Inner voices
Chasing the Sunset
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Gez says:

Kidnapped by your inner voices... What a fit fate for Feiht! :)

ivellios says:

imprecive alliteration gez
and for all people who didnt think the princess was related or didnt know her relations to the king this is just another reminder in the comic shes his granddaugter

remmon says:

I wonder how long untill those inner voices get distracted, Feiht pops back into the real world and she starts wreaking havoc on anything that happens to be close.

laewen says:

just love the king's comment in the 4th panel... "now that its safer" heh
lovely comic, as always =)

Moonclaw says:

0_o wow, I wonder if that happens alot, I hope that never happens to me. *quickly imagines a cage and locks her inter voices in it.* Great strip, very beautiful. Humm, I wonder whats going on that Leaf and Ayne have to dress up and I wonder what Leaf is going to wear. Also, does Leaf have a last name?

Moonclaw says:

sorry have one more thing to ask, in that little green question mark(which I love, great idea!) is the list of cast members in the strip and by Ayne's pic is the name Ayne Ni'dhilti and she told the king that her name is Ayne Teryanil. Is she just giving the king her human traslation of her last name or did she make it up?

Mithandir says:

I have to ammend her cast page, Teryanil is her amazon name.

JonMW says:

I wonder how Feiht is gonna re-enter reality.. will she just reappear in a kind of "fooP" sound effect, or something?

Arithon says:

Well what is leaf going to wear.... oh no don't tell me you are going to make him wear a mediaeval gown! THE HORROR! Don't make him wear a dress... well a dress that is a girly frilly lacey dress although that would be hilareous, maybe you should and make his hair into a bun with little doll curls hanging down in the front and also a tiara!

Sacrath says:

Ah a pixie being traped by her imagination, why am I not suprised?

Ladyfox says:

Wouldn't her full name be Ayne Ni'Dilthi Teryanil?
And (note 1st panel...) didn't someone say something in the tagboard yesterday about their inner voices having an argument- and one of them having just pulled out an axe?! :)) Love it!

Silverwolf says:

I thought she'd go into ferret shock or something. Not get sucked into her own head!

Pixie Slayer says:

You never can tell about them pixies...

Elys says:

peoples who deal with physics will go crazy trying to solve this one. :)

Pixie Slayer says:

People who deal with physics are already crazy.

Btw, I like Ayne's bewilderment in frames 3 and 4! How confusing!

Squeakers says:

Such a great comic I love the kidnapping!

Sitara says:

Hey, maybe she was just sucked into an alternate universe. Assuming that through their magic combining with thoughts, they can talk to each other without realizing there's more of them. I suppose pixies on sugar rushes could move faster than light or whatever other relativity is needed to travel between pieces of the multiverse.
See, people who like physics aren't going crazy. It's all about keeping it simple!
*is suddenly attacked by a mob of faster-than-light sugar-rushed pixies* AAAAH!
... I hate physics; it gives them ideas...

sjon says:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how pixie dust is made.

Arithon says:

Really hat is how pixie dust is made? I always assumed that they farted it out since in those stupid fairytopia things on tv it shows on bend over and then straightens up and flys away. It looks like she farted it out.

Freak says:

This is fast becoming an all time favorite comic... Please, never ever stop, coz I'm addicted!


Nao says:

I just noticed the Question mark on the top right. When was that added? I like it.

Arithon says:

I must apologize for the typo I made I meant that not hat

crazyninny says:


4WindsWanderer says:

In response to LadyFox: Why not Ayne Teryanil Ni'Dilthi? ;-)

Einar says:


Bubbles says:

Laughter came out of my nose at panel 3!

Bubbles says:

What happened to N'Dhilti?

Bubbles says:

Oh, sorry, fergotta read Mith' scomment there

Ramani says:

One of Feiht's inner voices has the ax from comic 27: Pixie Magic Vs the law of gravity!

Also, the lady Ayne is refering to, is she the lady elf in comic 88?

Icy says:

Does this mean that Feiht is physically in her own subconcious...Oi...she might wanna take a little Vicodin.

TheNextTaggerung says:

I wonder what Feiht's inner voices will do to her..

hailstorm says:


Alien says:

Ramani: Yes, that's the Lady Ayne is referring to.

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