Ooooooooh ..... shiny!
Chasing the Sunset
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Black Mantha says:

I wonder if she can overload again purely on shinies.

dragyn says:

a pixie actually trying to apply logic- that's a scary thought, too.

BlueLion says:

Oh, decisions, decisions - poor Feiht! *grin*

Mad-MonKey says:

even pixies can apply (well try to) logic in the interest of obtaining shinies and having parties :P

Nemesis says:

But now she has the problem that she's in an endless loop.
How to Programm a Pixy for dummies...

sjon says:

Ha! the pixie trap is working.

Moonclaw says:

Heehee great strip! It must be hard to be a pixie sometimes, aways a shiny but not sure if you want to take it.

eekee says:

She's not gone into shiny-shock yet? I'm impressed! :D

Eraikei W. O. says:

Oh my God... You're gonna send her into shock!! To steal, or not to steal... That is the question...

Guess the King's knowledge of pixies is about to be proven, or unproven... To make a fool of himself, or not to make a fool of himself...

Pulsy says:

I think Feith is a typical case of an ADHD pixie ...

Dragonmaster says:

Aren't all pixies ADHD pixies?
I can't help but wonder how Leaf is going to be dressed up.....

QJtFoK says:

So many shinies, so little-OH! Something Shiny!

Maybe we should give Feiht a nice shiny gold dress-she'd be so excited she'd be busy for the next five minutes! I like the red in this strip-it sets Feiht off nicely. However, is it really something this king would have in his palace?

crazyninny says:

Great hallway Alien! Super cool!!

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

SQUEEEEEEEEE! SHINIES! I must... not... steal...the.... shinies...

Myst Runner says:

Myst Runner says:

some how she's reminding me of a certain ferret. *cough*kiki*cough*
Slugilites ho!!!!!!

Shadow Firelaw says:

I hadn't noticed it that much untill now, but your art has really improved scince the earlier comics. Congrats, and wow.

Cricket666 says:

Yeah, definetly similar to kiki...
It also seems to me the only way to moderatly protect yourself (or possesions) from pixes is have excessive shinyness or none at all- and if there isn't any, the pixies will think of something anyway. :P

smoak says:

i wonder if she will get to the party flitting from shiny to shiny

remmon says:

As long as she keeps heading down the hallway with each shiny she flitters to, I doubt it'll take long before she gets to the party

Phoebe says:

*Sigh* Pixie logic.

Squeakers says:

lol it will take her hours to get to the party now!

remmon says:

Well, in the slowest case, Ayne will catch up with her and drag her (literally if needed) to the party. Right?

dragon egg says:

I think she's going to become master of the hallway, and load all her loot here....

Feldar says:

I like the shiney dress idea. She'd try to steal herself :)

Jimblob says:

Having fun and no angst - what a fairy is all about.

Midgee says:

I understand the pixie's dilema...should I steal the shinee and maybe get caught, or go to the party and steal more shinees?

Don't give up Feiht!

QJtFoK says:

Pixies have logic. And they use it.

Well, you learn something new every day, don't you?

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

*Whimpers* All the shinnies.. .

dragon egg says:

oooohhhh! shiny, should I steal that shiny or that shiny... or all the shinies?

Pixie Slayer says:

Notice she's not at all worried about Ayne's ability to get to the party!

Silverwolf says:

And here we have Feiht about to go into Pixie Shock.

Icy says:

A pixie trying to use logic...THY WORLD IS ENDING!

Sinity says:


Bubbles says:

*droolson keyboard* Alien, great...shinies.

Bubbles says:

Are those rubies or plastic? Whatever they are they are shiiiinie!

JuneBug says:

I think she's gonna hurt her brain again.

TheNextTaggerung says:

*tries to comprehend fundamentals of pixie logic*
*head goes up in lime-orange flames*

Sajen16 says:

So how was she going to steal the whole corridor?

aj26 says:

Shes using logic.

Leaf and Anne did it.

aj26 says:

shes a pizie, Sajen16

hailstorm says:


Feiht says:

*faints from too much brain-using*

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