have in frame 6???
Is he meant to have 4 back legs?

Marcel says:

4 legs but alot of weird toes. ;)

sjon says:

Ha, dragons ain't stupid.

Moonclaw says:

Myhard has very long toes. Nice strip, Mesa like it.

Ivellios says:

myhrad is NOT a normal fragon if he/she will alow something else to touch his/her hoard even though its leaf's gear

spider says:

heh heh. She can keep his hair ties.

dryg0n says:

those are 4 toes you see. Hes standing on tiptoe.

... says:

Eitehr that or he's sitting on a cat with his hind feet pulled up. ;)

LadyPhoenix says:

roflol Good thinking!!

FragFrog says:

Myhrad my just be the smartest one amongst them.. Instead of going after Feiht just let her have and cary it.. Though I must say it IS very undragonly :)

Love frame 2 too, but I think Leaf's hair is going a bit crazy in frames 3 and 4.. 8)

Celebrian says:

hi ~ 1 of my online friends introduced me 2 your comic & i luv it, it rocks endlessly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joey says:

what if fey sells all of the stuff.. or do you think she won't have the attention span?

Music4asoul says:

She could sell it all for shiney coins ^^

Nastiban says:

Or just leaves it in the forrest :P

Sesshi says:

Sily myhrad... Leaf does look somewhat more feminine with that dress-like thing on him...

Mimir says:

As is said, elves are just naturally more effeminate.

Feldar says:

I think Myhrad has already been established as an odd dragon. He is afraid of heights and doesn't eat meat.

4WindsWanderer says:

Hmmm .... A lot of people are incapable of deep philosophical thought, or think they are ... and when it comes to deep philosophical thought, thinking is of the essence.

Lone Star says:

hee hee

JuneBug says:

I love panel three.
Myrad is great! !P

hailstorm says:

myrds my fave character ''i figure SHE has to carry it now''

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