Chasing the Sunset
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JonMW says:

Hee hee! Feiht is so funny... Like a mix between thief and hyperactive small mammal. Like a ferret with wings.

Gez says:

But... One would expect from a Feiht to be the exact contrary of a thieF... ;)

Prestedigitonium says:

Oooo...clever Gez

Sonicbunny says:

LOL... it took us this long to work it out? *feels stupid* =)

sjon says:

Lesson: don't wear a belt with a shiny bucle, the pixie will steal the belt and then gravity steals the pants.

Sacrianna says:

I guess it's a good thing the king is wearing a plain leather belt then.

remmon says:

just wear pants your size, that way, you won't need a belt the pixie can steal!

Also, a pixie in its quest for mischief would prolly steal your belt anyways

Moonclaw says:

Aww, all the princess's shineys were stolen. Feiht is very hyper, like she's been drinking coffie and eatting over-sugared candy. Just like me! ^_^ *bonces around of awhile*

crazyninny says:

I wounder if Fieht has a secret treasure stash?

Tsurwen says:

Yes! More pixie techniques! Keep 'em coming, eheh meanwhile I'm gonna track down an 'volunteer', wish me luck ^_^

ivellios says:

pixies are like arcane tricksters blatant about thier theivery but no one can stop them stealing

Flora says:

I sadly must say in panel six Feiht looks... eh.......


Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

*Chases after feiht* Shinies!

Intruder says:

Weee!!! Finally updated! \o/ *addicted*

taltamir says:

She IS a small mammel. I am pretty sure I saw a pair of mammeries on her front!

... says:

And now, the Multiple Exposure Pixie!

Now you see her, now you don't... Actually you do, but she's over there. And there. And there!

YukiNeko says:

ohh, I'm embarassed too. I pondered her name for a while too, but only the fact that it's so much like the word 'feat'. that is all. and she looks really cute in the last frame.

Lee says:

Feat, faith, fate, feit, fey...

jose says:


Bubbles says:


Lone Star says:


JuneBug says:

It looks like the princess is wearing a nightgown under her cloak.
Btw, how did Feiht manage to take all of that so fast?

TheNextTaggerung says:

she's a hyperactive pixie, JuneBug, I'm amazed it took her this long to get the shinies from Mrs. King's Granddaughter.

hailstorm says:

very overwhelming

Feiht says:

SHINY SHINY SHINY*faints from all the shiny*

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