Pixie hunt
Chasing the Sunset
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Black Mantha says:

Excellent comic, but the counter indicates the next one isn't for a month.

Killer Wombat says:

Leaf looks good in that outfit ^_^

Read the news Black Mantha, you will see they are going on a well deserved holiday.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

i can see Ayne in the crowd, but not the coot little dragon... :-(

JonMW says:

Red-Bellied Pirhanas?
Also, nice outfit for Leaf and the King.

Eraikei W. O. says:

Darn... No leather and lace, huh?
Great comic; nicely drawn. I love the writing on the wall and how it just sorta... Drips down...

sjon says:

great leather and lace ... coverred by more 'normal' clothes. Dang, Leaf is even wearing pants.

Dersi says:

Have fun ^_^ an enjoy the well deserved rest (great comic btw)

Tualha says:

"Small, telltale signs" :)

Ladyfox says:

Fabulous!, Love Leaf's outfit, and it's a lovely cliff-hanger, too! :)
I can almost see Myrhad hiding under the snacks table - catching a nap or some food...

Enjoy your holiday- I (at least) want to see lots of pictures when you get back- OK? :)

Windseeker says:

Leaf wears pants!!! Damn the pants!

Mia says:

... Wow...
Leaf's kinda handsome... I want pretty clothes too... =(
Everything's just great about this comic.
Have a nice holiday! ^^ You've really earned it!

crazyninny says:

Where can she be? *gets a face full of paint*

Moonclaw says:

*fangirl scream* Leaf looks like a Elf prince, very nice.^_^ Its amazing that Feiht found a red paint that shows up on the red wall. Very nice strip, I like the way it sounds like a hunting log.

MB says:

Heh heh heh ... ^^ Again with the water trap. It must be one of Feiht's signture moves to throw off pursuit. Watch out, mighty hunters, for the pixie hath marked fresh territory ... And you just know she's more dangerous than any large predator.

dragyn says:

Awesome work once again! Take the break, you've earned it.

crazyninny says:

You two really need this vaction. With all this time and stress you put into CtS, Alien and you neeeeeed to get a break!
Don't worry, we'll still be here when you get back! *makes a tent on CtS ground*

Dragonmaster says:

LOL! I love the narration.

Leaf's outit is cool. He should keep it. ^_^

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

*deep breath* Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can see Myrhad, and leaf looks good in his new outfit. Myrhad! yay!

Phoebe says:

Yay! Pixie Hunting!

Aww, man. No more comics for another month. I command a month to pass!



Pixie Slayer says:

ohhh.... ! Be careful out there, Mithandir, Alien. Them Roman gypsies can take you out of your underwear and leave you in your pants!

Good comic to leave up for a month. Still's crackin' me up!

YukiNeko says:

oohhhhh Leafy outfit me likey! you satisfied all of us with pants AND a skirt!

crazyninny says:

I really hope that Aliens feet get better! Just soak them in salted, warm water and you should feel better!

sister says:

I haven't read the comic for a loong time, so I have read the whole thing now for a couple of days. I'm impressed! I have been laughing and crying! The story about the Leaf and Myhrad meeting was beutiful and very touching!

PixieJess says:


Arithon says:

Hello sorry I haven't been only for awhile.
Here are my thoughts on this page and on the ohh shiny!
The ohh shiny reminded me of myself wish I love since I love shiny things. This one is humorous since it is like they are on an important mission which they are on since a pixie on the loose is never good. It is also like the enrty you see in the journal of the last day of the persons life in those horror movies.
Keep Working I love it!

=^.^= pixies don't have a cats stealth so are caught but they pull pranks hich are better atr times then stealth.

ivellios says:

i just find their holiday annoying i come home from my school camp for the holidays and more than 1/2 the webcomics i read have the authors sick/creating a printed compy thus not updating as much/visiting friends/or other things stoping them updating but be aware that this is close to 70 comics that are doing this

... says:

Aaaaaw, look at the small telltale graffitti!

Eraikei W. O. says:

Ivellios, hush. How many people would be able to put out over 300 comics and still have such a large fan base? They have regular lives too, you know, and it's not working on the comic 24/7. They're defenitely entitled to as many sick and vacation days as they need, just as everyone else is. So if you have nothing nice to say, I'm sure everyone would appreciate if you kept it to yourself.

dragyn says:

Well said, Eraikei W. O.!

ivellios says:

im not annoyed about them going on holidays its just that alot of the comics i read have gone on holiday and im only back home for 2 weeks then im back to schooland at my school students in year 9 have 2 terms at our school camp and the internet there is realy slow and most site are blocked

MemyselfandI says:

Yes!!! Only one week left!
But really, guys, you deserve the break. You're doing a great job and I appreciate it every time I can. Keep up the awesome work!

Midgee says:

Well, ivellios....we all have our little sob stories, but we all have to deal with them. I'm sorry that you'll miss updates, but none of us can help that. If you want them to be here to update, shouldn't you be here for the update too?

Luffs the story line, as always...The whole half and half thing definetly showd pixie logic, and the writing on the wall was great!

Luffs and huggles to Alien and Mithandir

Pixie Slayer says:

You should be proud of your fan base, friends. Sure don't need to defend yourself- complainers will be dealt with most harshly.

*pats dagger hilt*

JonMW says:

Something funky: I just noticed that I'll get back from a camp approximately when the comic is scheduled to continue.

Orca says:

No fighting folks, I don't want to have to start deleting messages. :)

(Mith's temporary mod while he's on vacation)

dragonqueencr says:


... says:

At least they left us in the middle of a party. Let's mingle!

crazyninny says:

Hope you get well Alien!

Dragonmaster says:

1 day left! ^_^
I'm glad you guys took a vacation. You've certainly earned it.

This comic always reminds me of Steve Irwin. Well done. ^_^

Arithon says:

I agree, they have regular lives as well I am reading another webcomic Uttuki or something like that main character turns into a blue skined demigod ki, and it has been updated for a year or more.

Thena says:

Welcome back! You certainly deserved a vacation. Get better soon, Alien!

Dragonmaster01 says:

I am familiar with Utukki.

Get better soon, Alien!

MemyselfandI says:

What IS it with Feiht and hungry fish?

Einar says:

Oh, that narrative. Bwahahah!

Bubbles says:

Heehee, pixie hunt. Yay. 3rd panel looks weird.
If you want to know a shocking truth about lion king go here: www.kimbawlion.com/rant2.htm unless you are a huge fan of it, then I might not go there.

Bubbles says:

is anyone shocked yet ?

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

is the feight on the wall pixie peee>?????

Lone Star says:


JuneBug says:

Good luck trying to contain the damage FEIHT makes!

hailstorm says:

i like the format

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