Overclocked pixie
Chasing the Sunset
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ivellios says:

i wonder if smoking is legal in that town oh and wo0t first comment

Mimir says:

Mmmmm... I love the smell of pixie in the morning... smells like breakfast!

Henri says:

How can I know if that really happened? My trust is dead.

zonarius says:

that was mean,Mithandir
still cant see comic number 43.

i_like_shiny_things says:

Ah ha ha! Point for Myhrad! And Feiht truly looks scary in her closeup.

Eraikei W. O. says:

Dude, Frame 4 is so cool! XD And Eikan, I've decided that you must be somehow related to Feiht; you two sound exactly alike.

True-Chaos says:

Get Soteks help for Frame 3? :D

Music4asoul says:

It was mean, but very funny ^_^

Arithon says:

ummmm... too many cups of coffe for the pixie. Well at least she fainted that way she can't cause any trouble.
P.S. Nice prank it fooled my brother and sister and me alittle bit until I noticed the typos

AMizener says:


Sabreur says:

So THAT'S why he crossed his fingers about the whole "don't be evil" thing.

Absolutely hilarious, I'm still cracking up over this one.

the face of evil says:

That close up is scary

GG Crono says:

Is this the first good look we've gotten at Feiht's eyes? Nice design. Shiiiny... @_@

PsyMar says:

Well... now we know how to stop a pixie. Just like when they got to the treasure room in the 7-minute war!

crazyninny says:

Myhard is acting strangly lately... I like the close op of Feiht. Now we know her eye color.

laewen says:

Wow, her eyes are blue, purple, green AND yellow! scary close up.. heh

Probably Not Trogdor The Burninator says:

Not really, crazyninny - I'm pretty sure Myhrad still owed Feiht for some tricks she'd played on him. :D

Never mess with a dragon, for they have long memories, especially where being turned strange colours are concerned.

Riverting says:

Yay! Updates! I just had Spring Break and was in Texas and no internet contention for a week, so when I cam back, I had lots of webcomic goodies waiting for me! ^_^ Thank you guys for making this comic - I so enjoy it!

Kirakei says:

Lol! An overheated fairy! :P
That's not one I've heard before

Silverwolf says:

So that's how you stop a pixie...don't chain them, cage them, or otherwise...just overload them! They go into ferret shock!

Eikan says:

yea, 'raikei...can't you see the resemblance? *and* i can fit into little spaces like feiht *cough your cubby thing cough*
and that's why i don't go into cities often...too many things to distract me and do and plague and annoy and play with and-- ooh shinee....*wanders off*

Moonclaw says:

Humm...I wonder if that guy in the corner of the last panel can see Feiht or if he just sees the smoke. Poor Feiht,so many people to prank and stela from so little time. Funny strip! Can't wait till the next one!


um, I think you made a mistake. Does feiht even have a brain *examines former panels w/feiht*

bookbook says:

Yes, she does. Just not a very big one.

Bubbles says:

I never knew feiht was so tan...does her hair always stick up like that?
her eyes are SHINY! What if she tried to steal her own eyes? Ow!

feiht says:


leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

great shot of feight in panel 5

Lone Star says:

closeup is cool

Lone Star says:

good Halloween mask, that closeup!

Icy says:

Her eye in P4 is preeeeetty...

JuneBug says:

I think her brain blew-up. XP

aj26 says:

that really was mean and yet so funny.
why is feiht's eye like that in panel 4

hailstorm says:

Rainbow eyes

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