Confused weather gods
Chasing the Sunset
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Jamya says:

That last comment by Leaf is absolutly hilarious ^_^

Flora says:

I like the second picture. The dragon looking up at Feiht its just cute.

lurkie says:

personally i think it makes him look like a shark =)

ivellios says:

i know what happedend to the weather feiht didnt like being in the cage and probably summoned it to hide her escape

FragFrog says:

Aaaw, shiny golden domes! :D

I wonder what Feiht could do with them though if she did see them.. Better hope for sunny weather I think :))

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Runnnn!!! Feiht! *throws sparkly glitter everywhere* Wheeee! Glitter!

Moonclaw says:

I like Leaf's comment in panel 6. Nice, strip, can't wait till the next one. Hmm...I wonder if there will be other shiny things in the city.

evilangle says:

hahahahaha lol

Beacon says:

Panel 5 is cute.

Celebrian says:

Ayne's face is drawn really well in panels 5&6

adae says:

Yes I agree with Celebrian

Mimir says:

Heh, great poem. It reminds me of a quote from Gahndi. He was visiting England at the time, and was asked "What do you think of Western Civilization?" His response was "I think it would be a good idea."

Aeviar says:

Stealing a golden shine-y dome would be fun! Go Feiht! Nightfall is evil, but you can steal more things then! Everyone is sleeping... like I should be... zzzzzzzZZZZZzzzz...

ivellios says:

is the tear in leafs clothing getting bigger so he will have to by some new cloths maby armour soon?

Ellie says:

@ivellios: or he could walk around naked, ofcourse, lol. :P

Tsurwen says:

Very lovley done strip, everyone looks so darn cute! I want to hug them all!

Oh as for the poem in the News&Stuff.
*standing ovation and shouts 'Encore!'*
WOW! Makes my mind reel with its amazingness. Got anymore?

Midgee says:

luffs the comic...but make the pxie happy! Give her golden domes! *stares at shinee golden domes* o0o0o0o *regains concentration as usual, awsome artwork and storyline. (as if it COULD be bad) much agreeing with Tsurwen; ENCORE! BBRAVO! HOORAY! I LOVE THE POEM! YAY!!!!!!

Lee says:

Don't be silly, if leaf walked around naked everyone would know he was a boy. :-S

Bubbles says:

what poem?

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

anye and leaf huuuuugin!

Lone Star says:

you came back?! Wow...Halloween sure is creepy

JuneBug says:

"No, Feiht is here, she followed us."
I love Myhrad!

JuneBug says:

Why are they hugging in panel five?

hailstorm says:


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