Overpopulated castle
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Mimir says:

Ah yes, the greatest jesters of them all...

JonMW says:

This guy lets jesters order him about? There has GOT to be a good reason behind this one.. even if it is just for anti-popularity.. wait, that doesn't quite work. If he ignores the jesters, he's a tyrant, and if he listens to them, he's spineless. So what image does he put forward?

laewen says:

What are Myhrad and Ayne looking at? Ayne looks really angry! o.0

Flora says:

I think ayne is a bit angry at that LOOONG list of people who live in the palace. If my next door neighbor listed of his servents id be angry too.

ivellios says:

i think the king was insulting the general when he saiud jestersalso what about the nobles because alot of nobles would live there as well unless the royale family are the only group with land and large estates

Geb says:

Trolls shot on sight? But I'm friendly!

CloudySky says:

I'm thinking Feiht stole something again... like a gold dome. Something big enough to draw attention, anyway.

CCB says:

Finally someone found an appropriate use for military leaders!

ivellios says:

before i forget what will trolls SPAMMERS, and murlocs be shot with and if they survive will they be shot again

Mithandir says:

concentrated pixie dust.

Kitten says:

? think they are anly looking around (much to see in a great city), and when Ayne meets the pricsess' eyes, she gives a a face-exspression like that one, just to... no, I don't know why. She just doesn't like rich people maybe... There are many people living at the palace.

I like frame three. Simple and cool ^_^ And most of all frame 5, with the good face expressions, and the fact that we are sure Myhrad is still there. Whee! :)

Tsurwen says:

I wonder how many bathrooms the palace has?

(stuff like that interests me - for a minute anyway)

... says:

The punchline can be read two ways. JonMW reads it as "The jesters wouldn't let me throw the general out". I read it as "I have a silly old general tat some unspecified party won't let me throw out, so he's kind of like having a jester around."

Meow says:

Cat herders???!!!

FragFrog says:

Got to agree with ... here: there are 2 ways of explaining the punchline, but IMHO its far more likely (and funier) to interpret it as the general being made fun of by mentioning him as a jester. Would make sence for the king to say that too, aye :)

Nice work on the lines in the walls in frame 1 and 5 btw, too bad the road still is a flat straight piece'a brown - then again, detailing it the way I'd love to see it would probably drop the number of comics to 1 a week max, so please don't listen to my silly ranting here ^_^

Sotek says:

The interpretation that the jesters wouldn't let him throw out the general makes NO SENSE.

The interpretation that the general should be taken about as seriously as a jester, however, DOES make sense.

CHEESE! says:

I notice that Ayne's cuts still haven't healed compleatly....

I read it meaning the general is a jester. The other way just doesn't make any sence.

I LOVE Ayne's face expression in frame 5. To me it doesn't look like she's glareing at the princess. It just looks like she's pouting. WHy would she be mad at the princess. It's not her falut she's rich!

Wait...who is this princess? THe king's daughter or someone else complealty? Is she the true heir?

ivellios says:

the princess is the kings grandaugter

Kaasya says:

From the princess's worried expression, it certainly looks like Ayne is glaring at her. But it looks to me that Ayne is glaring over the top of and posssibly past the princess. I wonder if she is glaring at Feiht, or perhaps something else??

Moonclaw says:

What type of jesters have the power to stop a king from fireing them? Great strip, can't wait till the next one! ^_^

Pixie Slayer says:

Maybe she's glaring because the king mentioned boys, but not girls!

crazyninny says:

You know what I like most about this comic? If you miss a page a bar will tell you what you missed. It's very convine when your out-of-town!

Chevette Girl says:

Actually, in frame 4, it looks like Ayne and the dragon are both looking at something offscreen...

Phoebe says:

So... Ayne is taller than the princess, and the bard/king, but is smaller than the amazons. That makes no sense...

Empress Catriona of the cat People says:

Maybe Amazons are reeeeally tall? Tyhat would make sense. Lots of jungle air and good food should make someone grow all tall. And medaeival people were shorter than they are now, so maybe the Amazons are normal to tall for nowdays and other people are short and Ayne is normal height. That would make Leaf kid-height, and the girl typing this about Amazon height and my Mum taller than leaf, but shorter than Ayne.

The Spiritual Elephant says:

I have decided that Mithrandir is an Elven name, and that he is 742 because that is old enough for an elf to be intelligent and mature, but not old and stuffy for an elf (Legolas is over 3000 years old and he sure isn't stuffy. I wonder if Mithrandir is hot like Leggy? is Mithrandir a guy... Maybe my brains hould stop wandering now)

Queen Julietaini says:

The point of our King Mysterious's little jab is that the jesters are the generals. I like Myrhad's tail in Frame 5, Ayne looks really stoic in Frame 2, and aren't minstrels different from bards? Minstrels do music only, but bards tell stories also. What's a Murloc? (If this post doesn't go up, I'll take it as a hint)

shiroikaze says:

actually I think the comment about jesters was supposed to mean that the general couldn't be taken seriously.

Or perhaps he is just downright stupid, or at least the king thinks he is.

Dark Flame says:

I believe that I can clear up why Ayne is glaring. If you notice, in the last comic, the princess was comforting Leaf while the king was talking. Ayne is probably glaring at the princess because of that, not because the princess is rich.

blazerflare says:

I think His comment meant that the general is also a jester, and that an unspecified party will not allow him to throw the General of the Armies out of the palace.

Einar says:

Heh. Love the Jester joke =)

Bastet says:

Hey, ivellios, does that first post have anything to do with a certain sign that reads 'Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.'???

Bubbles says:

Wot is

Bubbles says:

Ayne doing in frme 5?

Ajemii says:

i agree with dark flame. i bet ayne is jealous cause the princess was hugging leaf.

*Skittles* says:

I'm pretty sure she's not jealous. But why is she mad at the princess?

JuneBug says:

Actually, JonMW, I think he means that the general IS a jester.

CoolHandNuke says:

Love Ayne's expression in the fifth panel

hailstorm says:


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