Chasing the Sunset
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LoneWoulf says:

The easy way out is for those who don't want to have fun :) don't take her up on the door leaf!!!

LoneWoulf says:

wewt and a first comment (and one that I actually commented on too! double whammy)

Mimir says:

Awwww, Leaf would have been a cool Amazon. Think of it! Leaf, the Elven Amazon Fury.

i_like_shiny_things says:

croak, croak, croak? What's croaking? Leaf? Myharid (yes, I know that's spelled wrong)? Feiht?

Alien says:

Obscure reference to this comic. Myhrad hasn't quite gotten the point it was a joke yet.

Moonclaw says:

Where does Feiht keep all the stuff she's "barrowed"(sp?) In the magic pocket? Good strip! Can't wait till the next one. Keep up the exallent work.

FragFrog says:

Since nobody else said it.. Really love the drawings, especially frame 1 and 5, you guys just keep getting better and better! :))

And Myhrad is sooooo cute in frame 4..! *tries to order his own blue-orange-play-dragon*

(And just for the record: me too think Leaf should continu with the catapult plan, sounds great! ;)

trelweny says:

Yeah!!! Queenie remembered her sparkly!

Good question... where DOES Feiht keep it all?

Azi says:

Hooray for new crazy plans by Leaf! I almost feel sorry for Ayne, having to deal with all his plans. I also think it's cute that Leaf wants to be an Amazon. Another great comic! Good job!

Nastiban says:

crzy plans are great, and sometimes they actually work :D

Eraikei W. O. says:

I forgot about the whole "weird elvish tradition"... Dude, it's great that you made a reference back so far... I wonder what'll happen with the fury-ian side of Leaf? And as to the whole "long toe" discussion last strip, he has two seperated toes... Just pointing that out... I love the last frame... Leaf looks so cute... ^_^...

SpinKitty says:

Feiht is *magic*. She has access to another dimension where she can keep all her goodies! :)

Sesshi says:

Hello guys! I'm back on my rightful computer... temporarily >.< sorry for so much compy-changing, but this is just temporary till my new compy arrives.. I love this comic. one of my new faves. Leaf can be childish too sometimes...

Spider says:

*does a Leaf's hair is *still* down dance of joy* Great comic today, it wraps up the amazon storyline nicely and makes me excited to get back to Leaf's quest. (and the catapult bit is hilarious!)

Kaasya says:

Panel one sure seems to have a whole story in it, but darn, I can't quite make it out....what is croaking, what is Myhrad doing? Is he telling a story? Helping Ayne with her backpack? What is Leaf saying? Gosh, I would like to know.
And for a second there I thought Ayne's hair was turning blue in the back, in panel 1, then I realized that it is the blue fletchings (feathers) on her arrows.
I love panel 4 with the dragon as well as the kids moaning at the thought of having to part company.
Keep up the great work.

LoneWoulf says:

I have a friend by the way, who makes very similar plans (we call them "grand plans") to leafs when he's board :) catapults have been mentioned at least twice

Reinder says:

Leaf and Myhrad both live in a world of their own. It's a miracle they've survived this far.

Flora says:

Cant wait till the next one! I read this entire thing in one day when i found it! Anyways I love the tradition joke... Stand on one leg and croak Hehe... Though its no suprise that the pixie didint tell them it was all a joke.

sjon says:

Good luck with the operation.

Riverting says:

New chapater? Weeeeee!!!

*glomps mithandir* I'm sorry you have to go through that operation with no drugs. I remember one time I got a cavety filled and the denist didn't numb me all the way. (I don't let her near my mouth any more.) But that was just a cavety and that's one of the lowest "operations" in terms of pain, so I feel for you. Whatever you're getting done, if it isn't a cavety filling, I seriously feel for you.


ForceUser says:

@Mith I hope it goes ok! If the pain is too much, get someone with a spiked maul to knock you out! Just as good as local anesthetic with an added kill potential ;)


Adae says:

Good luck on the operation!!!!

Of course Feiht has a secret dimension where she keeps everything.....

K\'layana Yaova Calayhadras says: Poor Mithandir!!! hope it goes well...and hooray for new chapter!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Skreyola says:

Maybe Mhyrad will take the door and be waiting for them on the other side. :)

Mimir says:

And I too wish you good luck... whatever it is being done.

dryg0n says:

Alien, is it just me, or has the light skinned amozon painted herself with orange stripes?

dryg0n says:


Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Kaasya-when our heroes first met the queen, they were tricked into standing on one leg and croaking. So.

Mimir says:

Ooo... yeah, I hadn't noticed that... I wonder if orange will become the new style among amazons, that would be funny. Myhradian Amazons... heh.

Bubbles says:

"No, the BIG sapphire" Lol!

JuneBug says:

Leaf would make such a cute amazon...
(If he wasn't a boy...) :p

Silverwolf says:

See, Leaf knows there are two ways to do things...the easy way, and the FUN way.

TheNextTaggerung says:

What happens when one of Leaf's plans actually survives to fruition?

Aj26 says:

in panel 4 the 2nd kid as orange stripes just like the Myhrad.

hailstorm says:

yes but doors are no fun

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