To be king
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

I wonder whether anybody recognices the name ...

LoneWoulf says:

I don't sorry :(

Marcel says:


Nastiban says:

I'm not sure but i think i've heard it before sometime... any hints?

anonymous says:

He's the bard that called the grey unicorn the Unicorn Prince.

Zeanana says:

Yep :)
Anonymous is right. Here is the story:

:) Beautiful story by the way!

I was also googling, trying to find whetehr the name "Dersil" shows up in other legends too, but it doesn't seem like it does .. :)

Hjalte says:

uuuuh..... The plot thickens!!! =O) like the way Leaf is "just getting more and more confused". He deserves that... but then again... so am I. And me no likeZ! GrRrr... give new strip now!!! I demand a solution to this problem!!... ok you win... I'll wait... geesh...

ivellios says:

i think i understand people are ment to think he is in the carrage when he isn't so he can judge the compassion of his people either that or its an illusion of him in the carriage

anonymous says:

Or he got in the carriage at the beginning of its trip and slipped out sometime before it nearly ran him down.

Beacon says:

Heh, I wouldn't be surprised. Mythology is full of kings and gods who have hidden themselves to test their subjects' compassion.

... says:

"The but"? But what? ;-)

Tsurwen says:

Yay! Leaf is confused to! Shows I'm not the only one! ^_^ oo Like the head tilt image in panel 5...

crazyninny says:

I'm with leaf.

vraedwulf says:

i think "the but" is "the butt", thus the reason a simple check was not performed

Dersi says:

Wow, that name strike me somewhat hard, I got this char in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online, shs named "Dersi" and that name means "Lesson" in turkish.

P.D. If you are confused, join the club ^,^

Sesshi says:

Ooooh, i just loigged off Raggy =P What server u on, Dersi?

Jamya says:

Are referencing the Court Jester? The movie with the Black Fox?

Dersi says:

IRO chaos

Phoebe says:

What's the Princess doin' here?

Jamya - Gosh, I LOVE that movie!

Einar says:

The King should always moon his populace.

(P.S. Typo of butt)

Bubbles says:

I'm confused...

Lone Star says: can you be in two places at once?

JuneBug says:

I wouldn't want to check either...

Free Runescape Accounts says:

Haha I really like these comments, it reminds me of ruenscape!

TheNextTaggerung says:

i like runescape

hailstorm says:

to me it sounds like dorsal fin but tha may be because i just watched jaws

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