Chasing the Sunset
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laewen says:

love Leaf's face in the second panel!

Flora says:

Poor Feiht... Leaf dropped her. I wonder if that will knock her out of unconciousness.

lurkie says:

dont think she is actually unconciouss as so much as in fairy shock, similar to ferret shock but with more glitter

ivellios says:

have you noticed that the bard knows leaf is a man

Aiwe says:

Well, he did say he'd got good eyes.

eekee says:

Leaf's as bad as I used to be v.v

LadyPhoenix says:

Awww. Is anyone else starting to feel sorry for Feiht? i think even Ayne is starting to worry about her. Look at how gently she's checking on Feiht in panel 4...

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Can I direct Feiht at the golden domes to see what happens?

Eraikei W. O. says:

LadyPhoenix, either Ayne is worried about Feiht, or she's checking to see if the fairy had anything that belongs to her. =P

Beacon says:

Is it that surprising that the king realized Leaf was a boy? Despite being feminine, there are tells if you're observant. WE can't see most of them because they generally involve motion (fairly easy to determine gender by how someone walks) or a level of detail that would just be impossible for a comic (adam's apple and such).

Telerious says:

Personaly I think that Ayne is just trying to pinch Feiht's head off. Thats what I would do, stupid fairy.

Doggie says:

Leafs being paranoid today. O.o;

crazyninny says:

Oh! So he is a old man! Didn't see that coming... =D

Phoebe says:

heh...Dersil's gonna kick Leaf's elven butt out of the city. Unless he's too nice, and decides to help Leaf get these fury things outta him.

Dark Flame says:

Or at least to control them. Imagine, Leaf gets control over the furies and becomes an awesomesly powerful fury mage, or something like that.

i_like_shiny_things says:

*Leaf drops Feiht* THUMP!

sjon says:

Hmm, old man? And able to see fairies? And hiding his ears? I doubt he is an old man really

Sotek says:

"Old by human standards"... hmmm.

I'm going to have to agree with sjon here.

CloudySky says:

You're too suspicious :) He only used "human standards" because he's talking to an elf. And the ears - just coincidence. He *is* wearing that cap to keep from being recognised.

(though I swear he looked younger a few comics ago...)

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

*Gives feiht some smelling salts to revive ehr, and points her at the big shiny golden, shiny domes* Mwahahahaaa!

Ladyfox says:

EMPRESS!! Stop that! Or I Will have Blue take your pegazebra away....

Ladyfox says:

And don't pout, or I will direct all future sprite messengers to AIM for your head...

Visitortype person says:


Moonclaw says:

I loved Leaf's face in the second panel. And the king HAS poisoned candy, *gulp* Well, Leaf should know not to take candy from strangers. and what is Ayna poking on the ground. Well love the strip, and can't wait till the next chappie!

Dark Flame says:

Ayne seems to be picking up Feiht, ot maybe getting ideas for her butterfly collection :)

Nova says:

Feight will probably be in shock most of the time they are in the city so that she cant make off with half the town.

Dark Flame says:

Wait, what does Dersil mean, out of poisoned candy NOW?

Kitten says:

I love the fith panel. It can make you say Ooooh!
Hugs from lil-sis.

Bubbles says:

Whats Ayne fiddling with?

Bubbles says:


Bubbles says:


Bubbles says:



Bubbles says:

gaaah, I don't get the html codes.

Ramani says:

Ayne's picking up Feiht...or making sure she's still out cold...

JuneBug says:

Oh. That.

JuneBug says:

He doesn't LOOK old.
Plastic surgery maybe?

hailstorm says:

gasp a robber

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