Don't cry
Chasing the Sunset
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BlueLion says:

first, and long awaited - here comes feiht !!! Yeah!

Jimblob says:

Eeep! - Feihts back - and making trouble already - will the king fall or be saved?

Flora says:

Yes I know she is a pixie and all but how can she stand to hold him up like that. Dont tell me "MAGIC!" because she summoned an axe way way back when she was introduced and it drug her tothe ground in a matter of seconds.... Though i do find it funny that he keeps finding himself in that position...

Black Mantha says:

She probably didn't have the focus to summon an axe AND reduce its weight.

MB says:

Whoa! To think that Feiht cares that much about Leaf - or has that much physical power. I'm impressed. ^^

JonMW says:

Emotional, great like yesterday's.
I'm wondering, do you guys take constructive criticism? (I thought I'd better ask before saying.)

Alien says:

Constructive criticism is very welcome, and appreciated. We\'ll still be the ones deciding what to follow and what to let go, though, but we\'ll consider all criticism we get.

tilyene says:


ROFL. you reduced me to a fit of giggles.

i think she can hold him up cos shes angry. THATS impressive, that a pixie, of all things, could form an attachment like that. AWESOME

i like this comic better than any so far.

Squeakers says:

yay! Feiht is back, I love it that she cares also!

me! says:

maybe shes not holding him up, maybe she just pushed him overand now he's balancing on the railing

Midgee says:

Feiht I happy!!!

AWESOME strips lately, btw...

crazyninny says:

HAhhwhhwhwhwhwhwhahhahahahwhwhhw! Feiht, I didn't know you were so strong!

Wolf Dreamer says:

You guys argue about whether or not she has the power to do that, but accept everything else is perfectly realistic? Honestly now. A dragon that can live off vegetables, talk perfectly in the language humans, elves, pixies, amazons, and everyone else seems to speak- I suppose he learned to speak it from the elves growing up, or perhaps his kind have inherit memories. Anyway, he can speak fine without any problems at all, despite the shape of his mouth.

I'm not one to nitpick though. It was a funny bit, and thats all that matters. It also shows how the pixie has come to care a lot about Leaf, which is even more important.

Keep up the great work guys. And don't worry about the little bits that interfer with the story. As long as no one pulls out a rocket launcher they summoned from the future, or you say this is all happening in Earth's future after a nuclear holocaust and crocodiles mutated into dragons, I'm perfectly happy with the occassional inaccuracies.

BenneyChaos says:

It was almost like the last arc of the story was created just for this last panel. most amusing.

GoddessOfEmus says:

YES! I DIDNT RELIZE HOW MUCH I MISSED FEIHT!!!!! lol! thank you!! *crying in joy* i lurve this comic

Beacon says:

It seems to me that pixie magic is mostly their exertion of will over reality, and therefore they are limited by their own minds. When she summoned an axe, she didn't think about its weight. She probably could have lifted it, but that wasn't what she was trying to do at the moment. Since she's picking up the king with the express intent to pick up the king, she has the strength to do it.
That's just me, at any rate.

Reinder says:

Pixies have minds?

Dark Flame says:

Um, Wolf Dreamer? F.Y.I., the Amazons had their own language.

Eikan says:

and Feiht does it, too!! XDDDDDDDD awesomeness!!!!

Moonclaw says:

Wow, I think Feiht is becomeing a little more mature...what happens to pixies when they do that? She's strong too, just hope she doesn't see Ayne's jewlery before be puts the king down again. Great comic! keep up the good work

Pixie Slayer says:

Oh no! Feiht's imitating Ayne! What happens if the next pixie that comes along steals from F? Does she then start her own bug collection?

arghhh! the possibilities!

GinnyLyn says:

GO FEIHT! Heehee, simply love that last panel.

JonMW says:

Ok, most of my criticism is spelling, but I think I can hold off for a while yet.
Also: Feiht? Mature? I just think she's holding the king over the edge because she thinks it's the best thing to do at that very moment.

Mia says:

You're too good! Didn't know a comic could be this good! ^^
You rule!
*hugs Alien and all*

Mia says:

... Not sure why, but I think I'm starting to like Ayne more.
And tha pixie iz BACK! *cheers*

Keep up the good work! ^^

Elys says:

definitly great. XD i could almost feel sorry for the king, but it's just too awesome that Feiht does that too. =)

Lee says:

OK, I have a spelling criticism that I can't hold off. Sorry. "truly" not "truely".

MegaTroopX says:

Geez, don't mess with Leaf. Between an irate amazon girl elf, a pixie, and the red-glowy-fury-magic-hadoken thing, it's not safe! :)

Einar says:

...And suddenly, Feiht becomes a deeper character. *hugs everyone*

Umm... says:

Feiht is scary, very ramdom.

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

feight is sooooo evil

Lone Star says:

WOAH! Go feiht!!

Corbeau says:

Awww, it's so cute how much they care for him ^^

Unigirl says:

This comic is great. Even when it's something sad going on it makes me laugh.

Blakc*magic*girl says:

Wow, I didn't know feiht cared so much.

Thekid-cat says:

Yes! They've called in the silly people! Feit's back! Love the last frame!

JuneBug says:

You would almost think Feiht cared.

Whip-o-will says:

Regardless of how she did it, I started crying. X'D

TheNextTaggerung says:

*falls out of chair laughing at panel 6*

hailstorm says:

awwww te pixies actuly protecting leaf

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