Responsible excuses
Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

Something tells me that Leaf would be a good diplomat.

PsyMar says:

That pose of Leaf with his arms in the air kind of reminds me of the "Megaman with arms in air sprite" seen when Megaman is being similarly crazy in Bob and George.

LoneGamer says:

Now that you mention it PsyMar, it reminds me of that too! Is it just me or is that worm-thing on the ground moving?

Aiwe says:

uh... that worm thing is a bow, you can see the string.

... says:

Dragon With A Headache. Ouch.

Sacrath says:

I have heard of worse excuses.

evilangle says:

poor dragon hes stuck with 2 crazy elfs and i don't thinck what leaf said is very responsable

Beacon says:

There is a certain logic to exploring the cave. If there's something in there, it's best to find out on THEIR terms, rather than its. It also never hurts to know all the ways out of a place.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Where's feiht? She's been gone long, nust be something very distracting or dangerous down there.... Shiny?

Tsurwen says:

Now thats a VERY good reason to explore, cus in the movies the ominous tunnel always collapses and they have to explore anyway. They're thinking ahead, now they can find the inevitable bad stuff thats down there before the tunnel eventually collapses!

Eikan says:

someone stuck with two crazy elves...sounds an awful lot like eraikei being stuck with me and midget....XD

K.B says:

why is the girl teler than the boy???? and the boy looks allot like a girl... i know elfs look likegirls but still,I do think this cartoon is good, one of the better. bty i am from norway too( same as the cartonist.. lol)

Beacon says:

Considering their relative ages, it's not surprising that Ayne's taller than Leaf. Y'know, with girls hitting puberty before boys and all. And yes, Leaf is rather feminine, even for an elf. Did you have a point?

eqplayer says:

i thinck they shold look more like the elfes on eq where you can tell wich one is a boy

Eraikei W. O. says:

Yeah, now that you mention it, Eikan, Mhyrad does seem a lot like me. The only difference is I had to put up with not one, but three Feiht-like people... Kids... Chibis. Yeah. Great comic, by the way. I love Leaf's excuse.

Aeviar says:

Conveniently plausible, but not very likely! Wonderful. I must use that excuse for my homework sometime. "I was afraid that the tunnel I was somehow doing homework in would collapse, so I decided to search for an alternate route. True story!" Would my math teacher buy that?

K.B says:

jes i know girls develop faster than boys. but he is older than her, she is 131 years and he is 143, but i gess that is not that mush when you have lived for that long......

TeMPest says:

I *love* the way leaf looks like in frame 5. like an expectant child waiting for the parents to allow him to do something ^^

Protecter says:

I like this cartoon very much, but you have done some mistakes.
First: K.B is right, the girl is younger but taller then the boy.
And he is so much more childish then her, elves are a little childish, yes, but then why is the girl not?
You have made it a little reverse.
The Ayne acts and look like a boy,
and Leaf acts like a girl.
But except that I love your cartoon!

Mithandir says:

Sorry, I fail to see how that's a mistake :)

YukiNeko says:

I just knew Ayne wouldn't stick with something so reasonable very long...besides, what else do you do in a dark cave with attention spans like theirs?

YukiNeko says:

By the way, I like leaf's girliness because it makes him cute... i don't think i'm alone either.

Ayrin says:

WHEEEEEEEE!!!! That's the best line Leaf's had for a long time.

MegaTroopX says:

First cmnt.

Seems like Ayne should either be carrying the bow, or at least sling it.

You should always be respectful of your weapons, especially if you had to go through a mystic ceremony to get them.

wuvl says:

I'm changing my name to LORD OF GREEN BUGS THAT GO SQUISH DURRING TEA TIME!!!!! be very afraid.

Narissona says:

Doesn't leaf ever get cold

Bubbles says:

Ayne still has those cuts

JuneBug says:


hailstorm says:

i like the idea that it whould be fun better

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