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Chasing the Sunset
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FragFrog says:

Oooh, thats some bad-ass politics :D

I'm just hoping those pixie-atracting golden domes will last....

Mimir says:

Oooo... smart guy, eh? Let things get bad, before they get better. Smart.

Sitara says:

Was this all his idea, or that of the Council of Thinkers? If it's the latter, are things really going to get better, or will people just think they are?

I can't see Feiht. That's probably a bad sign, now that the domes have been pointed out.

CloudySky says:

I'm confused. Sounds like a plan Leaf could have thought up.

Aiwe says:

I think Leaf is still holding Feiht, you can just about see her in his left hand in the second, third and fifth panels, but you have to look closely... I'm not positive it's Feiht, but what else would he be holding all of a sudden?

CCB says:

really does sound rather Leafish. so there was no one in the carriage and the drive was instructed to pretend it was the kind and run over the "beggar"/king?

zonarius says:

Looking at the archives leaf is carrying Feiht.

evilangle says:


Sotek says:

... OKAY. That makes /perfect sense/.

Sounds like something Laset would do, but it makes sense.

ForceUser says:

ACTUALLY, if you think about it, this "king" is probably one of the kindest and selfless "kings" I've heard of. I mean, he not only runs himself over every once in a while so people can hate the monarchy more, but he also willingly puts himself in a position where he has all the aformentioned hate but NONE of the perks of being a king!

Super twist. Don't worry about it being bad Mith & Alien, It adds even more deapth to this amazing comic :)


Beacon says:

Only a city run by philosophers could come up with such an idea. I'm sure there are lot of perks to being king, though, ForceUser. He probably lives well, gets to attend fancy parties, etc. If you look at it in the right way, he gets all the perks of being king, without any of that pesky responsibility.

Tsurwen says:

Woah, what a plot twist! Very original, mind if I borrow your muse indefinately?

Eikan says:

ooh..! smart plan...i like the script! XD

tilyene says:

ooooh. shiny idea!!! err....

wow. its great! :)

i_like_shiny_things says:

Well, you may not like the script, but that is a very original and cool idea that Dersil has. Hey, and on a sidenote, if anyone's interested in learning more about the mysterious "shiny," I now have an online journal. Pop on by and leave a comment! I get lonely :-(

Mimir says:

Sitara, I concede that point to you. Thoughtless of me I suppose... but oh well. I get that way sometimes.

Probably Not Trogdor The Burninator says:

Hmm, I don't think the domes are in any great danger. Feiht probably won't be able to get very far without another "pixie overload". Certainly nowhere near the domes before something else distracts her attention at the very least.

Probably Not Trogdor The Burninator says:

Oh, and given that the problems merely seems to be that people are unhappy with the council, as long as they think things are better, does it matter?

I think the real question is - why did people think the council was so bad, and I think the answer to the question is going to be fun. or trouble. or possibly some kind of freaky hybrid "funtrouble".

Sitara says:

"Funtrouble" it will be. Good word; they should add it to the dictionary.

And, yeah, I see Feiht now, and am somewhat relieved.

Kitten says:

Hahaha. Didn't see Myhrad first. I mean... in the third panel. He's just adorable! :D

Phoebe says:

Pfft. Every once in a while, run over a beggar. Riiiiiiight, that's going to help!

LoneWoulf says:

in the second to last panel, you can just make out Feiht in Leaf's left hand

K.B says:

happy, back from one weeks hollyday in puhket (south of thailand, and i dont know how its spelled!)lol only 1h flight.. but it is soo different from bangkok, and no internet wher i lived so i did not get to read this wonderful cmic until now. lol

Black Mantha says:

Why people thought the counsil was bad? I can guess why. "If you lay all the philosophers in the world end to end, they still wouldn't reach a conclusion."

Phoebe says:

Who said that he was usually the beggar? Maybe it was another beggar one time? Futhermore, what happened to Leaf's little anger management problem?

confused says:

it makes no sence

Nova says:

That's a fantastic saying Black Mantha! Where did you get it?

Flora says:

Im guessing leaf didnt freak out because he was distracted by the words majesty im guessing. And I also dont think that this guy wouldrun over OTHER beggers. He seems kind. Which is why he is the begger that... he... ran over. *blink* confusing yeah but I bet he doesnt run over other people but himself.

Bubbles says:

are we really sure he's running over himself? What if he's really running over other beggars? gulp

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

feiht:Da golden dooooooomes. me..... wanna...... steallllllll!!!!!@!@!!!!!

JuneBug says:

Wait... I don't get it...
Blah >P

Amagica says:

This is so much like something I would expect in the Wheel of Time series.

hailstorm says:

Im starting to like this guy

Lokitf says:

Wow! clever twist.

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