Plan prevention
Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

But... his plans work!

i_like_shiny_things says:

Gee, never had what happened to Leaf happen to *me* before. (raises an eyebrow and looks around)

i_like_shiny_things says:

BTW, I love the mom in the 4th panel that's hauling her screaming kid under her arm. That's amusing.

laewen says:

Aww poor Leaf. So funny though!
Oh and i just want to say i LOVE your comic! definatly one of my favourites.

Kitten says:

haha. you're being very funny lately, and I like it ^_^
And Myhrad is SO CUTE! all the nice poses.
Keep this up! :) *hugs*

Aiwe says:

I half expected that the racket would be caused by Feiht, but then I noticed that Leaf is holding her because she doesn't seem to have come round yet... Could there be more than one pixie in town?... Nah it's probably something more original than that.

sjon says:

More than one pixie ... well with the golden domes and all that it is highly likely.

eekee says:

*chuckle* poor Leaf

Feldar says:

Has Leaf always been at Ayne's breast level? I hadn't noticed before and it really stands out in Panel 3.

LadyPhoenix says:

Bwuahahahahaha I love it! As the mother of three children, I especially love the mother carrying the tantruming child. Classic!! :D

Tsurwen says:

Great job guys! I absolutely LOVE the backgrounds in this one! (The lady carrying the child is very funny!)

Ladyfox says:

The Mom With Child is SO what my mother would do to me if I had a fit in public! YES! I think it's probably so funny because it's so TRUE. ROFLMAO

FragFrog says:

Nice houses! Though wouldn't mind seeing them a bit more 'worn', bit more cracks like in the second panel perhaps? Either that or stone roads ;)

*chuckles* poor leaf, they never do let him finish a sentence =)

Sesshi says:

Poor Leaf! Hehehe, funny comic! When will his hair go back into a ponytail...? =3 I hope leaf doesnt see that shiny doorknob thingie =P

Bubbles says:

I've felt like Leaf is in this strip alot before...

Lone Star says:

woot's the MAO part mean?

JuneBug says:

Poor leaf.
Great comic!

hailstorm says:

They dont like his plans cause the take the universe by suprise

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