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Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

So... you WILL be doing five days a week then. Nice.

And in reference to the comic... Heh. Just heh.

thatlaurashapedchick says:

reign of terror, lol. love this comic, guys, keep up the good work.

GG Crono says:

Hee. Good stuff. :D

Riverting says:

Holly cr--crayons. That knight dude is just like a friend of mine. Literally. Tell him to back off, he doesn't. Rephase it to sound more drama/theatre-like, and he sits down and shuts up! O_o;;

i_like_shiny_things says:

And the Ayne-button-pushing begins. Love the way Don Quixote II literally leaps off his horse...

sjon says:

He's a Klingon.
(or a manager, they also make a huge distinction between hearing and listening)

Music4asoul says:

Panel 5 is just... awwwww!

Nastiban says:

Hmm.. Nastiban likes frame 5 :)
It is raining isnt it?

Moonclaw says:

Yes panel 5 is very cute. Mesa can't wait till the next strip. Happy V-day every one!

Pockyfille says:

ooh! it tell me about comic i've missed! nifty! leif loks so adorable holding myhrad.

Beacon says:

This looks to be a very promising arc. The conflict with Don Quixote II, as it appears he's come to be called, looks to capture the humor side of CtS very well, and it's a good change of pace from the relatively serious Amazon Arc.

I really like the squire. As a squire, it's his duty to look after his knight, a task which he appears to be quite proficient at.

Any chance of getting a larger version of panel 5 somewhere down the line. Judging from the tag board, I'm sure it would be well accepted. Do you take comissions? I'm more than willing to pay for it (as in I'd rather pay money to get it than get it for free).

Mithandir says:

Here you go.

Ladyfox says:

Just FYI, CS Lewis's Marshwiggle was named Puddleglum. :)) (Yes- I still have all 7 books.)

And the panel 5 shot reminds me of one I saw done by a lady whose business is called Delight's Fantasy Art.(Yes- she's online) I loved that version of it then, and I love this one now! :)

Dragonmaster says:

I just realized there's a water spout in the background of panel 5. (For those of you who aren't sailors, a water spout is a cyclone over the water.)

David says:

Notice how similar the bow in panel 1 is to the sword-hilt in panel 4. It?s magically transformed! ;) (And yes, I do see the sword hilt in panel one on Aynes left hip)

tilyene says:

actually... i kinda think that the knight reminds me of Sir Didymus, from the jim henson movie, Labyrinth.... esp this part:

Sarah: What exactly have you sworn?
Didymus: I have taken an oath that no one may cross this bridge without my permission.
Sarah: Well... May we have your permission?
Didymus: Well I, uh... I... that is, uh... hm... Yes?

thats our knight, i must say. and as for panel 5....... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

thats so wonderful!!! so precious. i love the squire. hes got one hell of alot of common sense (hell. he just saved the knights arse by stopping him. Ayne would slaughter him)

Prestedigitonium says:

Reign of terror? ::Laughs:: Yup, Myhrad is pretty terrified.

Tsurwen says:

Amazing art on this one too, would Ayne really have fought the Knight if he persisted?
Wait a second *looks through archive* I'm pretty terrified now, haven't seen Feiht for 2 comics now. I'm gonna hide under a non-shiny rock now and pray for the best.

EdorFaus says:

Tsurwen: Feith is there in the previous one... Though not doing much. Last panel, behind Ayne. :)

Crolin The Cat says:

I say give Feiht a few tones of pure sugar and gallons of caffeine to eat and drink, then cover the city with glitter bombs and set feiht loose and see what happens! It'll be fun!

MemyselfandI says:

You mean instant death for the city, right?

MemyselfandI says:

Wow! I just realized that new comics come on at 2:00 AM where I live! No first posts for me!

Azi says:

Oh, I'm loving the squire more and more. I really hope he'll stick around.

Awesome art in this comic, once again!

Coyo says:

I'd like to see what happens if the knight meets The Mt. Erac....

Lady Sol says:

Ever notice how it always seems to start to rain when trouble begins?

Bubbles says:

Knight: Arghh! I shall slay thee, foul giant!
Mt. Erac: *sigh* I get so tired of being a troll.
Knight: Cease your blasphomous utterances!
Mt. Erac: My good sir, I do not wish to battle.
Knight: *scrunches face* What?

Lone Star says:

The Mt. Erac is the dumb one, GEB would be saying that.

TheNextTaggerung says:

"Its reign of terror ends here!!"
And there's Leaf and Myhrad clinging to each other in something - terror or sadness, dunno which.

aj26 says:

Myhrad... Foul... Beast? very Stupid knight.

hailstorm says:

HES the foul beat for even wanting to kill myrd

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