Half right
Chasing the Sunset
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dragyn says:

Full frame! Yay!

dragyn says:

Hey! First comment! That's a first!

tilyene says:



Killer Wombat says:

I'm more interested in what Leaf is wearing, from what I can see it looks good. And he finally has his hair back, it makes him look less feminine than normal.

JonMW says:

Feiht has the right idea. I think.

Also, does this mean that Leaf is wearing pants now?

sjon says:

Yep, and when returning from the party the other side gets cleared ...

Hehe, didn't expect a crown on the king.
Oh; and can it be ... Leaf in decent cloths, with cacket and puffed sleeves and ... thights ...

dragon egg says:

HA! go pixies!!!! ha, the corridor is still their, she'll problebly take the other half of corridor after the party, ha!

Eraikei W. O. says:

What? No lace and leather? *Cries*
Well, that's one way for someone to be proven wrong...

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Yay! There's still shinnies left for me to steal!

dragonqueencr says:

I think that leaf IS wearing leather and lace because the poll said he would. I guess that we will just have to wait. And also feint will take all the shiny after the party because the only reason that she didnt take it all was that leaf and myrad would get lost. So they will find the party and when they return all the shiny will be gone.

Queen Julietaini says:

Fancy. You know, the king looks older here...much older. And the ears are longer. Leaf's outfit looks OK. Let's just hope someone can defend themselves against pixies...

Dragonmaster says:

Where does Feiht keep it all? o.O

eekee says:

I wonder whether the king's white hair or black hair is the wig? Like Leaf's outfit thopugh, what I can see of it anyway. He looks like a prince.

dryg0n says:

show us leaf's outfit alien!

Eikan says:

dragonqueencr, 'm afraid it says the poll has no affect on the comic...
*hides in a corner and cries*

Moonclaw says:

I am always impressed by the halls, they're beautiful. Is..is that Leaf? He look nice, very grown up, I want to see how he looks from the front.

dragonqueencr says:

oooooooooooo that makes sense

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

I wonder what Leaf will look liek from the front... He actually looks more like Legolas with his hair up than when it's down... or at least he does fromt eh back... O.o

Ohwell, I'm off to steal the otehr half of the shinies...

Eraikei W. O. says:

It's okay, Eikan... We can still hope that Mith and Alien decided to change their minds and put Leaf into leather and lace... Doubt it, though... *hides and cries with Eikan*

Midgee says:

*tear* no lace and leather? WAH!!!
*sits in corner with eikan and 'raikei and cries*

Like full frame though...v. cool.

Cricket666 says:

Personally, I think pixies (and some people) just have their own personal pocket of space in which they put things, like shinies(pixes), your money(people), and your keys(both).

Celebrian says:

leaf just needs aa goatee or sumthing.......jk

CCb says:

oooh, do we get to see leaf dressed like a man?!

Lythic says:

Ah, the indecision of a pixie...

sjon says:

Still hoping there is leather and lace on the front and/or his undies.

as if we ever gone see him in undies only

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:


Phoebe says:

Pixie Logic Prevails!

dragon egg says:

ummm... no ovence people, but when is the next comic coming out? it's been a wile..

dragonqueencr says:

I was thinking that too

dragyn says:


remmon says:

let's go poke Alien and Mithandir!

Shadow Firelaw says:

Okay! *poke*

dryg0n says:

No pokey

YukiNeko says:

i actually kinda DON'T wanna see Leaf in tights...

Bubbles says:

*poke* OMG...that's dersil and leaf?!

elvenfairy says:

ok, now I am laughing again!


JuneBug says:

Whoa. The kings hair changed color and Leaf actually looks like a guy...
Will wonders never cease?

TheNextTaggerung says:


hailstorm says:

leaf looks vert masculine

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