Knight in shining armor
Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

My god! It's Don Quixote reborn! We must slay those giants! *runs off at a windmill*

ellwonay says:

'these fair maidens' hehe, he thinks leafs a girl!!! *snicker*

BlueMeadows says:

So funny!

eekee says:

Good one! *is laughing too much to think of more to say* :D

Tickled me pink, that knight. :D

Nastiban says:

So... shivalry isnt dead after all...
Hmm where did i put my armor?

Tsurwen says:

Wow, lovely art on this one and OMG the knight and squire(?) are so funny. Hmmm I wonder how he can be more dangerous without a spear? Now if you'll excuse me, I want to pet the pretty pony!

Azi says:

Haha, wow. The squire is my new favourite character. I vote he ditches the knight and joins the travellers. Good job once again!

Trelweny says:

Trelweny says:

Sorry about the double post... my 9 month old son managed to hit 'enter' on me while I was typing in my www.

Either the knight thinks Leaf's a 'maiden' or else that Feiht is 'fair'.... either way, it's gonna be one interesting wake up call!

Silverwolf says:

Oh Leaf is going to have a problem with this guy already, never mind that he just tried to kill Myhrad.

LadyPhoenix says:

OMG! It's my husband!

Beacon says:

Well, he wouldn't be the first to mistake Leaf for a girl. I didn't think about Don Quixote until I read Mimir's post, but you're absolutely right.
I love the quiver full of weapons.

Beacon says:

Was about to leave when the squire's last line suddenly reminded me of a line from the first episode of Teddy Ruxpin (I wonder if anyone here actually remembers that show).

"Don't worry. If Sneag's (I think that's the name) aiming at us, this is the safest place in the valley to be."

Queen Julietaini says:

Just hope he doesn't fall in LUV with Leaf...he'll be sadly disappointed. Heh heh heh heh...

Mimir says:

Actually, I remember that last line from a different source. C.S. Lewis' "The Silver Chair" in which the marshwiggle (I can't remember his name) and the two humans are beset upon by giants. One of the humans comments "They're aiming for us." The marshwiggle responds with "Then this is the safest place to be."

Sesshi says:

In regard to the squire's quote, i also heard a line similar to that from the webcomic Kid Radd ( in the story arc where a ninja with horrible aim tries to sabotage their ship. Also, in one of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, Malfoy taunts Harry about one of the players' shooting a bludger at him, and Harry retorts "His aim is so poor, i'd be more worried if he was aiming at the person next to me."

Ah yes, and great comic! I hope Leaf puts his hair up soon... and mayhaps a change of wardrobe is a necessity as well? ^^;;

Fia says:

Heheh, when I first saw this comic I was shocked, because I was thinking, "Is this the same Chasing the Sunset?" due to the very bright tones. It's only because they're out of the forest, and the horse adds a big blotch of white. Whew.

By the way... poor horse. Nice color scheme, though.

OWK says:

Anyone want to bet how many panels until the knight makes the wrong remark and Ayne slugs him? Plus with all the "shiny" armor on I think I know where Feiht is going to be hanging out for a while. :)

Maria Wolfwings says:

HAHAHA! Fair maidens! Poor Leaf.

Elys says:

Here's a question: how long till Feiht decides to steal the armor orpaint the horse?

Windseeker says:

Hummm when will the elf boy get some pants...LoL

spider says:

Uh oh, Sesshi, we might have to have a gangland style war over Leaf's hair...

Ok, maybe not, but I am a big fan of it down. :-P

Nice work with the approaching rainstorm, very pretty, though I hope it's not ominously forshadowing any unfortunate events for Leaf and Co.

Myster Web says:

I'm feeling sorry for the squire myself. He has to put up with our windmill chaser.

LadyPhoenix says:

BTW, the rainstorm in the background was beautifully done!

crazyninny says:

Wacht out! that dragon could be deadly!!! *go get feather duster to defened self*

BenneyChaos says:

Why is everyone they meet totally off their rockers and dancing up to the funny farm? YAY! Rainstorms are good. very goood.... yessss.... heehee, Leaf the elf maiden and Myhrad the terrible dragon.

Eikan says:

in an odd way, it reminds me of sesame street...this one where grover was singing to a suit of armor and he said, "...Save a dragon from a princess or the other way around?"

....don't mind the twisted reasonings of a sleep-deprived mind ^^;;;;

Rosey says:

Love the horsie.

And where did LEaf get that necklace? Is it significant? I can't remember ;-;

i_like_shiny_things says:

Oooo, ouch! Leaf has been slammed! *sighs* Oh, the trials of being a male elf...

i_like_shiny_things says:

Heh, how long do you think it'll take for Don Quixote II to became a royal annoyance to Ayne?

EdorFaus says:

Rosey: Mother.
See comic 29(nick link), and the following one(30).

Moonclaw says:

Shiny armour...?*grins* and he's human too so he won't see Feiht will he.Love the strip.

...... says:

Chivalry isn't dead, it just lost its marbles.

kokopelli says:

wow, even the knight think's Leaf's a girl

Skarlog says:

Ha ha fair maidens, I sure hope they don't anger anye!

augdog20 says:

thar are to many coments!!!!

Bubbles says:

Leaf looks like he has wings in frame three.
Comic #29 Comic #30

Squirt says:

Mimir,in the book giants were playing a game which included throwing boulders and Puddleglum (thats the marshwiggle) said: "We would be safer if they were"

Ramani says:

It's Myrad, but it does kinda look like wings, now that you mentioned it.

Lone Star says:

Oh-oh...The knight thinks Ayne is in distress. What next? Pixies who don't like shinies?

elvenfairy says:

er... I think I can probably mannage sir. lol

JuneBug says:

"Less dangerous with a spear"

TheNextTaggerung says:

"I think I can probably manage, Sire."

ultrainventor says:

ever herd of a psycologist?

or a CAT scan?

or meds for psycos?

aj26 says:

STUPID Knight in shining armor

hailstorm says:

the trojin bunny

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