Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

And... we now know how to hurt pixies I think. Carry them into a lightning storm. They think "Oooo... shiney lightning..." and you just watch them fry like moths.

Nice lightning by the way, and funny punchline. They should head for lower ground. (where lightning is less likely to hit)

Nao says:

I find it funny the one who has the least reason to care about the weather is the one who notices it. And nice lightning.

BlueMeadows says:

Hahahaha I love it 'er....eeek' haha great job you guys!!!

Feldar says:

I'm sure that dragons that actually fly need to be careful not to fly through storms, particularaly those with tornadoes.

Kells says:

Haha! My favorite line is 'er....eeek.' How that totally captures everyone's reaction when in the middle of a storm. XD

And like Mimir pointed out - how ironic they go for the tree. Shouldn't they, of all people (living in trees) know that they need to be lower? :P

Anyway, great comic; can't wait for more soon!

Sesshi says:

Awesome Comic XD I loved the "Er....eeek." Line! Very nice lightning, also, and some constructive criticism (sp?) - add some cool effects to the tornado, and it'll look awesome!!! XD Good job guys, can't wait for what happens next.

Beacon says:

Feldar, you're right, of course. Storms cause unpredictable wind (Note the whirlwind) that make flying difficult and dangerous. That's not terribly relevant for a dragon who can't fly, though, is it? ^_^

Love the comic as always. Something I just noticed is the 3rd panel, when Leaf and Ayne are looking directly at the "camera." Drawing faces head on like that used to be your weak point, but you appear to overcome that hurdle. And your ability to draw hair in the wind is unparalleled. On the more constructive side, the whirlwind does look a bit flat. So does the tree in panel 6, but the excellently done lightning more than makes up for it. The fire in panel 7 is good, but it needs a bit more color range (redder at the base, yellower at the end). I hate giving constructive criticism, I always feel like I'm whining.

crazyninny says:


Tsurwen says:

I'd say it's abouy time they noticed the weather.
BTW, I like the lightning hitting the tree, especially the sound effect that goes with it, 'Crackow!', gives my mind some great imagery with surrund sound.
I kinda feel sorry for the tree though...

Nao says:

I personally think the fire is good. A campfire is structured and looks like you described, but for when vegitation burns I've rarely seen it like that. (No I'm not a pyromaniac, I just lived through several bad wildfire seasons.)

... says:

CRACKOW could also mean they are in Poland.

*ducks and runs*

MemyselfandI says:


Ivellios says:

leaf's hair looks like its blowing into the wind so i think thats the first error

Ivellios says:

second error is probly what looks like smoke coming from the top of myhrads head and the 3rd on mine is that ayne's bow isnt visablein her left hand

Tiaria says:

I must say that I adore Chasing the Sunset, but I do feel sorry for Leaf. Please let it be a happy end: :)

FragFrog says:

Ivellios: during storms wind can be very unpredictable, so that accounts for Leafs hair. Secondly, the "smoke" on Myhrads hear looks to me as just some vegetation in the background (I'm guessing you're referring to the 3th panel here), don't know where Ayne's bow went in the 2nd pannel though :)

As has been said before: great lightning effect, if there is one thing this comic excels in its definately the light effects (well, that and funny pixies :D), once again proven by the 6th frame!

Mmm.. comic fair in Holland, aye.. Too bad Tilburg is a long way from Groningen, but then again, got an OV for a purpose - might even drop by :)

Eraikei W. O. says:

Actually... I think that might be Feiht on Myhrad's head. She's missing from Ayne's belt in the third panel, but was there in the first. The bow is missing... And I can't find a third one, except maybe that Leaf's arm is missing... That's probably just because of the way he's turned... Great strip though! Love the fire and the lightning. *_*

Stormdancer says:

See, the best thing about having Feiht around is that we KNOW why objects might go missing from one panel to the next. :D

I think that the elves would view trees as safety... after all, in the forest there would always be taller trees for lightning to strike. They're just not used to being out in the open like this!

Great strip! Phweee!

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Can I chuck a few tonnes of glitter in the whirlwind and let feiht loose?

Elys says:

haha! poor tree though.

Moonclaw says:

Rule number 1: Try not to get caught in a lighting storm. Rule number 2: Never stand under a tree during a lighting storm. Great strip, I can't wait till the next one!

Bubbles says:

geez peoples there arent that many errors...the only one I can notice is that the tree completely shapeshifts from the 2nd to last frame to the last but it doesnt MATTER cause this is an awesome comic!

Lone Star says:

'er...eeek.' ROFLISSSF

Alien says:

It shapeshifted because lightning split it. As for flatness, we hadn't started shading yet.

JuneBug says:

Actually, Kells, if they lived in trees being in, or under, a tree would make them feel safer. It is a natural thing to do.

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