Reacti Draconomicani
Chasing the Sunset
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Valistar says:

Umm... is it just me or is Leaf getting younger? He looks just like a little girl in frame 1.

Lythic says:

So, by "shinies" Feiht means "army clad in plate carrying sharp swords and spears".

LoneWoulf says:

it's human nature, we fear what we do not understand, kinda makes you wish we understood it all eh?

Mimir says:

Yes, I think panel 1 goes too far in terms of Leaf's size. Anye looks like a giant, and Leaf looks like a gnome. Perhaps Leaf is shrinking as a result of the furies? Perhaps Ayne is growning as a result of... er... hanging out next to Feiht? Warning: being close to pixies can be hazardous to your health...

Dan says:

Panel 1 is fairly proportionate actually. Myhrad's tail is covering Ayne's feet partially which fools the eye, along with her walking higher up. Leafs hair flaring out makes him look smaller too.

Put your indexfinger on top of Leafs head, your thumb at his feet, then move your hand so your thumb is at Ayne's feet. Your index finger will be at her shoulder, which is how high he is in the older comics too.

Looking very good

eekee says:

Uh-oh! Reckon you're right Lythic!

Moonclaw says:

0.0 That spear was this close *hold out finger and thumb* from hiting Myhrad. Love the strip and can't wait till the next one!

Beacon says:

I just love Leaf's response to the spear. Instead of backing out of throwing range, like Myhrad did, he reaches out for the spear.

flamesofgrowth says:

Send in the pixie.......the pixie will kil.....annoy all who stand in their way......

Sesshi says:

Yes, i'm afraid that i cannot ignore the fact that Leaf DOES look extremely young and feminine and panel 1. I love this eppy, as always, though. Feiht pulling on Leaf's hair so too.. Kawaii =^.^=

Yet Still, Leaf REALLY looks like a little girl...

Nastiban says:

I dont know what it is, but I think the pictures look different from before. Is it the new drawing table?
Looks more... "comupterish"... :)

j1000 says:

Reason why leaf looks so young is that his legs are enormous.

OWK says:

And whoever threw that spear is either very careless about Elves (Leaf), hard of seeing (that there is something there besides Myhrad), and apparently stealthy enough to sneak into spear range of a pixie and some elves. (And I am curious to see what pixie-detection gear these folks have. If they don't...)

Nova says:

I agree with flamesofgrowth.
Feight can just go and steal all the enemy's weapons.
She never seems to have any problems with storage!

Crazyninny says:

Last frame, is so true!! HAHAHAHAH XD

Mimir says:

Attacking pixies with shiney weapons... hmmm... holding water in a seive?

Anyhow, I'm looking at this and wondering "Who in a city of philosophers would throw a spear at oncoming visitors?" An image popped into my head of someone walking up to the spear with long stick and a rope, eyeing along the rope, scribbling something down, and saying "Wow... 1000 meters. That's pretty good." No malicious intent, just the funny image of someone trying to throw the farthest spear.

Black Mantha says:

Either that, or someone missed the turtle while testing Xeno's paradox.

... says:

Maybe they thought Myhrad was a turtle.

Lee says:

Hmm. Remember the scene in Fellowship of the Ring where Boromir is chasing Frodo? The scene where he catches him was done without any special effects, but you can't see Elijah Wood's feet because they're covered by Sean Bean's cloak, so you get the impression that Elijah is actually Hobbit-sized. Same effect.

Zyth says:

Leaf reminds me of Link in Zelda...always slow on growth.

Aerinelf says:

Wow... I love this strip... and Myrhad is really cute.

Bubbles says:

yurite it does look more computerish...zyth link's cool

Lone Star says:

I like Leaf's face in the last panel...T_T

JuneBug says:

Philosophers have pretty good aim.

hailstorm says:

his "tunic" is coming undone

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