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Chasing the Sunset
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tilyene says:

wow... alot of doth\'s! i like this lady already. \"INCOME TAXES\" muahahaha. :)

tilyene says:

w00t. first comment.

eekee says:

\"He doth be drunk,\" Love her body language there. I like panel 5 particularly, the foreground where just about everything contrasts between Leaf & the drunk chap except their clothing, and the background where it\'s clearly not a perfect party. :)

dragyn says:

\"He doth be drunk\" nice work, as usual, guys!

Killer Wombat says:

Heh I see our little Feiht was busy before she fainted.

Eikan says:

Yay...drunken guys can see pixies! Meep...pixies can see drunken guys!

Pixie Slayer says:

*whistles* Ayne is going to revive Feiht?

MB says:

Let\'s hope she doesn\'t tie Feiht to a firework rocket instead, hm? ^^ This was a truly excellent installment. My compliments.

Elemnar says:

Thine comic doth be a fine amusement, huzzah! :D

Lee says:

Lady Cynthia dothn\'t half use the word \"doth\" a lot. And I doth be unsure if she doth do so grammatically!

crazyninny says:

doth doth doth doth doth doth doth. Most famos word EVER!!! ROCK ON!!!

crazyninny says:

Also, I was woundering why that man was just standing there doing nothin.

Moonclaw says:

Ahh, that explains the glowing belt. Hee very funny Huzzah! I wonder if he can see Feiht because he has the ablity or because he\'s drunk?

The Baron says:

Forgive me if you knew this already, but \"doth\" is an arcahiac form of \"does.\" If you can\'t use \"does,\" don\'t use \"doth.\" I love your comic, but that was painful to read. I ralize it\'s supposed to be silly, but ack, my grammar sense is shrieking.

Phoebe says:

Drunk? Hoo, boy.

dragyn says:

Oh, come on, Baron, I think (most of) us already knew that, but it never hurts to mess up a time or two. :)

Mithandir says:

Baron: Oh don\'t worry, I know and the errors are quite intentional. It always annoys me that people get it right all the time. If you go outside here I don\'t think you\'ll find more than one in three people speaking in correct grammar, so why should people in a time when you didn\'t get sentenced to school for 12-18 years? It\'s dialect, not supposed to be even remotely correct. I do apologise for making you cringe, however :)

Kitten says:

Hahaha :D and I can\'t help but think about gnomes, when hearing master Seydryn\'s comement. (WoW-addict? Mee??) Anyway.. fun fun, and so much nice clothes! ;D

sjon says:

Lady Synthia doth a speach inpediment. Of course now Leaf thinks that is standard court speach and will start doth-ing around as well. (resembling the Amazon episode a bit ^_^)

EdorFaus says:

I can\'t help but wonder if the drunk guy actually sees Feith at all... If he\'s drunk, he might just not care that people seem to be talking to/with/about thin air. :) Otoh, being drunk, he might have an easier time forgetting that \"pixies don\'t exist\"... and thus might have been convinced(for the time being). Great work, as always - funny. :)

MB says:

What\'s happening in the background? That woman in the green dress first has a very surprised experience, then she\'s yelling at that man ... Was she goosed, peut-?tre? -_-;

BenneyChaos says:

silly little moments in time. very fun. And the artwork is beautiful, but that Lady\'s way of speaking is going to drive me insane eventually.

dragonqueencr says:

did anyone catch the joke in panel 4? The master of all things fae, Seydryn said \"Echanted\" lol Also this comic answered why the bald guy wasn\'t talking lol

Myst Runner says:

Hey the drunk guy more then likely dosn\'t see Feiht. he\'s only standing there with the other people whe are talking to the air. *sees a floating pink and purple poka dotted elephant* Drugs and halucagens on the other hand might be better. I need to stop taking cold pills.

Yeo says:

did i add inspiration to this perchance?

Nastiban says:

I wanna be the drunk guy... Hes perfect, just standing there while people are speaking to nothing at all. And hes jolly :D

sister says:

hehehe he really looks drunk in panel 5. like he is trying hard just to stand upright and looking normal. hehehe good work!

Sitara says:

Huzzah! I love how dynamic that party scene is. Great work, keep it up!

Snake says:

*laughs for about ten minuts* thats funny but I guess if he is drunk he should ought to be able to see her

Arithon says:

It Largo from Megatokyos ancestor or Largos\' other self in this dimision. I wonder what L33t speak is like back than. Probably d0t|-| t|-|0ug|-| |-|/-\\\\/3 /-\\|\\|Y B33R?

Arithon says:

I actually read one time that drunken people can see magically creatures alot better than somber people because they lost there link to the \'real\' world making them more intune to the magical realm...

Ninja Girl says:

Hehe, as always exellent. Though I do wonder what\'s going on in the background. Maybe Fieht\'s awake already and she stole thw lady in greens necklace? She seems to be missing something and blaming it on the poor old guy. And everybody makes gramical mistakes.

Dragonmaster says:

I love how Leaf is pointing with two fingers.

MemyselfandI says:

Y\'know... I bet Ayne\'s gonna revive Feiht just like she did Sohac... Remember that? I wonder where she\'ll get the water, though...

Mimir says:

Better hope she doesn\'t get it from the stream she left flowing through the hall a few strips back. Those fish look hungry!

BIG says:

Maybe her necklace is the shiny thing hanging from the tree?!?

BIG says:

I mean, the Lady in green\'s necklace.

Lae says:

The shiney thing is a light! See #309

Adae says:


Trelweny says:

I\'ve just gotta reiterate... \"He doth be drunk.\" \"Huzzah!\" *giggles* That pretty much sums it up!

Protector says:

Dont worry Mithandir, I know how you feel like, I draw cartoons myself (parody of lotr) and every time somethings happens like i\'m getting sick or even worse, they just think of me finishing it. I am not a master of drawer, and school take much time to. I am sure that all the others understands.

... says:

A little side note regarding the revelation about Feiht\'s name a while back. Check the link to the left, bottom of the page...

Arithon says:

I love the way she says \'he doth be drunk\' looking disappointed. While he is very cheerful and exclaiming huzzah. Huzzah for the drunken man!

Dragonmaster says:

Hey, ..., are you sure there\'s a link? I don\'t see it....

dragyn says:

i think you actually have to click of ...\'s name, or at least the \"...\"

Chevette Girl says:

Heh heh, Ayne\'s got the most amusing expression, like she\'s going to play \"Dunk the Pixie\"...

Doggie says:

Why\'s her gold belt glowing? Is it magical?

Dragonmaster says:

Ooooooh. I get it. Sort of...

Jimblob says:

Sends you best wishes and best of luck luck in whatever is happening. Ill be looking forward to when you can post again.

Jimblob says:

oops - only one luck needed

Qzole says:

Hi, this is my first post, and I just wanted to say that THIS IS A GREAT COMIC! I hope that you can solve your troubles, not the fast as you can, but the best as you can. I really love the story the artwork the color technique the jokes, the small things that most ppl don\'t notice (I\'m sure I have missed a lot too), the aaaaaawww cute Myhrad (that\'s how I found the page, search in google: cute dragon), oh this happened around yesterdey, so I\'m still trying to consuming the story somewhat, but many things are poping into my head, so I\'ll think I just leave it for some days, so I can concentrate and get distracted, O.O Ooooow shiny belt....

Dragonmaster says:

I just realized there\'s a Princess Leah Muffin Head back there! ^_^

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

I can\'t find the link! Wah! But I know what Feiht is backwards...

Becci says:

The background in panel five shows that it\'s a totally normal party :)

Dragonmaster says:

Oh! Duh!

Phoebe says:

Well, yeah, I\'d imagine it\'d be magical, she\'s, like, the special magic person.

dragonqueencr says:

are Alien and Mithandir moving or something?

Hick Dock says:

Doth, drink in the doth, doth, doth, doth, potted ones of doth, hickory one down mouse of white doth, doth, doth.

Potted one. says:

Doth Doth Doth Doth.

ale shop nation, nation, mouse down clock at one.

mouse down, mouse down says:

We come forth, the doth dwellers, we come forth as one, we are potted, potted ones of doth, our motto is Maximus Consumptionus Lagerus, we are indeed, the potted ones of hickory dock, doth.

Bubbles says:

Whaa? This makes noooooo sense. Now the ads are deleted and my comment with all the #$@%!&*'s was deleted! WT#$@%!&*?!

*Skittles* says:


Lone Star says:

Oooooh, that doth be very bad language, Bubbles. I doth not like it. You doth make me very angry.

Lone Star says:

Doth doth doth doth doth doth doth doth doth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huzzah for doth!!!

JuneBug says:


TheNextTaggerung says:

Huzzah, Hoorah, etc!!!

hailstorm says:


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