The king and the beggar
Chasing the Sunset
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i_like_shiny_things says:

Backstory time! Flashbacks galore! I love the princess's little eye-rolling bit in the third panel. And how *does* a king get off being so short? Or is Ayne just really tall? How tall is she, anyway?

Aiwe says:

Um... I don't understand your argument... why can't a king be short? Some people are short some are tall, kingship is generally heredetory (except, apparently, in a galaxy far far away...) so sometimes you're going to get short kings just like sometimes you get fat ones, or in extreme case completely insane ones. And what's wrong with being short anyway?

flamesofgrowth says:

I take it Aiwe you are.

sjon says:

King + bard = singing king making all his law on rhyme

Moonclaw says:

Yes, that princess definetly dosnt't fit in, you can tells she's is noble, or very rich, from a mile away. Hee, mesa like, can't wait till the next strip.

ForceUser says:

Perhaps the king is a JOUNG king. That woud explain his shortness.

Becci says:

"Joung"? Did you meen "young"?

Silverwolf says:

Poor Feiht...the bard can see her.

nobody_of_concequence says:

Umm... Seems somewhat obvious. Short, orange skin, able to see pixies, I'd say King of the Gnomes! (or Oompa Loompas :-D )

Eikan says:

*starts singing the oompa loompa song* but where's his green hair, if he's an oompa loompa...? it's brown..

crazyninny says:

Whats a bard? Whats a bard? Whats a bard? Whats a bard? Whats a bard? Whats a bard?Whats a bard? Whats a bard? Whats a bard? Whats a bard? Whats a bard? Whats a bard?

Aiwe says:

In response to flamesofgrowth, I'm five foot eight, which is above average where I come from... I just had a thought though... maybe the king is still a child... uh maybe not he keeps refering to everyone as young...

Nahiayi says:

'Your Majesty' can refer to any member of the royal family, not just the king. =] And a bard is a traveling musician/story-teller, and can sometimes even double as a diplomat and/or scholar.

BenneyChaos says:

I'm so lost... the one in the blue called the "bard" majesty, right? I totally didn't understand that, and I spent like five minutes trying to figure out what Leaf meant by "But she called you-" And.... they're both royalty? It just didn't come across to me easily, but I guess I'm the only one who was confused.

crazyninnny says:

To go with the short thing. Height does no matter. Look at Feiht, sieze of a barbie but is a most feared one. Height means nothing. Its who you are that matters.

Kaasya says:

Bard = poet, song singer and story teller. Anne Mccaffery calls them Harpers in the Pern novels. A nickname for William Shakespeake was Bard of Avon

i_like_shiny_things says:

Whoa, hey, now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being short (I'm 5'5" myself, only about average)! It's just that *kings* normally aren't as short as Leaf...and especially not almost a head shorter than their own daughters! Not quite as intimidating if they are. However, as I mentioned, Ayne could just be tall. She seems to be taller than a lot of people, actually. And pixies have a little different reason for being feared than kings...size is irrelevant in that comparison. So, all that to say, short people rock. I mean, look at Yoda! :-)

ivellios says:

he's not young when rereading this episode i realised he called elf young

ivellios says:

*leaf not elf

Midget says:

I hope there's nothing wrong with short people...heir to the name Midget^__^

i_like_shiny_things says:

Actually, to put this into context, my roommate and kindred spirit is 5'4", but because she has delicate features and a lithe figure, she seems shorter than she is. She really does look like she stepped out of a an overgrown fairy or a round-eared elf (which, incidentally, are two of her nicknames). Our other friends and I make short jokes about her all the time, but we love her, and the girls all envy her features (including me), despite how much she complains about being mistaken for a little kid and not taken seriously because she's "cute." It is kind of funny, because she's Air Force ROTC, too. So, yeah, I love short people!

Tsurwen says: confused! Ooo wait now I get it, the princess is the 'majesty' and the bard is the friend who got fooled into tagging along for the adventure. At least thats what I think is happening. *Grabs popcorn and wait for flashback/introductories*
BTW..I like the two new people already for some odd reason..

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Maybe the Bard thinks Leaf is younger tha he is because he looks young. Maybe the bard thinks that the bard's older than leaf because Leaf looks like a kid wheras Ayne looks liek a far more grown-up elves. Someoen once told em that elves are supposed to be between 5'8" and 6'3" but thats proabbly nonsense. But it does mean I get to be 'elf' height wise. I'm tall for a girl.

crazyninny says:

They still got years to grow. Or maybe not.....

Coyo says:

Why is there a British imperial soldier in frame 4?

Nastiban says:

Coyo, he just needed another extra job and didnt have time to change clothes :)

Hjalte says:

Maybe the whole "Young elf" thing is because Leaf is a young elf?! he IS young for an elf... the bard doesn't have to be older than Leaf to call him "young elf".

... says:

A king that sings?
Don't tell me that guy is Elvis!

YukiNeko says:

Or like Michael Jackson in the 70's.

Bubbles says:

What about the king in the Wizard of Id? He's not tall. I don't really like that comic that much, anyway.

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