Pixie trail
Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

He... claims to understand pixies? Odd...

Phaeth says:

He's quite right.

JonMW says:

If the King is really trying to hold up the "tyrant" appearance in the eyes of his people, he'd have amassed some treasure... so Myhrad could just wear some kind of necklace/amulet..

sjon says:

But that party will of course only grab her attention for a full 3 seconds (unless there are lots of gests with jewels and splarklies of course)

Dragonmaster says:

Myhrad can have some sort or jewelled collar. Sinse they probably aren't used to dragons, have him wear a belt. His neck is about the size of Ayne's waist.

Eraikei W. O. says:

I'm sure that the party would hold Feiht's attention a bit longer than 3 seconds... Especially if she enters the area and realizes that no one ran screaming in the other direction (Most humans can't see pixies...).

Midgee says:

The witch in the forest about 200 comics back was still better with handling pixies...

QJtFoK says:

Look at Ayne's getup. (Fifth panel) Somehow I think the other guests will be plainly and simply dressed.

Great strip. I really like it. And another thing about elves...how 'bouat we give Leaf dear a haircut?

Mimir says:

Nooooo! We like the pretty hair!

JonMW says:

The hair is ok. What I find a little creepy is his lack of pants. I mean, I expect him to get a skidmark on the back of his shirt.

Tsurwen says:

"Hah. You dont understand Pixies", I get the feeling those words are on a "Famous Last Words" list.
As well as "If you say so..." now that i think about it. 8P

dragonqueencr says:

I think Myrad should at least get a collar that has ornate dragon designs in silver for his neck because he will wear it if it has dragons on it.

Moonclaw says:

Yeah it is odd that he claims to understand pixies more then the Leaf and co. You would think with all the time they've spent with Feiht they would know her very well although they haven't really been to a really royal party.

Pulsy says:

Actually i think the king has a lot of experience with pixies somehow. He knows perfectly what to say to get Feiht to do what he wants... Wouldn't surprise me if he used to have a pixie himself or something.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:


Old Troll says:

Somehow I imagine "having a pixie" to be like having a disfiguring disease. Not entirely fatal, but embarassing in public and extremely uncomfortable.

QJtFoK says:

Q: It looks like summer-why is the king dressed for winter? How old is he? Thirty? Forty?

Cricket666 says:

I'm still in shock. Someone who claims to understand pixes? Dresses as a begger but is king? Orders people to try to run him over? Does he have a death wish, or just insanity?

Squeakers says:

Ayne's dress is so beautiful

Fia says:

Hmm, I've been wondering... doesn't Myrhad ever get any gold-hoarding urges?

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

I... Want...Ayne's... Dress.... It is too ovely and greeeeeeeen!

sjon says:

BTW, I wonder how Leaf will get 'dressed' ... short skirt, long dress, ... or ...-gasp-... with pants ...

Eraikei W. O. says:

I don't think Mith or Alien (or the king, in the comic) would put Leaf into a skirt or dress... Though it would be seriously funny, I'm kinda hoping they wouldn't...

dragyn says:

argh, scary thought, that one...

YukiNeko says:

you know, they might put him in girly clothes to hide the fact that he's an elf.

Bubbles says:

If I had a pixie for a pet, i'd release it into my worst enemy's home.

Lone Star says:

me too.

hailstorm says:

maby hes a pixie in dicise

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