A whole lot of pixies
Chasing the Sunset
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Hjalte says:

me likz pixies... dem be kute.... me likz... sorry U B sick guyz *sending positive energies to destroy illness* there... that's done. =O)

Flora says:

Get well soon... Id love to see a pixie with spikes and army boots *giggles* that would be funny.

ivellios says:

eek!!!!!!!!!!! pixies!!!!!!!!! hide the shinnies wait i painted them all black so they arnt shiny anymore few!

Lae says:

love the one w. 4 hands
more arms = more trouble!

i_like_shiny_things says:

That begs to be enlarged, printed out, and colored. Hmmm...;-)

Stormdancer says:

Oooh, pixies! ... hey, where's my tailcuff?!

Beacon says:

Pixies! Aaaahhhh! Grab anything important and run for the hills!!!

Silverwolf says:

*Starts shaking up a jumbo-sized can of Raid and holds up a shiny piece of aluminum foil* Come git some.

Tsurwen says:

Mwhahaha! Sweet victory is ours! Go out my tiny minions and wreck havoc on an unsuspecting world! Hey? hullo?! Are you even listening to me?! Get back here this instant! Put that down at once! NOoooo!

Ack someone help me!
*Hope you feel better and very cool Pixies! Now only if they weren't so easily distracted...*

crazyninny says:

I looked at them for so look i lost my shines.

adae says:

better hide my shineys.... and you two should rest and get better. just make sure the pixies don't invade...

Flora says:

Speaking of Pixies... Did you know there is a spelling error on Feiht's background pace (cast and backgroun page)... Fifth paragraph sixth line. You guys spelled her name Feith instead of Feiht.

Buzzy says:

Ooh...very nice. I especially like the one in the middle with the armbands and the wormy tail with the dot at the end.

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

BWAHAHAHAHA Lots of Pixies! Set them ont he world! Put them in the Pentagon! Put shinies on everything and set them loose! BWAHAHAHAHa*coughcough*HAHAAA

Kitten says:

They are really cute (just like you two; Alien and Mith) Love you! :)
Hugs from lil'sis.

Akyla says:

oooh pixies. They would be so cool made into window clings. :)

Sesshi says:

wouldn't it bit be cool if the Pixie Forest had an "adopt-a-pixie" foundation? XD I'd adopt the three-eyed one.

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

I think pixies are the coolest of fantasy creatures. Dragons next, then possibly elves, or maybe unicorns. Pixies are soooo funny.

Akyla says:

Adopt a pixie? I love that. Oooh, i want the sleeping one :).

Kaya says:

Oh, Catriona, you're crazy. Dragons are the coolest. Pixies are very cool, but they can't compare with DRAGONS. :)

Akyla says:

That's why I love my dragon with a pixie statue :). Best of both worlds

Moonclaw says:

I like the pixie in the bottom, right hand corner, the one that lookes like it ripped someones braid off their head. Its funny ^_^. And Get well soon you two. *sends flowers*

pixiejessica says:

AHA!! IM BACK AFTER .....(1...2... what comes after 2??) 3 MONTHS!!! AND I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE COMIC (nice work :) ) IT IS GOOD, KEEP IT UP!!!

pixiejessica says:

and i have come for the shinies... :D and i have a... ooh, new pennies... one two (wat comes after 2??) 3 4 and i hope yall get better :)

Yliander says:

such lovely lovely pixies!!

adae says:

whoa one of the pixies has 4 arms.....

Hex says:

Yes, 4 arms to grab more shinys /swt

evial angle says:

PIXES are so cute and evil I love them but I think dragons are better

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:


clueless says:

who is alien and mithandir

EdorFaus says:

They are the two people making this web-GNIP. Or, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that it's their nicknames/online aliases. This should be fairly obvious though, I'd think... Just look at who wrote the recent news and stuff, or take a look at the Creators' Corner. ;P

CCB says:

I bet it was the pixies that made you sick, they're tricky little buggers like that.

Phoebe says:

How come Feiht loks so normal (Except for the ears) But all these ones look like they are Extra Terrestrials from Mars?

wuvl says:

well, if feiht is anything to go by, I'd stay out of that scene if you had your ears pierced

Bubbles says:


Lone Star says:

the one w/ 3 eyes can see more shineys

Lone Star says:


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