To catch a pixie
Chasing the Sunset
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LoneWoulf says:

hehehe I kinda figured it'd be something shiney :)

Sitara says:

And Feiht's still excited about it! I wonder if they'll ever let her out.

Mimir says:

You know, I think if they lined the cage with that dust, Feiht would be happy spending forever inside the cage.

Nastiban says:

She probably would be happy...

sjon says:

happy untill something else -shiny of course- catches her attention.

Sesshi says:

Again in panel 2, leaf looks like a little girl! >.< I like the hair blowing back by the wind. Poor Feiht, well, at least this cage doesn't have a bird in it (Poor Sohac!)

Tsurwen says:

Well at least Feiht's happy for now. Ummm... where can I get some of that dust?
Now only if they'll notice the weather now. BTW super awesome weather effects.

Eraikei W. O. says:

I wonder where Mark went now... O.o

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

*Duplicates Feiht and her cage, and keeps the Feiht clone* I have a plan for Feiht. It has Shinies in it, so beware!

Eikan says:

::stares at the crystal dust:: ooh, shinee...... *_*

Fia says:

a few embarrassing incidents ;D

Mimir says:

Based on some of the recent comments... is there a pixie worshipping cult being established here?

Chevette Girl says:

I want glow in the dark crystal dust too...

Moonclaw says:

Haha! I love Feihts face in the last panel! The crystal dust is so pretty...

VonTasha says:

The twister is getting nearer... It's almost behind Leaf !

VonTasha says:

With such a strong wind, the crystal dust should fall slantwise...

Lee says:

"Shiny Happy People"...!

wuvle says:

can I have shinies too?..........pwease?

Draginladee says:

I think Feiht just got shiny-high...

Bubbles says:

"shiny-high!" thats a good one!

Lone Star says:

oooooooo shineeeee...*_*

Lone Star says:

I wanna be a pixe too! Pwease? Pwetty pwease?

Amagica says:

I had to start listening to the "shiny happy people" song soon as it was mentioned. *_*

hailstorm says:


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