Strange people
Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

Heh, I like how Ayne hooked Feiht on her belt in the fifth panel... looks like they're not letting her out after all. Yay! Take that pixie cult worshippers!

lilsys says:

NNNOOOOO!!! Let her out! I wuv her!

hehehe I love that "uhm...Well...You never know?" lol

Ivellios says:

he looks like a chromatic dragon so he would naturaly be evil then again he was rased amung (wood?)elves so that might have over ridden his instincts to kill main and terrorize humans then again can you blame them?

FragFrog says:

Aaaw.. Myrad is sooo cute when he's a bit evilish! :D

Not to mention that pixie cage.. :D

Feldar says:

She's going to be mad when she gets out.

Tsurwen says:

Drat you Ayne! Ruining our plans to loose an army of Pixies on a shiny world! Drat you!

Anyway, I'd like to say bravo to the squire for sticking with Mark, and cudos to Myrad for the crossing of toes. You never know when troubling innocents and evil ways may come in handy.

Nao says:

I don't recall "Blue with orange stripes" being in the description of any chromatic dragons.

Though I now have very amusing images of Myhrad terrorizing.

Eriakei W.O. says:

Am I the only one who thinks Leaf looks so adorable in the third frame? *_*

Ladyfox says:

Looking back to SEE aformentioned "Crossed toes" all I can can say is- Dang- those are some seriously prehensile toes!

Powers That Aren\'t says:

Pixies are immortal, right? So no need for them to eat, drink, or eliminate waste, right?

If so, then Feiht can stay in the cage for the rest of the series! >;D (evil leer)

Hhmn... I wonder what is keeping her from casting her spells? Still distracted by the 'glow-in-the-dark' crystal dust?

Beacon says:

Now, Ivelios, you need to realize that this isn't D&D. Everyone's always going on about the line between fantasy and reality, but the line between fantasy and fantasy is important too! ^_^

crazyninny says:

....Dose this mean Myhrad has a secret life?

NotMithandir says:

Yes. Myrhad catches and eats small children while the others are asleep, and uses their corpses to build an undead army.

Elys says:

... i don't think so.
but Leaf does look cute in panel 3.

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

*mew* No letting Feiht loose... hey! lets clone feiht a billion tiems and let them all lose at once! Bwahahaha!

Silverwolf says:

Somehow I don't think "and then Myhrad smote the elves and all was laid to burnination" is in the plotline.

Sacrath says:

Hey, that dragon has some years left in his life! He might get bored later, and he wouldn't want a rash desision now to ruin his fun later right?

Kells says:

Whee! I finally read the whole darn series - hours fly when reading a good comic! o.o (not all in one sitting, of course...)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is a really cute comic - keep up the good work!

I'll have more specific comments, but since this is my first post, I just wanted to say all that. :P

Lae says:

i love myhrad!!!

Azi says:

Haha, I love Myrhad being all *I feel like pretending I'm actually evil*.

I want to meet the other dragons. Or see more of the squire.

Nao says:

You mean you aren't supposed to read it all in one sitting? I guess I've been doing it wrong.

Kells says:

Well, you can, if you want - but to read the entire 251 comics all at once would take a v. long time, is all. :P

Science_Vixen says:

Hi, I found your comic today and just finished reading through the archive.

I really enjoy it, and I think your artwork is really getting better fast.

Science_Vixen says:

To Kells: The entire archive, including comments just took me about 4 or 5 hours. If you skip the comments you should be able to do it in 2 or 3.
The pages load fast, so you hardly have to wait.

sjon says:

No need to cross toes cause Myhrad can't cease what he isn't doing in the first place. And promising to cease has no effect on starting later.

Feldar says:

Hey, I reread the entire archives in one sitting last week. And stayed up all night reading elf-life when I found it about a year and a half ago (only got me half-way through the archives though...).

Yay, more seven minute war. The first part had me falling out of my chair laughing.

Beacon says:

Heh, I once read through all of Roomies/It's Walky in one day. @_@

Kells says:

Well, my computer is a few years old, so the images were loading slow that day. Also, I dunno about you, but sitting for 4-5 hours is a bit much ...


Ah well. Either way, it's done. :P

Sitara says:

I should feel lucky I started this one over a year ago. I could read through it much faster, and then enjoy the update schedule :D
Some webcomics took me much more than 4-5 hours to read through the first time, though. It's hard to do it in one sitting.
And, I'll have to say I love this comic's art and story. It's one of my favorite comics--thanks, Mith and Alien! Since this is my second post, I hope it's not too belated ;)

Mimir says:

Some webcomics out there have updated far in excess of 2000 times. I've taken days on some of these.

Mithandir says:

Heheh. Give us some 10 years and we might match that :P

Nao says:

It took me about a week to read throught the GPF archives. That's the longest it ever took me. Though userfriendly came close.

Ivellios says:

shlck mrcnry (i left out all the vowels in its name on purpess) updates 7 days a week and has not missed an update since it started in 2000
kvn nd kll (vowels also left out) has done the same since 1998

Mimir says:

At one point though kvn nd kll was on a three times a week update schedule.

MemyselfandI says:

Hmmm... But Myhrad said NEVERMORE... Therefore, he can't be evil in the future either... Or, rather, he wouldn't be able to if he wasn't crossing his toes...

Ladyfox says:

Did Myrhad say "Nevermore" or did the Knight say it? Makes all the difference...

Lee says:

The Knight said it.

Bubbles says:

so thats why he had his toes crossed...
I notice that there arent really "discussions" on the comment boards anymore, just random comments that people sometimes respond to...i liked the discussions better...

TheNextTaggerung says:

in panel 3 leaf looks so cute!

TheNextTaggerung says:

oh dear...

ultrainventor says:

bwahahahahahahahaha!!! toes crossed!!! hahaha roflol!!!

hailstorm says:

I dont think anyes ever gonna let fieht otta there

Feiht says:

Shiny!Shiny powder!My shiny powder!Where'd it go?

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