Of knights and pixies
Chasing the Sunset
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i_like_shiny_things says:

First comment! Go me!

Elys says:

how did he?! get feiht?! i'm confuzed

Temujin says:

rofl! thats great! poor Feiht!

Dan says:

lol, question now is: will they ever let Feith out again ;)

ForceUser says:

hehehe... now feith's gonna get it.. Mwahahaha er.. right.. good comic!

tilyene says:

how did he GET her!?

omg! poor feiht! but still... ROFL

sjon says:

Ha, the magical pixietrap does work

Eraikei W. O. says:

Well, I guess that's where Feiht got to...

dryg0n says:

shinnee cage... is there any questions how?

MemyselfandI says:

I bet Feiht deserved it...

Jarak says:

Happy Birthday

crazyninny says:

ITS A TWISTER!!! *grabs leaf and runs*

LadyPhoenix says:

He's obviously the most competent person out on the field there, isn't he? I love it!

eekee says:

Leaf's face in panel 2! XD

Also panel 6, I think LadyPhoenix is right about the squire being the most competant person there.

Tealya says:

I know how he caught Feiht. He must have put something shiney in there, then shut and locked the door when she went after it.

Celebrian says:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws parT*

lilsys says:

Cute, I needed to see something like this.

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Aw, feiht's in a cage, I can't cover the city in shiny glitter and let feiht loose..

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

The weather's getting pretty bad, they should stop standing around chatting and go somewhere dry... Can I let Feiht out of the cage, throw glitter in the tornado (therefore coating things with glitter) and tell Feiht about the shininess... it would be fun...

YukiNeko says:

it would be so funny if feiht was dead-set on getting outta that cage (ie if Princess Catriona had her way) and she would like get super strength and bend the bars and get away.

PsyMar says:

Feiht will probably be out as soon as she's bored with being in there.

PsyMar says:

Feiht will probably be out as soon as she's bored with being in there.

BenneyChaos says:

But how?!!! Humans aren't suppose to be able to see pixies, not unless they reveal themselves. So clearly there's more to this old squire than meets the eye. And that squigly light grey thing is a twister, right? I guess they would be hard to draw...

Windseeker says:

Yes! Cage all the pixies......you see they get bored. And then when you have someone you really hate you say "Go get him he has shinies! Yes, an army of bored pixies....mhahahaha

Ivellios says:

im back after moving house and having no internet and have just read the most resent few but how did the squire see feiht?

Tsurwen says:

So thats where Feiht's been. Poor thing must be bored silly. Sneaky Squire.
Umm, how could he catch her if he's been talking to them this hole time?

... says:

Just goes to show...

You've got to have Feith in yourself.

*runs like the wind*

Beacon says:

Well, I was under the impression that humans couldn't see fey because they let the mundaneness of life force the magic out of their belief (i.e. children can still see them). If that's the case, serving Mark for all his life certainly could explain his ability to see fey.

As for him catching Feiht, well, Feiht's really not all that bright. If you're prepared, catching her wouldn't be all that difficult. The squire seems exceptionally competent, which puts him ahead of just about everybody in the comic (and just about every other comic, too ^_^)

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Hey! I have a plan! Coat feiht in shinies and see what she does... will she chase her self??

Eraikei W. O. says:

Miss Catriona, you really like the idea of setting Feiht out on the world of shinees, don't you? Well, I only have one thing to say....

Can I help??

MemyselfandI says:

Hmmm... I believe that Beacon's right... And BTW, ..., it's not Feith, unfortunately. Otherwise... Ah, irony...

YukiNeko says:

ooh, I just got an idea: maybe the squire's got some kinda elven blood and that's how he could see Feiht. Or has magical contact lenses or something else that allows him to see her.

Lee says:

"Hmmm... I believe that Beacon's right... And BTW, ..., it's not Feith, unfortunately. Otherwise... Ah, irony... "

Mentioned this before, but "Feiht" can be seen as a pun on "Fate". Also "Faith", maybe. And it's "Thief" backwards.

Bubbles says:

Beacon, maaaaaaaaybe he was just giving them a cage with shinees in it that feiht crawled into! no probly not.

Ramani says:

I never noticed that Feiht was Thief spelled backwards. She lives up to it completely.

Lone Star says:

Well, that's one thieF, what about getting the other pixies?

Lone Star says:

...and Sohac unscrambled is Chaos...

ultrainventor says:

ha! getting a view of knighthood from a bad fairytale.

hailstorm says:

how did he ever get fieht into a cage

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