Creative differences
Chasing the Sunset
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ForceUser says:

ROTFL.. Creative differences... Oh man. A pixie with scetsofrenia... this is prolly the most dangerous pixie ever.. atleast in the vicinity :)


Squeakers says:

I have that same problem...

ivellios says:

that is scary funny but scarry

Killer Wombat says:

Poor thing, So many things to do so little time to do them in ^_^

... says:

The voices in my head are fighting, and one of them just pulled outa BIG AXE!!

Be afraid. Be very very afraid. Or just laugh your head off.

sjon says:

That's when schizofrenia saved the works by getting a pixy in grid-lock

Tribble says:

A common issue among all klepto fantasy creatures...

Arithon says:

Gee.... for a moment I thought that a shoulder angel and devil would arrive, buyt the angel is on a permant vacation and the devils have multipled. Though I know what she means in the last panel. The voices in my head do that to me alot in stufff. Like should I egg my brother for tking MY play station two to his friends house. Or should I egg my sister for not stopping him. Or should I drop water balloons on their heads that is filled with icy water. Decsions, decsions. Which one do you think I should do? please tell me before my head explodes!

BenneyChaos says:

Well, really, you'd expect _all_ pixies to be schizophrenic. Although it does look more along the lines of a dissociative experience. Heh, psychological evaluations of pixies, that'd be a read.

Flora says:

I love it. The axe is just wonderful! I also love that "the what have what now?" line.

Tsurwen says:

I sympothize with the pixie...mine are the same, though less shinie related ^_^

GG Crono says:

Sensory overload. There are so many shinies, that anytime she's playing, she's not playing with all the other shinies. Can't handle it!

Frantic says:

I know alot about fantasy rpg.
The different dragonkins, orcs, gnolls and of course the infamous beholder.

But none, and I mean none, of these horrors compare to this comics version of pixies.

Phaeth says:


Poor Feiht.

I hate it when that happens. :(

Moonclaw says:

Hee, I like it when your right and left, back shoulder conoesses get into fights!

Eraikei W. Onishima says:

Oh wow... Midgee, that sounds like us!!!

Lee says:

The voices in Feiht's head are as bad as the Amazon historians.

jose says:

the what have the what now

Bubbles says:


Ramani says:

To Arithon: Water Ballon your brother.

Ramani says:

Yeah. I'm a definite little sister.

JuneBug says:

That's happening to me ALL THE TIME!
I feel for you, Feiht.

TheNextTaggerung says:

i would drop a water balloon filled with egg on your brother.

hailstorm says:

the voices in my head tell me to do things.....EVIL things

Lady Loki says:

I hear voices, but I ignore them and kill people anyway.

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