Furies inside
Chasing the Sunset
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EdorFaus says:

Hmmm. Innnteresting... Great expressions, as always! :)

EdorFaus says:

By the way, there\'s now a Frappr! map for Chasing the Sunset fans/readers! See URL on nickname. Go add yourselves! :D

Lone_Woulf says:

remind me not to have dwarven chili

Reinder says:

I want to try dwarven chilli. Sounds like it\'d be right up my alley. Would the red eyes be called \"Gimli\'s revenge\"?

Nemesis says:

Ok, just ROFL I love This kind of humor.

Mimir says:

How does he KNOW that Leaf didn\'t have dwarven chili?

Mithandir says:

Mimir: He was still standing. Never underestimate the power of dwarven chili.

Moonclaw says:

Poor Leaf, he could be taken over by evil...but now I too am wondering. Why did the furies choose him?

Pixie Slayer says:

I\'m thinking these are a different kind of fury. These were looking for righteous anger, which isn\'t usually the kind that kills innocents.

Ariegn says:

OMG I lurve your comic! *crawls back into the silence*

Mithandir says:

Pixie Slayer: Well actually, the furies ... No wait, I can\'t tell you. You\'ll find out in a few years :)

Old one says:

Lets hope he can resist the furies one his own! I want it very badly for him to turn into a great hero! B.t.w. Great comic u guys are drawing here. Plz, dont stop!

Black Mantha says:

Nice use of body language.

Arithon says:

Heh. Now if the Ayane had the furies yeah fires would be every where. Though all girls have furies every month or so (I know TMI!) Yeah I doubt he had any dwarven chilli

Arithon says:

Sides all chilli makes you have gases and dwarven chilli might kill or set people aflame if he had farted.

Arithon says:

NOW that would start a war.

LadyPhoenix says:

i\'m totally loving the body language in this strip! Marvelously done!

Kitten says:

Marvellous! The story and the art has really taken a \"level up\". It\'s obvious that you two know what to do, and how to do it. Good work!

Ladyfox says:

I love it ! Dwarven Chili.. (snerk!) And that panel #5 is SOOO Adorable! Awww-- Myrhad Kisses!!!

lnp4668 says:

Hmm, Mith is now a \"cat lady\" :P

songbird says:

the furies problably chose Leaf because he has alot of anger that he never shows... @_@

crazyninny says:

The body langue...... ITS PERFECT!!! Just PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

Pixie Slayer says:

oh wow... I got a response from the author!!! And he\'s teasing me. *pretends to pout* That\'s not very nice. Whose years? Leaf\'s or mine? Come to think of it... *has* a year gone by for Leaf and company yet? Seems like he lives in a reverse Narnia, which makes me jealous. Just think of never ending summer... *sighs*

Arithon says:

If it was a never ending summer here you know what that means... NO SCHOOL! WOOT!

Pulsy says:

Awwwwwh! Myrhad is so cute, just like a doggy, licking Leafs face ^^

Phoebe says:

Heheheheheh. Oops.

Newbie says:

No separate comment area for the bard? Looking forward to more lyrics....

Pixie Slayer says:

Cool new look!

Patchwork Zombie says:

I love how the furie possesed leaf is inecently playing in the forground

Frantic says:

I am sure you have heard this before... Don not stop drawing this, I cannot put my finger on what it is but I will describe it as want for the time being. I want to know whats goinf to happen. I want to read on, feeling frustrated because I can not. I love this world of yours. Let me see more of it.

Pumpkin says:

In response to the new poll about Rhyme - it seems pretty unanimous so far; we all like her ^^

Arithon says:

The bard he rocks. He is funny and a king!

chrinos says:

Just so I can say I told you so if I\'m right or be mercilessly mocked if I\'m wrong, here\'s my theory on furies. The ones possessing him were drawn into existence by concentrated anger. What sets him apart from others possessed by furies is that while he has enough anger to sustain them, it is only justified anger, anger with a purpose, and so they are not allowed to rage uncontrolled.

Pulsy says:

Oh my god ... Rhyme is SO hot ... *blush*

Pumpkin says:

I had a horrible thought after I posted yesterday... and it returned after I read Pulsy\'s post. Rhyme\'s a girl, right? Please say Rhyme\'s a girl!

Mithandir says:

Heheh, yeah, she\'s a girl. Well, maybe a bit old to be considered a girl, at about 400 years, but by elven standards that\'s still quite young (Leaf is just over 120 years after all). You can read up on her on her cast page if you want :)

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

I\'ll comment properly when i stop laughing... *ROLTFLVL*

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah Dwarvn Chili!

bookbook says:

O great dwarfene chilie.... I hateth spicye stuff butte... I worshippe U 4ever!

Draginladee says:

We're all nuttier than a fruitcake here!

Einar says:

Yay! Dwarves!

the raven says:

dwarven chili-heehhahhhhrhahhehehhehahehahehahehahehehahahehahehahehahehahehahaaaaaaaaheehee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehehhehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahhahhawhawhahwhahwhahwhawhawhawhawhawhaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubbles says:

Hhahahahahahahahahahahaha do dwarves have gas from dwarven chili? Sorry, just had to ask. Lol this comics funny i AM nuttier than a cheesecake...er, fruitcake... what's a Frappr! map? what do u mean by URL on nickname?I dongheddit!

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

drarven chili hooooooot

Lone Star says:

dwarven chili-I wonder what would happen if I fed Myhrad some? *giggles evilly*

JuneBug says:

I love how Ja'el looks in the second panel.

TheNextTaggerung says:

dwarven chili. *snoooork!*
there is one thing hotter than dwarven chili: uhmmm... well, I'm sure there is! Somewhere!

Absconder says:

ROFLSLINEF! This is SO me-humor! I'm a new reader here, and I'm in the middle of reading through the archives! These comics ROXORZ BOXORZ!

MechianRed says:

... dwarven chili... anyone have the recipe?

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