Big problems
Chasing the Sunset
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JonMW says:

First comment! (I hope.) I wonder whether he says \"You have got to be joking\" because he doubts that Myrhad will help them or because Myrhad himself shocked him. I\'m leaning towards the \"Myrhad surprises him\" theory, because he dropped his drink.

Nao says:

I.. Honestly don\'t know what to say...

Moonclaw says:

Ohh, I love his eyes! Funny strip (he kindof called Myrhad madness)

sjon says:

The way he was gesturing there wasn\'t much drink left, and then he drops the glass. Just when he needs it :)

Sabreur says:

Once again, the expressions are priceless. I never thought \"Hi.\" could be such a funny line.

Kitten says:

It allmost made me cry. It's so good. *sniff* I can allmost hear music in the background :)

Killer Wombat says:

It\'s nice to see Myrhad again ^_^

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

*Giggles* I suppose this means Myrhad is awake. \"You have got to be joking!\" Dragons. Yes, I suppose a fully grown dragon might be bigger than a troll. Might be.

Arithon says:

Heh I love how he drops the apple at Leaf dragon friend!

chrinos says:

I\'m geek enough to check, and backstory relative sizes of Myrhad to his parents suggest that they are at about the same size as the trolls. Of course that\'s suggesting his parents are fully grown; most fantasy dragons grow their enitre lives, and breathe fire. Nasty.

Ladyfox says:

Arithon, dear- that\'s not an apple...

crazyninny says:

The historian is sssoooo HOTT!!! I\'ve always seen elves as white. But now... *giggles* MMMEEOOWWWWWW!!! GIMME A HISTORY LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!

Nao says:

Ponderings have me thinking: Would furies be able to take on dragons?

Dragonmaster says:

OMG! YOU\'RE BACK! I haven\'t been able to get on the computer for a while, so I missed a bit. The elf is cool, yo. I love his reaction to Myrhad. Great job with the expressions.

NekoHitori says: the woman in panel five pregnant, or is she just rather fond of the appetizers? and one would think that as a historian, Mr. Drow would know that there are greater dangers than a dragon. magic rings, a Deplorable word... Alien and Mith, i won\'t say what you should or shouldn\'t do. that is ultimately for you to decide. however, if you need somebody to give you a \"little tap\" with my \"wand of motivation,\" just say the word. ^-^

dragyn says:

Good to see ya\'s back! Ya\'ll are a lot better at facial expressions than I am.

Phaeth says:


Pulsy says:

Hehehe the historian didn\'t see that coming XD

eekee says:

Another one that made me laugh out loud, good work Alien and Mithrandir! I wonder if that \'dragons in the mountains\' story is a cover-up? ^_^

Queenie J says:

The glass swishing out of his hand is great, and so is Myrhad\'s casual and informal little \"Hi.\" I congratulate you for not putting in \"Hello\" or \"Greetings\" or anything like that. The \"Hi.\" says it ALL. HRH looks really old in the third panel.

Squeakers says:

This was a very cute strip that brought a smile to my face.

Sitara says:

Yay! After the newspost, I thought I wouldn\'t see more than the last strip here. I come to a new strip and new comic in half an hour! And it\'s an awesome script! Can my night get any better?

Bubbles says:

Sha-Yozz! luvs his eyes!

JuneBug says:

"What madness makes you think they'd let him through?"
lol XP

hailstorm says:


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