Make way for the King
Chasing the Sunset
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Arrin says:

Uh-oh...not they went and made Leaf angry, bad mistake. Also, who else here things that that begger will turn out to be more than meets the eye?

Mimir says:

Oh my... Leaf is scary when he's like that. Are you sure Feiht was the least of their problems? It's a good thing Leaf isn't angry very often.

Solo_Baka says:

O.o I see Red eyes poor Leaf he knows not what he dose when just little things happen. I like his expression in the last pannel, and I don't recal that necklace... why hasn't Feiht stolen it?

Mithandir says:

She has in fact stolen it, but she gave it back. Later she stole it again when she aquired Leaf's backpack, but Leaf must have gotten it back between strips.

ivellios says:

i wonder how much damage leaf is going to do to the king and his carrage because of the furries im going for 1 city block in destruction

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Uh Oh....

Tsurwen says:

Wonder who's talking to Leaf? Anyway..*cheers* Go Leaf and kick that rude guys bottem!

Beacon says:

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Moonclaw says:

Oh no...someone better go warn that rude man because Leaf's alter ego is coming to get him. Poor Leaf, who knows how long he's going to be out for this time.

Feldar says:

Those eyes are actually brown. And I doubt anything will actually happen, because he would end up hurting innocents, and then his anger would not be just.

Do I correcly see a woman who has half her head shaved, the other half with long hair wearing a monicle in Panel 4?

Feldar says:

NM zoomed in and they are red. They looked brown on tiny resolution.

LadyPhoenix says:

i think it was Ayne you were hearing in the last panel. If you notice, she's behind him in the previous panel.

qwerty says:

o0o0o leaf scaring me!!!!!!!!!! but i luffs the eye effect...and why is it a good thig feiht's out cold? and why can't i have wings?that king's coach driver is evil...i hope feiht hurts him.

qwerty(midget) says:

um, for others who voted...does anyone wish there were a button for the indecisive on the poll below?

crazyninny says:

I'm scared.

Ice says:

i predict the return of those demon things leaf got possesed with, whut were those called?

Michelle says:

OH. Um... I almost feel bad for the king. *hides*

Flora says:

I am sitting here and I just imagined bat like wings and fangs sprouting. Iv watched to many vampire movies lol. Vampires Iv seen (on movies and anime) have lovely red eyes.

Sitara says:

I wish for an indecisive button. I want all of them most!

Mimir says:

They were called furies.

who am I says:

And the furies tend to cause a lot of falling-downness, not just for leaf, but also for the guy who tried to break the amazon eggs.

I predict this won't end well for the king, or his carriage. And definetly not for the driver.

tilyene says:

this bones not well for the king! >OO

Marcel says:

I like the little kitty in panel 1.

insanity says:

humans can easily get afraid of what they dont understand. and tales do grow in the telling...
hopefully, leaf can prevent himself from interfering with what was normal behaviour

Sesshi says:

Awesome comic - Leaf's look of disgust at the end just tops it off powerfully and nicely ^^ I can't wait to see what happens!

Phydeaux says:

*winces at what has to be coming next...*

VonTacha says:

Haaaaaa, the squirrel returns in panel 5 !! It's not normal; there's too much people around.
He's evil, I'm sure !
Squirrel rules !!

Lee says:

Spelling Nazi here again. "allright" is actually less wrong than "alright" would have been, but it should be "all right". All right?

Bubbles says:

Oooooooooooh gosh...
What poll?! Sorry, I have WAY too many questions.

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

da fuwwies! leaf gets all mad an goes crazy and kills a king and starts a war and ETC.....

JuneBug says:


JuneBug says:

Btw, is that a squirrel in panel five?

JuneBug says:

Temper, temper, Leaf.

hailstorm says:

uh–oh hes going vamp

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