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Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

The transparent speech bubbles signify whispering. Fey do not have the attention span necessary to really listen much.

krazzy says:

leafs ears are shorter than ayne's

Feldar says:

Can pixies change size or is she just closer to the reader in the second frame?

Alien says:

They can change size, but this time was an accident. Not the only one either, *slaps self*

the krud says:

why does Leaf's hair suddenly go flat?

Alien says:

He's been brushing it flat.

Becci says:

Jag visste inte att han hade en h?rborste med sig. Det h?r a? skrivet p? svenska med flit.

Winter_Raven says:

YAY! Another Scandi! Jeg snakker ikke Svensk, men jeg kan forst? det godt nok.

Babycakes says:

what did you two just say? Oh well...Tha sin beagan eagalach, tha sibh bruidhinn canan eile!

Ayrin says:

Yay! Tha mi beag ach tha mi garg!

Fear those who speak little-known languages!

Jennifyr says:

uuuummmm.... puedo hablar Espanol?

blazerflare says:

Jennifyr What did you say? I believe that the queation you were asking was if they could speak spanish, but I am not sure because I speak a miniscule amoung of Spanish.

bookbook says:

Jag det godt bruidhinn canan nok forst. They are speaking Scandinavian. I have no idea what I said in their language. Can Becci or Winter_Raven or Ayrin translate?

Spoilsport says:

Becci said "I didn't know he had a hair brush with him. This is written in Swedish to be mean (or something)."
Winter Raven replied "Jippi! en skandinav til! I don't speak Swedish, but I can understand it well enough."

Now someone translate Ayrin's and Jennifyr's lines...

Becci says:

No I didn't write it in swedish "to be mean", I wrote it because I wanted to

Rendezvous says:

it's wierd that thier talking like that

Squirt says:

No comprendo.

Squirt says:

Translation: No understand(What?!!)

hawkstar says:


Bubbles says:

Il foglio sembra creepy in pannello 1 negli ultimi 2 pannelli che sembra freddo. Ci dovrebbero essere funghi. Gradisco i funghi. Ma non gradisco mangiarlo. Bleeeah che hanno un sapore terribili. Gradisco il formaggio comunque, particolarmente su pizza. M. m. buona. Ayne divertente. Hahahahaha. li vedono tutti.

swiftwing says:

you mean : li vedono tutti frutti, Bubbles. Cie tiggy wog blog ig diggy, Gishog.

Bubbles says:

What I meant 2 say was: The sheet seems creepy in panel 1 in last the 2 panels that seems cold. Us they would have to be fungi. I appreciate the fungi. But I do not appreciate to eat it. Bleeeah that has a sapore terrible. I appreciate the cheese however, particularly on peak. Good M. m.. Amusing Ayne. Hahahahaha. they see all to them.

Bubbles says:

hahaha Babelfish

Attacking Pixie says:

Ay'achani, Si'achani, esh al yir?
Ne latrosha, ne rikata, aki yira sel.
Se lu den yir, se lu gen yir, se we I?

plingen says:

jaja, se alle pilene har forskjellige pastellfarger! moro ^^

TheNextTaggerung says:

I speak portuguese!

Goldenear777 says:

Umm? english, please? i'm so confused.

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