Chasing the Sunset
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Nemesis says:

Whoot first comment evaar *G*
I love your comic and thats what I wanted to say just now.

I'm german and hope to see many many new comics from you two.

JonMW says:

JonMW, self-appointed representative of Australians, greets Nemesis:

But back to the comic now. Ooh, now the king is gonna interrogate them in a way that it looks like a conversation.

Lavallin says:

Hey, I like this king. He's scary-smart!

Also (as this is my first comment ever), I just wanted to say that I massively enjoy your comic, and please keep up the good work! I tried to do a webcomic once myself, so I appreciate that it is difficult to produce something of such a high standard, so regularly. Massive congratulations on such a fine acheivement.

ivellios says:

JonMW why would you be the leader or the australians who read this when i have put in more comments and i probly have a higher IQ then you oh qait thats why people with low IQ's make good politians for example George bush, George w buch and most importantly john howard
btw i like the kings use of quotaion marks in the third panel

Mithandir says:

Now now, play nice. No fighting here, please.

Dan says:

Hey! I'm Australian too! BRAWL!!
Errm, just kidding...

Ayne doesn't look happy in the last frame; she looks like she wants to make a King-On-A-Kabob.

remmon says:

If you all wanna fight, get on IRC... Plenty of time and space to fight there, provided you can actaully get someone to do anything at all.

Ladyfox says:

Is it me... or is our lovely little striped friend quietly sneaking away in the last panel?

Ladyfox says:

(Darn, and here I always thought Aussies were such kind, well behaved, handsome gents...) ;)

Mimir says:

Ummm... a rather philosophical and free-wheeling tyrant... isn't he?

Moonclaw says:

*gulp* Poor Leaf and co. Hee, Ayne does look like she's in the mood for sword practise! can't wait till the next strip!

crazyninny says:

The king is so strang.... MOST READ MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tsurwen says: does seems the lil dragon is trying to sneak off. Run free and rampid young one!!

No wonder the bard is a politician, he makes my head hurt XP

Sitara says:

My. No wonder he's a king in the city that houses the "Council of Thinkers". Dersil could give Plato a run for his money. Or he could be Plato's biggest fan. (Have any of you read how Plato thought that Oligarchies with philosopher-rulers were the best type of government? It was in his "Republic" or "Res Publica" or "Politea", depending on your preferred language...). Or was that the type of character you were going for, Mith?

Chevette Girl says:

Well, really, can you blame the King at all? I mean, Leaf DID go all red-eyed and stuff, the King's got a kingdom to protect...

Them\'s Fighting Words says:

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy

Jamya says:

Could people stop bringing up the australian bit? It was rather uncalled for and insulting to more people than necessary. Besides how was he to know who else were aussies on here? So drop it.

Flora says:

Like always i enjoy your work.

I like in panel 4 the princess looks all funny. Like she is hiding behind leaf.

Vampire Chick says:

hahahaha i love that dude

4WindsWanderer says:

Oooooo. Starting to get philosophical, are we? To bad I can't hold debates with web comic characters ....

weirdo says:

I agree with Jamya that we shouldn't fight, but because I feel like it and I like to be strange, I appoint myself representative of Antarctica, where nobody actually lives so I shouldn't have competition for.

By the way, I've never been south of the equator even

Bubbles says:

)^: Everyone's from some cool country like Australia (I've always wanted to go there) but I just live in the United States, a place with a currently corrupt government. I've never even been out of the country.

ajemii says:

same here, never left the U.S. tho i do think it would be awesome!!

Ramani says:

I've only left the country to go to Canada...I wanna go to costa Rica and London! Hmm... I know! I'm officially the repressentative of Michiganians who live in East Lansing and are taking Spanish! Hablas Espanol?

Lone Star says:

I've been to England and saw Stonehenge! Also, I know some Spanish...Profetiza, pueblo mio, prophetiza una ves mas.

hailstorm says:

lol freedom is just an illusion unless you live in CANADA

Lokitf says:

Someone kind of got there first but I was going to say "I guess this is what one of Plato's "philosopher kings" would look like. or at least the author's interpretation.

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