Mark the merciless
Chasing the Sunset
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GG Crono says:

First comment, whoo.

I'm interested to see how this wraps up. :)

i_like_shiny_things says:

Hmm, looks like Don Quixote II will need some extra convincing. Think Ayne's going to jump back in anytime soon? Or will Leaf add his sweet-hearted wisdom? P.S. Am I the only one to notice the half-storm, half-sunny weather? Or am I mistaking that for something else?

Mithandir says:

We get that kind of weather actually quite alot here where alien and I live currently :)

Flora says:

I like how the green thing on his helmet wraps around the jousting spear thingy (Is that really what it is? I wasnt really sure.) And we too sometimes get that weather... Its sunny where we are and heck not a few feet away its raining. And one more thing...

Does he NOT see Leaf is hugging the dragon... Or does he think the dragon is holding leaf hostage or something? (this is mainly about the previous comic)

Coyo says:

Thing on the helmet is a crest, and spear thingy is a lance. :)

sjon says:

great how you see a storm passing over between just a couple of pannels (same as in 243). And of course in the next episode we see the noble Sir Mark all rusted up from the rain.

Feldar says:

Does the pack that the squire is carrying make him look like a caddy (except for the lance sticking out of it) to anyone else?

FragFrog says:

Yeah, I guess caddy's haven't changed a bit in century's ;)

Love the artwork here, especially frame 2 and 3, great work on the sky's.! Though I must say that Ayne appears to have a rather large forehead in frame 6.. ;)

Who else thinks either of the men will join up? :D

i_like_shiny_things says:

Oh yes, I've been in that weather too. Standing on the sunny side looking at the stormy, rainy side. It was wierd.Yep, screwed-up Midwest weather (in my case, anyway).

Tsurwen says:

Will the Knight and Squire be able to see Feiht? Or does being Human trump 'believing/acknowledgeing' mythological cratures so they won't be able see her.

I'm repeating myself but I think it's important. What is Feiht up to now?
(can't wait to find out)

Silverwolf says:

Half storm, half sunny weather...sounds normal in Southern CA. Anyway what is with this knight? Is he paid on commission or something?

Moonclaw says:

If he lays even a stick on the baby, I'll go dragon on him. * Gives Mark the dragon eye* Mark? His name is Mark?...He looks like a Mark, I wonder if he has blond hair to. Great strip, can't wait till the next one!

Sesshi says:

Okay!! I'm on yet another computer, but this one will hopefully be my permanent one from now on. I'm using a Dell, and i'm getting used to it... Anywho, love the comic! Living in Quebec, at the moment, we have snow, slush, and cold. Lots of cold. I went up north for a couple of days and came back today, soaking. Yes, my first impression of the Squire was a golf caddy...

i_like_shiny_things says:

If the squire is Mark's caddy, then when Mark threw the spear, should he have shouted "Fore"?

BenneyChaos says:

aaaahhh!!! conflict. Stupid mean idiot knight making Myhrad all scared!!... poor little Mark all lost and confused... BAD KNIGHT! Poor knight... grrr...aww... *sad* *angry* Yay for character sympathies!!

tilyene says:

hehehehehehe. this is so great. poor sir mark. he still reminds me of sir didymus tho :P

... says:

Poor knight, this just isn't his day. ;)

Bubbles says:

It's not such a good day for anyone

Ramani says:

I live in Michigan. We get weird weather all the time. As an e-mail I got said..."You know you're from Michigan if you've worn a parka and shorts on the same day." X-D

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