Idle Threats
Chasing the Sunset
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Babycakes says:

In F5 Leaf looks sunburnt

dragyn says:

Um...that\'s Ayne, not Leaf.

Nightclaw says:

Remember Babycakes....Leaf is the one that looks more like a girl.

Squirt says:

ABout Frame 5... Ayne did ask "nicely" compared to someone I know.

hawkstar says:

who is that "someone" you speak of?

swiftwing says:

Nightclaw, do you read the Warriors series?

the lone power says:

anye ha a violent temper. as if me didnt no thatr

Lone Star says:

I like Ayne. She reminds me of me.


It's so weird to see your most recent strips then come see thsi one...

Goldenear777 says:

Gasp! Ayne's arrows were brightly colored before, but now they're pastel!

ultrainventor says:

WAIT A SECOND! in this comic Feiht has no trouble determining that leaf is a boy, but when they are on top of the wall, she thinks that Leaf is a girl.

maybe it's pixie memory.

Camolotthe29 says:

Hmm. Maybe smarter than I thought...
Smartness rating:3/10
Gained +2!

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