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Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

What was it you said in the section on magic? Something about pixies having enough magic to take on the gods... if only they could keep their minds on the task for more than eight seconds. Well between Leaf and Feiht, this city is in serious trouble. I wonder if they have some sort of emergency system in place in case of natural disasters...

GG Crono says:

Running gag'd. :P

tilyene says:

and a pixie attack is a natural occurance...? lol :)

eekee says:

^_^ @ "And it was such a nice town too."

Telerious says:

Pixie running free?!?!?!? RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY LIKE LITTLE GIRLYMEN!!!!

Eikan says:


JonMW says:

Psst... there's a typo.. She said "Feith", not "Feiht".

ivellios says:

i want my mommy
i got told this was a fantasy commic not a horror one

ivellios says:

wait the princes says granddad so he is realy old
also i noticded myrahd in the dragon wrapped around the captured princess who is about to be eaten pose in panel 5 though myrahd has to get a bit older to do it properly

FragFrog says:

Aaw, poor town.. But maybe she'll overload again at the mere sight of the golden domes ofcourse.. *wishfull thinking*

And myhrad & the old king are funny! :D

Silverwolf says:

We can hope the pixie goes into ferret shock...but if that doesn't work, we can only hope that Leaf is as good an archer as he supposedly is...

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Aw, don't spoil the fun guys! Theres a pixie on the loose. Goody! Yay! This is going to be lots of fun. (Catfolk have a similar mentality to pixies, except catfolk canm focus and concentrate. It's a shame we aren't magical)

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

"The feiht of the town was in your hands, Anya.." feiht.. fate?

Beacon says:

I'd put my money on Ayne, especially as Feiht still has Leaf's bow.

evilangle says:

there gos the town

Tsurwen says:

Leaf looks adorable in panel 1!!
Pixie on the loose...makes Godzilla, King Kong and all them big city raveging baddies look like cute puppies with big pink bows on..

Flora says:

As for the typo in Feiht's cast and backgrounds page the same thing occurs as well. Fifth Paragraph i beleive. I have done that too when talking to others or writing in journals... A little typo here and there is ok in my opinion.

crazyninny says:

It was a nice town. TO bad though.

OWK says:

Myhrad seems a mite bit irritated about the dragon hunters still I think...

Moonclaw says:

"And it was such a nice town, too" Hee I love that line, I also love Leaf's face in panel one! Humm, being burned at the stake or being chopped up into little pieces sound about the same to me. Both very painful. Great strip, can't wait till the next one!

ivellios says:

being burnt at a stake was quit painless because by the time the flames reached you the smake and carbon monoxide would have sufficated you and you would have been dead

eq player says:

leaf aways looks cute and that is the problem with him he needs to look like a boy not a girl the only time he looks slighly tough is when he is posed by the evil spirts

K.B says:

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! run for ur lifes, feiht is loooooooooooooooooooooose

Sitara says:

Ivellios, I would expect suffocation to be painful. I heard "witches" usually screamed before they died. I wonder if cutting in very small-- is a reference to something?

If the golden domes house the Council of Thinkers, I think they've got a natural pixie-defense. As for the rest of the town... anyone selling glow-in-the-dark cages around? anyone?

Oberoten says:

They'd suffocate... Unless it was a windy day.

... says:

> also i noticded myrahd in the dragon
> wrapped around the captured princess
> who is about to be eaten pose in
> panel 5 though myrahd has to get a
> bit older to do it properly

He's practicing.

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Yay! Myrahd's going to grow into a cool biig dwagon! Feiht's on the loose! Life's about to get interesting! Fun!

Flora says:

The dragon eating the princess... Pah. Hes a vegiterian after all. Who wants fresh meat when berries are good.

JonMW says:

But... food is more fun if it's running and screaming.
And if you're evenly matched in speed, you can feel quite justified when you eventually catch lunch.

Arithon says:

When taking care of pixies don't put them in a town that is full of shiny things or else choas will happen and there will be many fires and screamings.
How to take care of mystical creatures. Chaapter I

Mithandir says:

Hmmm .... that might be a fun book to write.
*puts it on his todo list*

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Can I set pixies loose on the pentagon?

Ladyfox says:

Empress How many times do I have to tell you... waitaminute... the Pentagon?

That could be fun.... >:)

Marcel says:

What does this shiny red button do?.. It says dont touch.

crazyninny says:

I HOPE YOU TWO WILL GET WELL SOON!!!! we miss you..........

remmon says:

You know just as well she'd just steal the button and run away with it. More interesting would be the fact the 'terrorists' are attacking and noone can find them :D

ivellios says:

if your doing big red buton things ine webcomic i read the scientist person has a big red buton wich when pressed deactivates all the others to stop idiots from ruining his lab

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Yeah, that would be a good pixie-preventer, a button that looks like it will cause mayehm, but only shuts down all system, and thus stops mayhem. Bother. Pixies in the Pentagon... I swear catfolk are related to pixies.

PixieStix says:

*Grabs the big shinny button off the other pixie* yay! Shiny! *Tries very hard to wrench it out of the control panel* Euugh! I can't get it out. i wonder what'll happen if I push it instead of pull it?

Flora says:


mysterynuttj says:

Run! Run for your life: there be pixies loose!!!

Silverwolf says:

Maybe if Ayne shot at her with nice SHINY arrows.

Doggie says:

In my opinion Pixies would make a formidable weapon! Maybe instead of arrows and swords in wars they could let loose pixies on the enemy!

Flora says:

thats a neat idea... to bad it wouldnt work...

They are so distractable even that wouldnt work. They would all get distracted by shiney things or lose intrest as quick as you can say "ahh pixies run!"

Dark Flame says:

They might work, but they would just as likely turn on the people who released them in revenge, (comic 27, Pixie Magic Vs. Law of Gravity).

Eraikei W. O. says:

As for the whole letting pixies loose on an enemy during a war... Keep in mind that armor is usually shiny. So nieah. =P

JonMW says:

Eh, in the wars that really matter, everything is made mud-brown so that it's hard to see.
So, I can't help but think pixies would chase after rockets until they exploded... killing the pixies.

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Aw! No don't make pixies chase rockets and missiles! That's cruel! I've a better plan, get pixies and GLITTER PAINT and send botha t the enemy somehow! Yay! Sparkles! Shiny! YAY YAYAYAY *Runs off chasing glitter paarticles*

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

*Removes cat-Girl disguise* Didja guess that (on this tagboard anyway, not on ElfLife)I'm a pixie in disguise! SHINIES EVERYWHERE! YAYAYAYAY!

Dark Flame says:

Actually, pixies are immortal, so the rockets can't do very much to them, even if they chased them.

Sitara says:

Wow, I was about to throw some shiny balls of yarn at the enemy. Guess this pile of glitter paint will have to do. Now, where're the nearest targets?

Oh, there. *aims at Feiht before she can reach the domes*

Phoebe says:



Intruder says:

YAY!!! ENDED TO READ ALL #270 PAGES AT ONCE!!! (on 3 days actually)

Too bad, now i have to wait from time to time instead just read loads of pages ;/

remmon says:

Back from the con, met Mith and Alien there.

It was all quite small actaully, but still nice, maybe it'll be bigger next year :D

Arithon says:

Why yes it would be fun to write. But just make sure not to put any shiny things on the cover. That's how a book of mine was stolen, it had shiny gold decoractions on the cover

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Look! Shinies! Glitter! Onward ye of Pixie kin, and grabthose shinies! *Chases the scattered glitter*

Einar says:

Typo'd Feiht, ye did =) But the poor country =)

Bastet says:

In the 4th panel Dersil's expression is kinda likie Leaf's in panel 1.

Bubbles says:

Wot, are they going to exorsize him?

Ultrainventor says:

Feiht is spelled wrong... common mistake.

I love this comic!

hailstorm says:


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