Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

The perspective on frame 3 is way off. It should be possible to make it look like the rope is in fact at ankle height.

krazzy says:

i agree alien

Eolill says:

It is. You add some pebbles on the ground just below it. ^_^;;

Luciora says:

im really confused here ...^^ leaf looks like the girl of the 2 of them ...

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

Ah. Mystery. So F3 the rope is at least taller than Leaf and F4 it's at ankle height?


Feldar says:

Magic Pixie rope...?

the krud says:

colour is way better than black and white! i thought Myhrad was green!

Aeviar says:

In Frame 3, the perspective is below the rope, making the rope appear to be higher than it actually is. if you peered under a large gap, say, 2 inches, between the door and the floor or so, you might be able to view completely a small figurine that is 4 inches tall. The problem with the rope can be solved with this explanation, but it is just that it works in larger proportions.

...Did I just say that?

Mr.L33T says:

Aeviar, your comment however insightfull is slightly off like the frame. I acknowledge that he was going for that perspective but we see the people drawn straight on not tilted as you would see them when looking up at them... so in effect there are two camra views clashing and so the clearer and more detailed one (the people) is making us see the scene straight on even though we are supposeto be looking up.

Winter_Raven says:

Say what? Not everyone understands big long words like perspective y'know.

noir says:

An easy way to make the perspective slightly better would be to blur the people and sharpen the rope... that way you can tell that it is the rope you are looking at and the people are farther off in the distance.

Babycakes says:

Remind me again why we are all so fascinated by...the rope? How could you think Myrhad was green? he should so be red.

Narissona says:

Aeviar did a good ob at explaining. Now why must everyone pick on.... umm... him/her. Now who cares about proportions.
If you look at the top of the page to the right of 'Artwork' you see a blue mhyrad. Its been there since the begining of the strip.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Is it possible that the mysterious rope started out higher up and invisible, then inched it's way down to ankle height and visibility?

Puffy Lollipops says:

i think the moral of this cartoon is inacurate! i think after she falls down leaf should go to subway and order a 6 inch sweet onion chicken teriayki sub!
tsk tsk tsk
u call yourselves computer geeks!!!
shame on you

Hard Toffee says:

shame on you puffy lollipops! i think that like leaf is great man cos i mean like dude geez come on leaf is like a part of a tree and that is like so inspirational man u know? peace out dudes

*Skittles* says:

You're looking from under ther rope in panel 3

Lone Star says:

Hard Toffee- Huh? Whaddidusay?

Wawuty Gibit says:

In my mind's voice I can already hear your Luke Skywalker responding to Darth Vader like "Noooooooooooo"noooooooo! That's impossible....."

Wawuty Gibit says:

Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader

Wawuty Gibit says:

sorry about that nooonoooo thing

Kit cat says:

Oh no.

KidCat says:

That CAN'T be me!

Goldenear777 says:

Um, not to be picky or anything, because Alien and Mith can draw way better than i can, but where's the background?

hkmaly says:

Goldenear777: Where is background? In more recent strips, where else? :-)

hkmaly says:

Oh. I get it. The strips from beginning to this one (actually, the previous one) were redone later. So, this is in fact the oldest accessible strip.

????? says:

bwahahahahaha!!!!!! I LOVE IRONY!!!!!

The Lord of First-Ness says:

I am the lord of First!None shall oppose me!>:D

The IRONY monster says:

I-ron-y!I inhabit this comic!

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