Someone love me?
Chasing the Sunset
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Killer Wombat says:

Heh cute.

Lavallin says:

Sorry to hear you\'re having trouble, guys. Hope it works out soon. I know you wouldn\'t stop for anything less than a major problem, so my condolences, for what they\'re worth. We\'ll still be waiting here when you make it to the other side.

Dragonmaster says:

^_^ Teddy... bear/mouse.

sjon says:

Yes, somebody loves you! (and I bet everybody does) *hug*

Moonclaw says:

Aww,how cute!

Pixie Slayer says:

Awww... Leaf grew wings!! *is jealous*

Pulsy says:

awwww teh cute !!

Qzole says:

I promised myself that I won\'t say to pictures like these that how cute they are like everyone else, but Aaaawww sooo cute...

Ajhoweyne says:

It\'s beautiful. Love the eyes. And, like just about everyone else said, it\'s very cute ^_^

Dragyn says:

Very well done! As always. Don\'t feel unloved

Elys says:

@@... so... cute... very nicely done! ::hugs and cuddles::

Dragon Starbo says:

Awwwwwe! *cuddles*

Mad-MonKey says:

ha I\'ll just be original in my remarks..... so here goes, CUTE!!!

tilyene says:

we miss you guys. *hugs*

eekee says:

Aw, sorry to hear you\'re having troubles, Alien & MIth. Hope it doesn\'t get _too_ serious or last too long. *sends in a pixie girl called Cyall to cheer up the Leafie-pixie too*

ShadowDancer says:

I love it! Almost made me cry because you made it look exactly how I\'ve been feeling lately.

patchwork zombie says:

hope you succeade in solving your personal promblem and oooooooh it\'s so cute ^_^

Arithon says:

So cute! Must hug... *hugs the picture*

Arithon says:

WHAT THE?!? Sorry but I just heard that another webcomic that I love is Dead!!! It was Timescape... how could they. *crys in sorrow* :(

Arithon says:

Oh and I hope you guys resolve your probelm and not end up like ts because if you do I will be very sad and might kill myself.

Arithon says:

joking on the killing myself. BUT I will be very sad, so don\'t! this is the thing I look forward to in my boring school because I have no friends in lunch I go here to read webcomics and I always check on this one before any others because this is the first webcomic I ever read.

Lae says:

cute feet!!!

Sesshi says:

Kawaii.... ^_^ You guys hang in there, and remember you have the entire CtS crew to back you up! No matter what happens, we\'ll stick by you, so don\'t worry, you\'re not alone in times like this :)

Queenie J says:

OK guys! Go out with lightsabers, bows, whatever, defeat the problem, THEN get inspired and draw a comic. Cool? Good. I don\'t really go in for cute, but the patterns on the wings are AMAZING.

Midgee says:


sister says:

I love the picture, the feet are adorable and the wings are beautiful, and it is a very good drawing of the whole person and teddybear. I am sure someone loves him, I certainly do now that i have seen him. *Lots of love and hugs to Alien and Mithandir*

Arithon says:

I know you can work out your probelms and that everything will be fine, I have faith in you guys.

BIG says:

Love you very much, both of you.

Queenie J says:

OK, ok, let\'s review our agenda. I KNOW you guys can make it. Be dynamic! Act! GET ANOTHER COMIC UP!

Dragyn says:

Patience, Queenie J, is a virtue. Let\'s all try and be patient with them, I\'m sure they\'ll get something up soon.

Arithon says:

Patience is a virtue many people don\'t have, but after being in a hospital for 16 days straight waiting for the doctors okay it is something I have acquired. (I was in the ER becuase of my kidney stones hurting really badly and I was so dehydrated and my skin turned yellow I was really tired and had no energy to talk.) So you guys take all the time you need.

dragyn says:

I never said I had patience, just that we should at least try to use the little bit we have... really though, if they need the time, they can use it. That\'s what it\'s there for, after all.

Pumpkin says:

I\'m glad to hear things are getting better for the two of you - whatever time you need, take it. Even with the possibility of a comic this Friday, we\'ll understand if you need longer. ^^

Ladyfox says:

You know- I\'d love this in color on a shirt or a blouse... :)

Lee says:

There\'s little I can say that hasn\'t been said, but I\'m glad things are looking up for you. I won\'t tell Alien to cheer up, because I know from experience that depression isn\'t something you just snap out of, but I really hope he\'s feeling better soon.

Phoebe says:

Snap, peeps! You\'re back! I don;t know from experience, but Lee said so, so I won\'t tell Alien to cheer up! Except that be very happy now because you have comics to draw and that makes people happy! Yay! I can see I\'m not really doing anything except bugging you so I\'ll zip mah lips now!

PsyMar says:

Glad to hear you guys are doing better! Also glad I\'ve been lazy in checking comics lately or I\'d probably have made several overly-impatient comments that would have been way out of line. Can\'t wait for the comic to come back again! Hmm. You\'re at #314... a quick pause for pi(e)? ...sorry, I\'m a math major, my funny gland malfunctions like that

Lee says:

Yes, how about a nice segment of pi, and maybe some m and x to go with it, all washed down with some t.

dragyn says:

nice. Now I feel utterly flabbergasted by the enormity of the eloquent words and symbols with which they utter the most inane thoughts which enter within their craniums.

Lee says:

Hey, don\'t knock people\'s inaniable rights.

dragyn says:

Hey, no offense intended. I\'m not good at math, so I opted to counter using the largest words that came to mind. If any offense was taken, this is my formal apology.

Nilla says:

Errhm.. The picture is broken for me.. =/

4WindsWanderer says:

Oh, I know. Inaniable: the politically correct euphemism for 'inalienable' when posting a comment on the site of a webcomic one of the creators of which goes by 'Alien', because the more usual term might be deemed anti-Alien and offensive. ;)

bookbook says:

This gives me that same fuzzy feeling that the "I'll take care of you...
if you'll take care of me"
picture does. Awww!

Draginladee says:


someone-or-other (really the raven) says:

that just had me thinking "eek".you cant deny it -i mean leaf with a teddy bear?!? AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im being repressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the raven says:

oops. last time i was supposed to be the raven.

Bubbles says:

who is that? Anyway, great art.

Lone Star says:

Who're you talking about?

Bubbles says:


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