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Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

Hmmmm... wouldn't it be funny if she were telling the truth? THAT would be an interesting plot line. *sigh* She's probably lying though... oh well.

Dan says:

Well to be honest, it couldnt have been Feith now could it, the gold trimming on the paintings is still left. Now if the room was completly bare then I would have thought she was lying ;)

K.B says:

yay to day is the norwegen nationality day (17 of may) AND I DONT HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL, anyways

ivellios says:

i think that it is more likely that feiht did it but does not subscribe to the pillage the BURN!!!! theory

Laewen says:

I think feith would just steal the shinies, not trash the whole place.. though i wouldn't put it past her

Gez says:

Well, the king just said something about his granddaughter... Either it's a pest of a brat, and the granddaughter is responsible... Or she was abducted and the kidnappers are responsible.

So I think Feiht doesn't lie, for once.

ivellios says:


btw mith or alien how do i unbold my text

Not Mith or Alien says:

I assume you can unbold your text using the /b tag within triangular brackets, as normal html.

Not Mith or Alien says:

Seems to work for me.

Arithon says:

Hmmm maybe it was her evil Twin. Though that one is probably trapped somewhere and is amused by the mystrious glowing light

Pixie Slayer says:

You know, it could simply be that the granddaughter keeps her room a bit on the messy side. Or more than a bit...

Anyway, that's my guess.

Silverwolf says:

The shinies are seemingly untouched/unhoarded. So Feiht is telling the looks more like his granddaughter is going through final exams or something.

Eraikei W.O. says:

Hah. I like the final's excuse. But it does seem that the room isn't mising anything shiny; Feiht just appears to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The room pretty much looks like it's been ton apart as someone searched for something. Proally not shinees...

Ice says:

good heavens this is a beautiful strip. it took my computer a long time jes 2 load it lol

Flora says:

Heh. Anyone notice the instruments string in the background is broken. I bet the bard/king isnt happy!

crazyninny says:

Prrreeeeeeeeeeetttttttyyyyy. It most of been a killer job to color this since the gang has mostly been in woodsy colored areas.

miso supp says:

i believe Feiht. After all, all the shinies and stuff are still there. If it was Feiht, she would have at least removed all the shinies first.

Tsurwen says:

I agree, everything shiny's intact so Feiht probabaly's not to blame...though i wouldn' bet on it! 8P

(lovely strip BTW)

Michelle says:

Wow. Great page today! Very detailed! *applauds*

Moonclaw says:

Is it Feiht's way to distroy all of the nice stuff? Love the strip, its so colorful and beautiful.

Benneychaos says:

I like how you can see them in the mirror in the last panel, that's a nice touch. Made me a little confused at first, but good in the end.

Tualha says:

Well...clearly that isn't really Feiht, it's an impostor. If it were Feiht the shinies would be gone :)

Jamya says:

I bet it's just the king's room. If he lived in a hut in the forest for a while then he wouldn't be used to dealing with so many belongings. So naturaly messy... especialy if the maids weren't allowed in the room.

tilyene says:


this is the most beautiful strip yet! and i dont think it could have been feiht. no WAY. like everyone else has stated, shinies are still there

JonMW says:

Take a look at the painting in panel two, there seems to be quite a family resemblance going on...

Arithon says:

It might be her evil twin, though she is locked up in some cave being amused by a mystierous shiny glowing orb that floats in mid air... oh wait that's Navi from Legend of Zelda ocraina of time. How did she get caught. Maybe Link got annoyed of her going hey! hey, hey! Listen!

Ladyfox says:

Love Myrhads comment in Panel 4- very Smart dragon- indeed. Loooove the reflection shot in the mirror of the last panel! And frankly- My gut reaction is -- "She's telling the truth- she DIDN'T do this..."
Really exquisitely done, folks- beautiful

Sitara says:

Beautifully colored and detailed strip!

Clothes and rags are lying around, a suitcase is unpacked, and things are generally thrown around. It definitely looks like a ransacking, not something Feiht would do. Feiht steals, and had she done it for mischief, there'd be no point in denying it. Assuming the king doesn't like his room messy, I can just say... the plot thickens! I bet Leaf and the rest help the king out, thereby proving themselves "harmless" to the city.
It would be interesting, anyway. Can't wait till the next comic ^_^

xander says:

If Feiht did it, wouldn't the mirror be gone?
Wither that, or wouldn't she be held in awe of her reflection? (Now there's an idea...).

Ayrin says:

That's probably what the king's room usually looks like... Then Ayne could get mad at Feiht for no reason! :)

remmon says:

Now then... Since when does Ayne need a reason to be mad at Feiht? I she's got plenty of good reasons already.

Arithon says:

I agree she has plenty of reasons already to be mad at Feihnt. With the 'acquiring' she has done that some how all Ayane shiny object just some how ended up in her pocket...

Celebri says:

like the way u used the mirror in the last panel, v. clever

Phoebe says:

Pixies are lousy liars, in case you hadn't noticed.

Bubbles says:

Ice: Same w/ me, I get dial up.

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

feight is so awesomly evil

Ultrainventor says:

If you think of it this way, Feiht is not the one to make a mess. to do so would be to make things less shiny. she is more likely to steal everything that isn't nailed down.

hailstorm says:

it wasnt me *whistles innocently*

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