Damsel in distress
Chasing the Sunset
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GG Crono says:

Hat trick!

...okay, I'll stop now. I swear.

Heh. Poor Leaf. Maybe he needs a haircut.

Sabreur says:

Poor leaf. Maybe he should get a haircut. :-)

i_like_shiny_things says:

All Ayne needs in the first panel is some hand motion. "This is not the dragon you are looking for..." I still say they need to turn around and investigate the source of that smoke.

tilyene says:

oooh. poor leaf.

great comic tho!!!

sjon says:

Ha, damsel in distress, so now Leaf has got to apply some lipgloss, powder and pefume. Maybe put on some high-heel as well. No need to fake the distress then ...

Feldar says:

Hat trick?

Tsurwen says:

Soo many things to say...
-Aww poor Knight, he looks so depressed.
-Hehe, Leaf as a Damsel in Distress, this should be good.
-I can't wait to see what Feiht's upto.
-*Pause*Is that a sharkfin in frame 5?
-Happy 2nd Anniversary CTS!!
*Kicks back and waits for the sillyness to begin... err continue*

Hex says:

What is that thing in the back in panel 1, Feith?
Hahah Mhyriad is funny, in panel 2 e is looking at the sky and his look is (im gonna get wet)
and in panel 4 hes using his wing to cover from the rain.
Or hes getting cover for something else?

Beacon says:

Well, if there IS really a dragon out there, that would probably explain the plume of smoke.

By the way, I really appreciate how the rain's gradually been getting worse with each strip. It's a really nice touch and a detail I don't think many would bother doing.

On another note, I think I only just realized that Ridder Mark is a young man until the close-up of him in panel 3. Looking back over the past few days, I noticed that he didn't really look old, but there was never any close shots of him, and his helmet covers a lot of his features. It's probably the Don Quixote comments (and perhaps the age of his squire) that made me think he was an older gentleman.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Is that a tornado or not?? Maybe it's the other dragon frazzling something... Does anyone else see he tornado??

crazyninny says:

Poor leaf, forever to be seen as a girl....

Adae says:

hee hee.... *sings* Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy BIIIIIRTHDAY to Chasing the Sunset, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Ladyfox says:

Pants would help with that common mis-conception...

We're still not sure if that is a tornado/waterspout or a plume of smoke rising gracefully through the smoking trees...

Ladyfox says:

(Hey... What's a "Murloc"? It says they will be shot on sight and I just want to know what I should be shooting at...)

Darekun says:

A murloc is a humanoid fish-creature in World Of Warcraft, unanimously the most annoying enemy to fight :)

Happy birthday CtS, looking good!

Lae says:

Ladyfox: You mean trousers, yes? I got a bit scared by that comment...

Empress Catriona of the Cat-people says:

Someone should buy leaf a more masculine outfit

Azi says:

I love the Squire. Of course, I've said that before.

What is flying into the tornado/plume of smoke int he first frame? Is it an arrow, or some sort of creature?

Azi says:

Oh, yeah, I just realised, when Ayne says, "This is not the Dragon you're looking for", was anyone else reminded strangely of Star wars? (These aren't the droids you're looking for)

I didn't know Ayne was a Jedi... :D

crazyninny says:


Empress Catriona of the Cat-people says:

I noticed the green thingie, but I thought it might be part of something blown to kindom come by the other dragon to begin with, though I now think it's a tree. Maybe Alien or Mith should answer this, as they're the ones who know what's going on. Is it a tornadoe/waterspout or is it smoke?

Alien says:

I almost made Ayne wave her hand. It's a tree. And the other thing is a boat. And just before they met these people, Leaf did say they needed to get clothes in the city.

... says:

A young knight with an old (?) squire. Interesting combination.

Nobody make a joke about "the knight is still young" now...

BenneyChaos says:

poor little knight with his chivalry fixation. but the weather is so awesome in its subtlties... 'oo't!

Windseeker says:

Leaf needs pants, then maybe the gender confusion wouldn't be as bad....

Fia says:

Yay! The knight's a redhead!

Mimir says:

Heh, someone challenge him to a duel! Maybe Ayne would do it? "I, the blue knight of *cough* Nomanslandia *cough* challenge ye to a duel to the first strike for the honour of your city. Prepare yerself knave!"

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Can I give Feiht a tonne of sugar and then coat the city in glitter and put feiht inthe city??

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

If that is a tornado, shouldn't they be running for shelter or something?

Issy says:

The 'gender confusion' is part of the charm of the comic, and I'm glad it's there. Makes people stop and think about 'what is gender' without being a huge social/political message.
Did you know that you can't open a hotmail account without indicating if you're male or female?

Kirakea says:

Leaf looks like he?s getting use to explaining himself. I wonder if he?ll be a cutie when he gets older. *wink*

On a sort of off topic story. I uploaded these cursors today and the one I chose was a fairy. Sometimes when I?m reading something I?ll follow along with my cursor and now that my cursor is a fairy I was all like, ?Hehe fairy flying all over the comic? and then I was like? Hu we haven?t seen Feiht for a while or I missed something. -__-;; (Like if that?s her in the first panel)

Anyway great comic, can?t wait to see what?s up next. ^_^

YukiNeko says:

Azi-that'd be wierd, being both an amazon and a jedi... is there a rule about being two unspeakably cool things at once?
Kirakea-leaf is ALREADY cute!

YukiNeko says:

umm, i don't follow soccer, but i think a hat trick is when you score three times in the first quarter. not sure though.

PsyMar says:

A hat trick, in soccer, hockey, or other "get the object in the net" sports, is three goals in the game by the same player.

Skreyola says:

I had the same thought as i_like_shiny_things... Jedi mind trick. :)
This knight is hilarious!

Bubbles says:

Uhhh...Maybe he's a "storm" dragon...he starts tornados and such! Maybe there are shinies in the tornado!!

Bubbles says:

OMGOMGOMG! There IS a blue skinned, female Jedi that I think is in Episode II...but I'm not really a Star Wars fan, so maybe someone should ask someone who is and they should leave a comment with the "Amazon" Jedi on these comment boards!

Bubbles says:

Sorry, that was "'Amazon' Jedi's name" in the 2nd 2 last line.

Bubbles says:


Lone Star says:

STAR WARS!!! *Cue theme music* Princessleiaprincessleiaprincessleia!!!!!!!!!

Lone Star says:

omfg i like princess leia. I mean, look.Leia never misses.

TheNextTaggerung says:

Ayne the amazon Jedi. Run.

Phenoca says:

"These aren't the dragons you're looking for." xD

hailstorm says:

poor leaf its not his fault he looks like a girl. its his dads

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