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Chasing the Sunset
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Melinglor says:

OK, I\'ve never commented before but the prospect of first post is too tantalizing. . .so, um, I\'vwe been loving this comic for a long time. This historian chap is an awesome character, though perhaps not topping the bard king. Oh, and he\'s a very pretty man. On a side note, congrats on the artwork, I always liked it but it\'s vbeen getting better in clarity, expression, and complecity. You\'ve got some truly beautiful drawings here. And in the banquet sequence I think you\'re finally starting to sell the king\'s aged-ness; when he first appeared, he looked young to me and I kept having to force myself to accept the claim that he was a grandfather. Nice text in this one. I too was wondering how on earth he would break the ice on the subject of Furies. . .

Ajhoweyne says:

hehe. second comment. I am really up too late, but of course I had to read this before going to bed (its not 10 after 3 am. here) love your comic. man im tired. night! :-)

Blik says:

It seems like the historian\'s universe has been shaken to its foundations. I\'ll be interested to know if he joins the party like Loial does in Wheel of Time, JUST to find out what happens next. This story might be so fantastical to him that he just MIGHT stop tormenting the King about ludicrous details in his troubadations. Heheheh.

sjon says:

I suppose our historian knows more of those \'non starters\'. Leaf\'s answer \"No, Myhrad doesn\'t breath fire.\" Yep, time for a second conversation opener.

Dragonqueencr says:

Is it just me or has Leaf been hugging Myrad for a very long time?

Alien says:

Indeed he has. You see, they\'re friends. :P Hugging can be pretty relaxing activity, and if they have little to say at the moment, they might as well make it a cozy one. Did anyone see Mith\'s shading? Isn\'t it neat? Thanks for commenting and complimenting, folks. As always, we try to improve. We love you all.

Queenie J says:

Poor elf. Poor King. FALM is facing some serious problems. You see, if Mr. Elf Historian (what was his name) tries to convince Leaf he\'s possessed by furies, Ayne will get mad at him, and to make matters worse, Feiht is probably going to be ALL over him at the same time too. Nice leggings on Leaf, though. Where\'s Ayne?

Pumpkin says:

Blik, who\'s Loial?... wait, crud. Don\'t say anything. I\'m still reading \'Eye of the World\'. Curse you for mentioning something further than I\'ve ready :P Mith, Alien - thank you again! I was curious about something too; will you follow suit with other web comics and make a Chasing the Sunset book? Some people think it\'s crazy when you can read it online, but I like having books ^^

crazyninny says:

Awwwwwwww....... I love leaf hugging Myhard, its always so sweet.... I mostly love the last panal. It holds so much warmth.

Moonclaw says:

Wow...he\'s tall. Great strip, very funny. I love the panels where Leaf and Myhrad are hugging ^_^ So cute

Moonclaw says:

and the shading is very neat!

Midnight says:

Ooooooh. Love the shading. I wonder when Ayne\'s magical egg timer thing will go off...

LordofLeaves says:

Awww...I wish I had a pet dragon

ivellios says:

pumpkin then be glad i didnt mention it or i would have gone on in explicit detail about what happens in it up to book 11 mostly because i wouldnt be able to remember wich book it came from that and i havnt seen anyone else reading past book 4 whenever i see someone on the train reading one of the books in the series the furthest i\'ve seen is book 4 wait isnt loial in book 1?

Mithandir says:

In one or two, yes. I got to book 9.5 or so.

Pumpkin says:

o.o there\'s a book 11? dang it. i have the 1st 10... what\'s the title of #11?

Dragyn says:

Heh. I have no idea what books ya\'ll are talking about, so I\'ll ignore that for now. Great work, Alien and Mith! The shading is excellent.

Dragyn says:

Also--Judging purely by the \"TITLE BAR\" on the forums, I\'d guess someone attempted to hack you. Ya\' might wanna\' look into that.

... says:

Have You Hugged Your Dragon Today?

igorbasic says:

nice! this site is very good!

Flaming Mono says:

Melinglor, that was the longest first comment I've ever seen.
Usually those who write a lot get outdone by those who annoyingly just type first comment!! and nothing else. good for you and your 300 wpm!

Khyrhon says:

I love the last panel. What would you say if someone came up to you and said that? Very awkward, very funny.

Bubbles says:

I would say "How did you know?!" er, heh-heh, i mean "um, what are you talking about? Bubbles is not possessed by spirits of hatred and rage! Heh-heh, of course i'm not *gulp**blush**nervous chuckle*

Bubbles says:

Lol this strip is very fyunny and i likes panels 3,5,6

Lone Star says:


JuneBug says:

(Sorry, can't think of anything else to say. Too sleepy.)

Falsesummer says:

Hmm.. reading the archives through for a second time, I believe this is the comic where the characters start to get shaded, as opposed to being flat colours (not counting strips 1-22, of course). It's interesting to see how the strips change with time.

TheNextTaggerung says:

*shqueejes Myhrad*

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