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Viking says:

(looks like i got first post :) )

Starlight says:

Very nice, especially Ayne :)

Lee says:

AYNE: I don't know if this is a dress or a set of curtains.
LEAF: Oh, just pull yourself together.

Eraikei W. O. says:

Okay, so it's not leather and lace... But his hair is pulled back and he actually looks like a guy... I feel bad for Ayne... I would've seriously hurt the person who tried to get me into a dress...

sjon says:

Leaf: I think we should swap, these trousers are chaffing.
Ayne: I'ld like to but I s'pose this dress is too long for you

dragonqueencr says:

leaf: Why are you taller than me?

Ayne: Hey, you try wearing heels!

Arithon says:

I love the outfits! They are so cool! The dress is stunning and makes Ayne look more regal and noble, not like she isn't, though you can tell that she will kick your butt if you try anything to hurt her or her friends (well maybe not the pixie) Leaf looks handsome and prince like in his outfit.

P.S. If anyone doesn't know this alreay I am a girl not a boy like most people think since of my boyish attitude that sometimes shows in my writing and most people think I am a boy when they see me because I usually wear a cap with more hair tucked in it and baggy boy clothes. I just had to get that off of my chest. One more time I AM A GIRL!!!

Moonclaw says:

Ohh I just love those outfits! Elegent and beautifully drawn. They both look like there royalty!

Eraikei W. O. says:

Well, Arithon, I know how you feel... I have short hair and wear baggy jeans and people always mistake me for a guy... So I can sympathize... It really sucks when an upper-class person comes up to you and tries to tell you that you have your belt on the wrong way (I'm in a NJROTC academy)... It defenitely sucks...

Ninja Girl says:

Ayne looks a little uncomfertable in that dress, maybe it's the corset that she obviously wearing?

crazyninny says:

I wounder if that is real gold?

Eikan says:

*pats 'raikei on the elbow* at least you can pull off the short-hair thing..moment i cut my hair, i look even more like gollum..

Doggie says:

I love Ayne's dress! Its so pretty! I adore the desighn.

patchwork zombie says:

if it is real gold better kepaway from fieth or the party will be more exciting

Dark Flame says:

Very nice clothes. I personally hate formal clothes (they intentionally make them uncomfortable!) but these don't look bad at all.

Midgee says:

Poor Eikan!!! *snicker snicker*
Leaf: You look good in that dress Ayne.
Ayne: You want me to hurt you, odon't you?
Ayne: I feel like a walking marshmellow!
Leaf: Well, you did gain a little weight, but I wasn't going to say anything.
Ayne: I was talking about the dress.
Leaf: Oh, um...
Ayne *POW!*

Snake says:

neat outfits they really look good on those two but I think it would have been cute if you had dressed the dragon in a tuxedo or something like that too (I am so terible at remembering how to spell names)

Arithon says:

Yeah it does suck. One time I decide to show my friends that the girls thought I was a guy and went in the girls bathroom like usual (my witness was a friend that was a girl) the girls stopped talking and stared at me for awhile I pretended that it was an accident and went out blushing at will and I hear them say "That boy was hot! Is he new here?"
Another time a sophmore girl (I am a sophmore too) came up to me and asked me out to homecoming with her I told her I didn't flow that way and she stared at me thinking that I was well you know. I didn't try to explain the expression on her face was hilarious!

Arithon says:

I have my hair long though I keep it in a ponytail and when I don't it gets in my face so I stuff it in my hat. I used to have short hair, but since my hair is naturally curly and messy it made me look like I had an afro! People call me Medusa's cousin when they notice of messy my hair is since it remains them of snakes. I don't mind that nickname, but I mind it when people call me Michel Jackson, just because my hair is dark and my skin is pale. It makes me want to kill them!

Black Mantha says:

You know, it's usually not a good idea to post a nickname of yourself and saying you DON'T want to be called that. You're probably safe in this case, though.
On the subject of the costumes, they're good. I think I prefer Leaf's one though, for its elegant and free simplicity. Ayne seems stiff and clumsy in this picture. I imagine she hasn't got much experiance wearing a dress. Its design is nice, though, and she seemed better in earlier strips.

Phoebe says:

Yay, nice oufits.Especially Leaf's little doublet..heehee.

Prestedigitonium says:

Funny that. I have LONG hair that reaches my waist. But my clothes are baggy enough that I still get comments like "Young man" and "Boy". Though, it just makes me sad to be called "Sir".

I like Leaf's outfit more than Ayne's. Probably because it looks slightly uncharactaristic of her to wear something like that. But that's just me.

So... Who leads?

Dragonmaster01 says:

I must admit I normally hate wearing skirts, dresses, anything feminine (I'm a girl, if you couldn't tell by now). However, I'd definitely be willing to wear Ayne's dress. It's cool.

Newbie says:

Newbie says:

Fine raiment! As to the gender stereotypes for hair and attire, grieve for those who can't shake free of these mental chains. While I generally wear pants, I prefer shorts or a kilt, environmental conditions, anticipateed activity, and social conformity pressure dependent.
-A graying guy with a child inside
(Seek out Dar Williams' breakout single "When I was a boy" for a musical tour de force on this topic....

Mithandir says:

Interesting. I am sometimes mistaken for a girl, despite being 1m96 tall (that\'s 6 feet and 4 thumbs for those of you who still chop of each others appendages in order to measure things (which is fine by me, as long as you don\'t do it to the person you\'re measuring, as not to invalidate the measurement)). It must be my long hair, but still I wonder how often they come across girls that are a head taller than themselves, I know I haven\'t met any my height yet. Also, you\'d think my usual 3-to-8-day beard would tip them off.

sister says:

Hehehe very funny comments girls! I love the dresses, both on Ayne and Leaf, and I love wearing dresses myself too. I just wish Norway wasn't so cold, I can never wear dresses. *sending healing wishes to Alien*

Arithon says:

I knew a girl who was six feet five inches... It was scary since she was mean.

nen\'yor says:

i like the outfits ayne's dress is cool leaf does look more like a guy than his usuall girly looks (oh i am new and love this comic this is my first update!!)

i hate it when people call me ma'am or miss since i look more girly than most guys i know

nen\'yor says:

woops messed up meant comment

Ladyfox says:

Now Mith, the height isn't the only factor. I know several girls who are taller than most of the guys around them, ranging from 5'10" to 6'5" or more- in one case.
Now-- the Facial growth should certainly be a tip off...
SO- when are you gonna post pictures of you and Alien, hmmm?

Mithandir says:

We did about a year ago. Check the creator\'s corner

Eraikei W. O. says:

Yeah, I'm one of those tall chicks... It's funny... I'm the tallest in the school and I'm only a Freshman... Being grouped with the guys then assumed you are one is not fun... Or the other way around, I would assume... It just really sucks...

Alien says:

Heh, wish it happened that way to me. I keep being taken for a girl, even after I cut my hair. Painful.

sister says:

After all the work our parents put in to achieving equality between the sexes, Im surprised it is such a problem what sex we are and what others see us as.

crazyninny says:

I know why people think your a girl, Mithandir! It's your cheek bones!
Just for the record, I always knew you were a guy. ^_^

Robin Munn says:

Ah, but equality between the sexes doesn't mean sameness. If men and women were exactly the same, think how boring the world would be! :-)

I'm not in the least surprised that people want others to know what gender they are. As a man with a name (Robin) that's more often used as a woman's name than a man's name, I've dealt with that a time or two myself. :-)

Queenie J says:

AYNE: Do I look like a tree?
LEAF: Not more than you usually do.
(ten minutes pass)
AYNE: Hey!

Welcome back, guys! I used to have my hair short and guys I KNEW mistook me for a boy. It's amazing how embarrassed people get when they do that. I know it's the media's fault and all that, but still, it's nice not to be mistaken for a dude from the rear view.

Jamya says:

My cousin's wife is 6'4 he is 6'8 but she is way to femmine to be mistaken for a guy I have a guys name so I usually get sent things in the mail that say Mr. but never get mistaken in real life instead people try to make up very bad nicknames for me so they don't have to call me by a guys name since I am very short and have waist length hair ... none of it is fun at all though I did laugh when it was time for prom and I got sent things about tuxedos and not one on dresses

JonMW says:

Whoah there Jamya, spread out those full stops a bit.
On a different note: there's a few lesbians where I sit at lunchtime and recess at school, and two of them are "involved" with each other. I was confused for SO LONG because one of them is androgynous... (that means that judging by appearance she could have been male or female.) I should have been tipped off by the name, body language, and such.

Eikans says:

might sound odd, but at times i wish i could pass off as a when males think that just because i'm short and a girl i can't carry things >.<
the media tends to depict girls as tiny flowers and guys as without weaknesses..reason why some people think leaf's a girl sometimes ^^;;

... says:

"The way kids dress these days, you can't tell them apart. Look at that boy over there, he looks like a girl!"
"It is a girl, she's my daughter!"
"Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were her father."
"I'm not. I'm her mother!"

bookbook says:

Ayne does NOT look good in dresses. ANY dresses. They make her look taller than she is. She's tall enough. Also, Leaf looks like some kind of 18th century nobleman. The only difference is, he doesn't have a big white wig.

4WindsWanderer says:

bookbook: What do you mean Ayne doesn't look good in dresses? And it doesn't make her look any taller. She IS that tall. Leaf's attire looks rather more antiquitous than the 18th century -- and what is wrong with antiquity?

Also, on a more smartalecky note -- some people seemed upset that Leaf isn't in leather and lace. However, though his garb is not composed wholey of these materials, certain components are. Notice the lace cravat (the predecessor of the modern tie) ... and it the boots aren't fabricated out of leather, what else am I to suppose them to be made of? ;-)

bookbook says:

I don't care what you say, 4windswanderer. You're wrong. I MUCH preferred their traveling clothes. Anyway, if Ayne IS that tall, then she needs more clothes that make her look shorter.

Nightclaw says:

Leaf looks so amazingly masculine! Well...ummm...more so than usual anyway.

Bubbles says: argument over online comic character's clothes...not that that's a bad thing, just not something u consider everyday. Right now it's 7:58 in the mornin' , and I gotta go check on my country. So long yall.

Black*magic*girl says:

she looks out of proportion to him

Unigirl says:

Leaf looks more like a boy here than elsewhere

AmusedElf says:

bwahaha! he's staring at her chest.... XD

Thekid-cat says:

Hey all! I'm a girl and people know that, but I'm always getting sent "girly" stuff, AND I HATE IT!

TheNextTaggerung says:

Midgee- teehee! Funny post.
For the record, I'm a girl. Fortunately nobody thinks I'm a boy, but people who don't know me often think I'm older than I actually am.

aj26 says:

why is anny wearing a crown.

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