Pixie horror
Chasing the Sunset
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Dan says:


Dan says:

First...comment? No, I did not sleep at all.

Killer Wombat says:

Ah, so thats the safety word to use to stop feiht. From now on....when she causes trouble they can say \"Income Tax.\" and she will be stoped ^_^

Reinder says:

And remember, when that stops working, there\'s always VAT, work safety regulations, bookkeeping...

remmon says:

Or you could just ask her to tell you what 1+1 is...

Flora says:

Wow love it I do. Laugh I did.

JonMW says:

Imagine a horror story for faries... Income Tax! Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!

CloudySky says:

*snicker* I love the lady\'s dress, and her shiny belt. *mmmh, shiiiiny*

Moonclaw says:

^_^very funny. I like the downward looking angle in panel 1. Also...is the lady\'s belt glowing?

Sabreur says:

Wow. A kingdom full of people who know how to handle pixies. That\'s just scary.

MB says:

Awww ... I feel kinda sorry for Feiht ... Something must be wrong with me. ^^;

Jimblob says:

HeHeHe Really love this !

Arithon says:

Gee I thought it would be no dessert and it was choclate cake. I need to write this one down so I may use it on my younger sibling who is so much like a pixie it scares me at times.

Dragonmaster01 says:

Why is her belt glowing? o.O

Queenie J says:

Oh dear. Yon fae doth unwell, is it? Income taxes? She was upset by income taxes? Well, Feiht, there is something called...

YukiNeko says:

I really am surprised at how good Leaf looks in red. I always imagined his ideal outfit to be green or blue or something. Probably because that\'s the only color he\'s worn for just about the whole comic.

YukiNeko says:

...the bald dude is just standing there. I kept thinking he was gonna say something, and he just stands there looking wise.

Eikan says:

*starts laughing, falls off broken computer chair, then just keeps laughing*

Phoebe says:


Dark Flame says:

Yes, now we can stop all of the pixies! They can never cause trouble again! All will hail the power of income taxes!

Snake says:

well that was a good laugh. I like that one. I wonder if income tax works on anything else...

crazyninny says:

I hope she\'ll get better. It would be sad if Feiht dies form fear.

dragonqueencr says:

I think the old bald guy is not saying anything because he is mesmerized by the lady\'s glowing belt and her knowlage of pixies. or he is just confused because he cant see Feight

Mimir says:

That was great!!! Tricks for getting rid of pixies now include: 1. Firing polished silver tipped arrows. 2. Mentioning that you do NOT have a hoard of treasure in your shed. 3. Glow in the dark crystal dust (and a cage). 4. Getting them to talk to their inner selves. 5. Telling them they\'re not getting desert. 6. INCOME TAX!!!

Jamya says:

When Feiht wakes up do you think she might steal the shiney belt in revenge? After all she probably wants it anyway.

Tanja says:

Whoa, it\'s getting better. Remove Feith and this story might will be ok.

Finfan says:

You know I have a very similar reaction every time I see how much they take from my paycheck!!!

dragonqueencr says:

did anyone notice that the guy in pannel 4 has his head on backwards?

Ninja Girl says:

She\'s having a reasonable reaction. The Income Tax is terrifiying.

Danilao says:

Hmm. Wonder if I\'m a pixie too, I tend to sceam when I hear anything about income taxes (and well, hide under the bed too...Even the boogie man is nicer than that t- word ;)

Lee says:

Just why is Feiht so upset anyway? You don\'t pay tax on stolen goods. In fact that\'s probably the origin of the phrase \"crime does not pay\".

Pixie Slayer says:

hmmm... well, I guess that\'s always possible...

Arithon says:

You forgot to mention one Mimir Threating to add them to your butterfly collection.

Arithon says:

I am surprised that Feiht didn\'t steal the glowing belt befor she mentioned income taxes... usually she would.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

I suppose you tell little pixies, instead of \'don\'t be naughty or the boogie-man\'ll get you\' , \'don\'t be naughty or the IRS will get you\' . Imagine horror stories for pixies... \"and then they put a tax on owning all things shiny...\"

patchwork zombie says:

there will be now

Ice says:

the most horrifying thing i could imagine for a pixie, is an unstealable shiny - ice

AnyaStyrzod says:

The lady's belt is shinieeeeeeeeeee...

4WindsWanderer says:

Probably Feiht was trying to steal the belt, and the lady perceived this and for this reason uttered the hated phrase.

Bubbles says:

I think income taxes are a horror to everyone not just pixies but i dont quite think that cause i'm not really old enough to be worrying about income taxes but i'm really not scared of them for when I need to be but nobody is scared of income taxes my age that I know but maybe they're-AAAAAAAAAH!!! INCOME TAXES!

Lone Star says:


Lone Star says:

Oh, and Lee, pixies are scared of income taxes because they (the taxes not the pixies) are so incredibly boring.

Black*magic*girl says:

yes, a black person!!

Thekid-cat says:

*sits there laughing, falls over, and then just keeps on laughing*

JuneBug says:

A terrible concept, indeed.

JuneBug says:

I've downloaded and I can't get up!

TheNextTaggerung says:

*collapses into a heap of internal organs, laughing and repeating "income taxes" over and over*

hailstorm says:


Lokitf says:

I was expecting something a little more mind-blowing like solipsism or something "...so in conclusion, shiny things might not actually exist"

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