Chapter 5: The Gamun Fantasy
Chasing the Sunset
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Riverting says:

Weeeee!!! I got first comment! :P

The chapter cover is soooo pretty. I love the sky and the shading on the mountains.

Coyote says:

So, Gamun is a city of philosophers... I guess the two big golden-domed buildings on their separate hills are opposing schools of thought.

sjon says:

Gamun ... I know someone who will interpret that as Gam-on ...

Golden domes ...? *Ohh Shinyiiiii..*

Mimir says:

I think I remember a story in one of the sections about a whole city going missing because it was shiney. I dearly hope that this city survives Feiht.

Moonclaw says:

Ah, a new chapter.Love the chappie's cover. I wonder if the city is all humans, and if they've ever seen two elfs and a dragon.

Nastiban says:

And a feiht. I wanna live in that building there *points*

Tealya says:

Oh, pretty. Love the cover page. It looks great.

eekee says:

Agreed, Mimir! ^_^

Eraikei W. O. says:

I think maybe Leaf is becoming like Feiht... I can just hear him... "Oh, look Ayne! Can we stop there? Come on, I want to see the shiny building!" o.o; He's starting to sound like my friends... -.-; Great comic!! ^_^

Sesshi says:

Very nicely done.. So the heroes are back out into the world! I'm curious to how the people will react to their arrival...WhEE! I see cows! MOO!

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Is that a squirrel tail on the tree? It looks like it. I am very excited about Chapter 5. It looks like it will be fun, full of shiney things and cool cities which can be interpreted as Gam-mun, Gam-on, or Game-on.

Neather says:

Beautiful cover! Strange the way the shadowing works out it almost seems like there are three sections of the city. The good side near one gold dome on the left, the dark evil side near the gold dome on the right, and the grey neutral strip in the center. I think I'm reading too much into it.

BenneyChaos says:

Wow! Look at all the critters in the woods! Now that's detail. And I doubt the humans have ever seen anything like Feiht... if only because humans can't see pixies normally.

... says:

They've been chasing the sunset for four chapters now, and it looks like they are starting to catch up with it! :p

Lee says:

Hmm... "Gamun" in the title could be taken for a pun on "gaming"...or even "Gaiman"!!!

Aerinelf says:

Oooh... so pretty... And Leaf's pulling on Ayne's arm like a little kid. ^_^

Bubbles says:

gamun is a walled city? reminds me of Elyon.
sjon, already did in Comic #237

Aj26 says:

those trees must of took forever to draw!

hailstorm says:


Ooohhhh says:

I see the sqirrel... Its stalking them.

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