Chasing the Sunset
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krazzy says:

wouldn't that beast to attack...brave man leaf brave man... the anye that is...:P

krazzy says:


Nova says:

why is it that leaf looks so much more like a girl than ayne?

Feldar says:

At some point Mithrandir explained that Alien has a mental disability (I think it was autism (sp?)) which makes it dificult to draw people that look like their gender.

Babycakes says:

What??? I though leaf was the one with brown hair!!!! Really confused :S

dude who actualy has autisim says:

I am insulted. Autisim has nothing to do with that. I would like to have a talk with Mithrandir (assuming he actually said that). Leaf does look like a girl though.

Bubbles says:

cmon mithandir talk w/ "dude who actualy has autism and spelled actually wrong" even if u didnt say it tell him that

the raven says:

hey feiht is thief backwards!and its pronounced fate!

Shadow Phoenix says:

"The grumpy one?" *Grins*

Goldenear777 says:

Did Leaf's hair grow, or is it just because it's straighter?

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