Chasing the Sunset
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Hexenkatze says:

It?s so awesome! I?ve been reading your comic for quite some time and I reaaaally love it. Feiht is so cute :)

ivellios says:

the princess looks very motherly in panel5 have you noticed

JonMW says:

Well, poor Leaf HAS encountered yet another setback in his quest to find his father.
He has a lot of good reasons to feel downcast. But you can't blame the king for his actions, this just came about and it's nobody's fault.

Fluffy says:

Heh, i think the king is bored and just want some interesting company

Sacrath says:

I was wondering if the prince shouldn't be spending his time ruling or something instead of masqurading as a begger. I guess this is his new preemtive strike meathod against possiblle elf/pixie/dragon damage.

Sacrianna says:

Speaking of Feiht, where is she now? Are you sure the thought of going to the palace is enough to keep her there and away from the shinies?

Ladyfox says:

Poor Leaf! He looks so lost, so helpless in panel 5! I'd want to hug him too! :)

Moonclaw says:

^_^ Aww, the princess is comforting Leaf. The king looks like he's getting a headache. Great strip can't wait till the next one!

Beacon says:

Sacrath, it was explicitly stated that the king doesn't rule. He's just there to remind people that there are worse forms of government than the Council of Thinkers.
To be honest, I'm finding his constant "you're really my prisoners, but don't act like it" to get a bit annoying, albeit still funny. Just say it. "You're my prisoners, but if you behave, you'll be treated like guests." Is it really that hard?

Flora says:

It is funny. I got a new computer yesterday. A screen thatdoesnt glare... flat panel. Gosh this comic looks so much nicer with my new screen. I can see clearly now! (the rains have gone lol)

Queen Julietaini the Flamablamablous says:

FRAME 5? What is going on here? Ayne's height in relation to the King's is a little sketchy...glad it's updating, though!

Phoebe says:

Ooooooh, look at the Princess and Leaf in the 5th panel. What a cute couple they would make! Time for matchmaking!

ivellios says:

i dont think i should have pointed out the princes and leaf in the 5th panel it drew more atention to it and almost all the comments are now about it

remmon says:

*Remmon puts up a sign saying: chests full of shiny things and treasure in that -> direction*

*Remmon puts up a huge load of pixie and rogue traps to trap the pixies which will inexorabily get drawn in towards the shinies*

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

OOoo! Make Leaf grow up and fall in love with the princess... Hey, i wonder if an older leaf would look like Legolas??? If he does, scrap the princess.... *Evil grin*

Vampire Chick says:

te he he

love that dude

"as long as you don't try to leave, I won't try to stop you."

Lee says:

Possibly no coincidence that Legolas means "green leaf"?

Bubbles says:

  • OMG
  • Bubbles says:

    so thats how you type bullets.

    Sinity says:

    hehe shiney o.o

    Ramani says:

    Actually, Leaf is shorter than Ayne and the king is Leaf's height, so it makes sense that Ayne is taller than the king.

    Lone Star says:

    ooo how did you type the bullet?

    hailstorm says:

    i dont think myrds helping

    Lokitf says:

    Wow, the party is currently a Fury, an Amazon, a Dragon, and a Pixie. No wonder the King is concerned for his city-state

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